Canada Duck Hunts

Whether along the numerous potholes or in freshly-harvested wheatfields a great Canada duck hunts top the lists of avid waterfowlers everywhere. Before ducks have started their long southward flights and grown wary from hunting pressure experience great Canada duck hunting at the top of the migration.


Manitoba Canada Duck Hunts

Th best Canada duck hunting package is this Manitoba trip, hands down.

This client-favorite Canada duck hunting combo package in Manitoba sells out very quickly each year.

  • Eclusive hunting area exceeds 30,000 acres
  • Consistent, quality hunting for honkers, ducks, snows
  • Lake fishing for trophy trout available mid-day
  • Includes everything but extra ammo and tips
  • 4 nights and 3 full days hunting
  • September through late-October, minimum 4 guns
  • Upcoming: Remington Country and Shooting Sportsman

Rate: $2,100 inclusive
(or $450 per day no-meals plan)

Nova Scotia Sink Box Duck Hunting

Incredible sink box duck hunting in beautiful Nova Scotia Canada for goldeneyes, eiders, scaup, black ducks

Step into history and experience authentic Nova Scotia duck hunting.  Banned in the US in 1918, sink box duck hunting in an exciting and effective means of putting unsuspecting ducks right on the deck. 

  • 20+ years sink box guiding experience
  • November and December
  • Unique experience, affordable rates
  • Long-tailed Duck (oldsquaw), Greater Scaup, Lesser Scaup, Common and Barrow's Goldeneye, 3 sub-species Common Eiders, American Black Ducks.
  • Available only through

Rate: $1,600


Saskatchewan Canada Duck Hunts

Excellent Canada duck hunting in the "Land of Living Skies"

Northern Saskatchewan Canada goose hunting is defined by an immense agricultural landscape, innumerable potholes and low hunting pressure.

  • Thousands of exclusive-use acres
  • Morning Canada goose hunting, afternoon duck hunting
  • Canada geese, mallards, snow geese
  • About 2 hours from Saskatoon
  • Hotel lodging and meals available separately
  • 5 hunters minimum suggested

Rate: $1,850 3-day hunt
$2,250 5-DAY HUNT

Alberta Canada Duck Hunting

High-quality Canada duck hunting for mallards with scenic Rocky Mountain views.

Expansive harvested grain fields, an abundance of small lakes and rivers, 6 large, irrigation reservoirs, relatively low hunting pressure and a surprisingly temperate climate.

  • Spacious lodge
  • Canada goose and duck hunting
  • Seasonal options include grouse, partridge or trout
  • 4 night and 3 full days, add days as available
  • Located 3 hours from Calgary


Rate: $2,200

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