Guided Canada Hunts


Manitoba Guided Hunts

Best value in Canda waterfowl hunting and #1 client favorite.

_img_0144.jpgFor 5 years, Manitoba goose and duck hunting combo has highest precentage of repeat bookings. Whether seeking a first-time Canada goose hunt, looking for a change of Canada duck hunting scenery, or seeking a value-priced Canada waterfowl hunt, we've got just the perfect hunt in Manitoba. This small, family-run outfit delivers consistently good duck and goose hunts on exclusive landholdings, and offers fishing for trophy trout between hunts.  Expert guiding and low-pressured birds at an exceptional value.  BONUS: a limited number of trophy Canada deer hunts are also offered.


Saskatchewan Guided Hunts

The Heart of the Central Flyway

e024.jpgLocated in the heart of the Central Flyway, millions of waterfowl fly through Saskatchewan Canada as they stage and begin their southward migration. Canada geese, ducks, snow geese and sandhill cranes fatten in an ocean of grainfield that stretches to all horizons before beginning their southern journeys.  After witnessing the spectacle of waterfowl at dawn, in the minutes leading up to a great Canada waterfowl hunt we know you will agree: Saskatchewan truly is the land of living skies.


Nova Scotia Guided Hunts

Nova Scotia Sink Box Duck Hunting

Nova Scotia Sinkbox Duck Hunting _3766Step into history and experience authentic Nova Scotia sink box hunting for a diversity of duck species.  Banned in the US in 1918, sink box duck hunting in an exciting and effective means of putting unsuspecting ducks right on the deck.  Our sink box duck hunting guide has 20+ years delivering sink box duck hunts in Nova Scotia to clients that seek to experience this tradition, and that his family has practiced for generations.  Available in November and December, these affordable Nova Scotia Sink Box duck hunting packages include lodging, meals, expert guides, safe equipment.  Species targeted include greater and lesser scaup, common and Barrow's goldeneye, 3 sub-species of common eiders, black ducks and other puddlers.  Available only through


Quebec Guided Hunts

Quebec Canada spring snow goose hunting for Greater snow goose sub-species

Quebec Canada Snow Goose Hunting is pleased to offer some of the best - and most unique - Canada waterfowl hunting opportunities available: Quebec Canada snow goose hunting during the spring in the bottle-neck through which the entire world population of greater snow geese migrates. In the fall Quebec Canada goose hunting, Quebec Canada duck hunting for mallards and black ducks, especially, may be combined with fishing or grouse hunting.  In addition to excellent hunting, these all-inclusive Quebec Canada waterfowl hunting packages include 4-star lodging, superior-quality French cuisine, and impeccable, highly-personalized service.  


Ontario Guided Hunts

Giant Canada Geese, Mallards, Black Ducks and Wild Turkey Hunting!

ontario 014.jpgOntario offers what's likely the best Giant Canada Goose hunting remaining in North America.  With a large amount of prime hunting acreage under wraps, this operator consistently puts away large numbers of giant Canada Geese annually. And a significant percentage of these Canada geese sport leg bands and neck collars.  Mallards and black ducks are the most common species hunted. For the turkey hunter that has done it all, high success rate hunts for mature eastern wild turkey gobblers are the norm.  


Alberta Guided Hunts

Beautiful part of Canada to waterfowl hunt, fishing and upland combos.

Alberta Canada Duck Hunting Dbday 3abWith high-quality waterfowl hunting in southern Alberta's vast landscape of cereal crops, where migrating waterfowl stage before continuing southward, excellent Canada duck hunting and Canada goose hunting opportunities abound in one of the most picturesque parts of Canada you'll ever goose hunt.  Cast-and-blast or upland combo hunts available.

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