Western Alberta Canada Duck Hunts


Located in the breeding and staging grounds of southwestern Alberta, this package offers possibly the very best duck hunt in Canada.  While this pothole country hatches many ducks each spring,  many Canada geese and mallards overwinter in this particular area.  Quality duck hunting typicsally lasts well through late-November. 

Expansive harvested grain fields, an abundance of small lakes and rivers, six large, irrigation reservoirs, relatively low hunting pressure and a surprisingly temperate, warm, "Chinook effect" in the lee of the Canadian Rockies dramatically coalesce to make this hunting area a top Canada duck hunt producer.  For certain, there's not a more beautiful place to hunt ducks on earth.

In addition to skillful waterfowl guides, this outfitter brings 20 years proven experience. Only recently have a few seasonal openings developed due to a few clients that are no longer able to make their long-time, annual Alberta Canada duck hunt. 

xdsc_00993.jpgQuality hunting opportunities for Canada geese and ducks, especially mallards, abound.  Ducks eagerly decoy to small spreads of full-body taxidermied geese. Great upland bird hunting for Hungarian partridge, ruffed grouse and sharp-tail grouse are available afternoon options. 

Canada goose hunts in well-scouted grain fields where it's completely common to shoot decoying mallards.  Duck hunting over small potholes that have been watched closely and carefully protected ensures sure-enough decoying mallard action.  Giant Canada geese and greenheads define this hunt, and it only gets better well after waterfowl have evacuated other parts of Canada.

Hunters are lodged in a pleasant B&B, which provides unrivaled convenience and comfort in beautiful settings:  rustic, three level, A-frame cabin with 2 bathrooms and three bedrooms that can sleep a total of 17. A big living room, with piano and T.V. and a large wrap-around deck are among its comfortable features.  All meals are provided during your stay.  


High-quality Alberta Canada duck hunting from early-September through mid-December.  Peak dates mid-October through early-November.



$2,200 plus 5% GST for 3-day (6 hunts) Southwestern Alberta Canada duck hunting. Longer trips can be arranged.  Minimum 4 hunters.


Field Report - Western Alberta Canada Duck Hunting

cam[1].jpg"For the 2nd consecutive year, we're receiving good snow in April. Heavy, wet snowfall.  There is lots of water and breeding mallards everywhere.  We are expecting one of the largest hatches seen in a long time.  According to my records, the last time we had water like this, we shot limits of ducks every day from the opener on September 8 through November 10th. Last year was no exception but this year should be even better! I expect duck hunts in Western Alberta Canada will consist of shooting mallards at will." ~ C. Jenson, Outfitter, April 13, 2011


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Alberta Canada Hunting Regulations

Canadian Non-Resident Firearm Declaration

Canadian GST Refunds for Visitors

Certification of Registration for Personal Effects Taken Abroad (Form 4457)

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Bird Limits - Alberta Canada Duck Hunting

  • Geese 8 per day
  • Ducks: 8 per day
  • Possession limits 16 dark geese and 16 ducks.
  • Only 4 pintails are allowed in the daily bag limit of 8 ducks
  • Only 3 white-fronted geese are allowed in the daily bag limit of 8 geese.


Retriever Policy - Alberta Canada Duck Hunting

Properly trained retrievers are always welcome, but they must be well managed so as not to negatively impact the hunting.


Bird Processing - Southwestern Alberta Canada Duck Hunting

Bird Cleaning is NOT included in the cost of the Eastern Alberta Canada Duck Hunt package. Birds may be breasted or picked. We strongly suggest bringing ice chests large enough to ensure proper care of birds.

USFWS statutes regarding transportation of migratory game birds are carefully followed: 

  • All sport-taken migratory birds imported into the US via Canada must have 1 fully feathered wing attached to the carcass (Head and Feet do not count).  No other types or forms of migratory birds will be allowed into the US, no sausage or processed meat.
  • All imports into the US of sport-taken migratory birds may only be imported by the person who hunted them. A hunter cannot give the birds to another person to take into the US on their behalf.
  • Birds, geese, or cranes intended for taxidermy can only be imported into the US when accompanied by a US migratory bird import/export permit.
  • All illegal birds and/or meat is subject to seizure and fines.


About the Area - Alberta Canada Duck Hunting

cam jense alberta.jpgNestled in the most beautiful corner of the province of Alberta, the Southwest is a place where the golden prairie rolls up to meet the Rocky Mountains. Under the big western sky, a host of authentic Canada experiences and discoveries await.   A strong sense of community prevails among friendly residents.  This part of Alberta Canada boasts the best weather of the Prairie Provinces, including the highest number of sunlight hours in Canada.

This is Chinook Country.  In the eastern shadows of the Rocky Mountains blow Chinook conditions that provide mild winters.  This combined with other natural and man-made features such as warm-water reservoirs, host thousands of mallards and Canada geese into December, long after waterfowl in other parts of Canada have retreated southward.  Western Alberta Canada duck hunting is a memorable treat.

Contact us for more information about Alberta Canada duck hunts. 



This special Alberta Canada duck hunting package includes quality field equipment, personalized service, experienced guides, daily scouting, B&B lodging and meals.


Not Included

Not included in Southwestern Alberta Canada duck hunting packages: bird cleaning and processing, license, airfare to Calgary, airport transfers and voluntary gratuities.



Fly into Calgary, Alberta, and drive to the lodge where you will be met by outfitter.  Hunt 3 full days and overnight, depart the following morning.  Directions, contact information and other pertinent information provided in Canada Duck Hunting Pre-trip Package.


What to Bring

The following are suggested for Alberta Canada duck hunting:

  • Waders or hip boots, warm camo clothing, face masks. Because weather conditions are diverse, prepare to dress in layers.
  • Foul weather gear and field bag
  • Shotgun (12 gauge minimum recommended) choked imp cylinder or mod, and gun cleaning supplies
  • Ice chests
  • US Federal Duck Stamp
  • Obedient retrievers welcome (for your group)

Canada Duck Hunt Checklist © (PDF)



Western Alberta Canada Duck Hunt Video

Western Alberta Canada duck hunting near near prairie potholes, fast-paced action for mallards. Snow-capped Rocky Mountains provide dramatically aesthetic relief making it one of the most beautiful areas to hunt ducks in Canada.


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