Ontario Canada Goose Hunting

Come join us in southwestern Ontario for quite possibly the best Canada goose hunt remaining in North America.  With about 80,000 acres of prime hunting under wraps, this operator consistently puts away large numbers of giant Canada Geese annually. Celebrity hunters Fred Zink, Field and Clay Hudnall, Shawn Stahl, Kelly Powers and Wade Walling are among a long and growing list of believers.  

Exciting dry field hunts for Canada geese in fields of corn, other grain, or winter wheat.  Ontario, Canada, has an early season (September 4-16) limit of 8 Canada geeseper day and 3 or 5 during the regular Season (September 27 through December 31), with a possession limit of 24 for the entire fall.  Use 12-15 dozen Avery Full Body FFDs and goose hunt from comfortable layout blinds.  annually harvested here sport leg bands or neck collars!   

All goose hunting locations are pre-scouted, and in addition to morning hunting, and afternoon goose hunt will be arranged (if needed) for limit.  Seasonally, afternoon duck hunting may also be available.  Trained retrievers are on-site, but hunter's obedient dogs are welcomed.  Goose processing is included in the Ontario Canada goose hunt package.    

Hunters are lodged in 4200 square feet of comfortable living space featuring 6 bedrooms, satellite TV, internet access, air conditioning, 3 full bathrooms, large dining area, Jacuzzi tub, and an 8 person outdoor hot tub, and daily maid service. Lunch and dinner are available at local restaurants.  

If you've ever wanted to hammer big, migratory Canada geese, or if you've ever dreamed of better than average odds on bands - this is definitly the right hunt.

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Ontario Canada Goose hunting seasons:

  • Early Canada Goose Hunt Season Sept 4 - Sept 16 (daily limit 8)
  • Regular Canada Goose Hunt Season Sept 27 - Nov 14 (daily limit 5)
  • Regular Canada Goose Hunt Season Nov 15 - Dec 15 (daily limits 3)


Ontario Canada Goose Hunt: 

$450.00 /day plus 13% HST September 4 - September 16 Early Canada Goose Hunt Season 

$375.00 /day plus 13% HST September 27-November 14 Regular Canada Goose Hunt Season

$325.00 /day plus 13% HST November 15 - December 15 Regular Canada Goose Hunt Season

Afternoon duck hunts during the open Ontario Canada duck hunting season.

Effective July 1, 2010: 13% Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) comprised of Federal 5% and Provincial 8% taxes



More Info:

Bag Limits - Ontario Canada Goose Hunting

  • Ducks: Limit is 6 per day (1 black duck only) with 12 in possession.
  • Canada Geese: Limit is 3 (Nov15-Dec-15) or 5 (Sept 27-Nov14) with twice the daily limit in possession.


License Info - Ontario Canada Goose Hunting

To hunt Canada geese in Ontario, you require the following:

  1. A Federal Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit ($8.50) and a Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp ($8.50). Essentially they are one document and are only available from Canada Post offices and postal outlets (total cost of $17). Once purchased, the permit and stamp are valid anywhere in Canada, however each province stipulates the daily harvest and possession limits of waterfowl species.
  2. A non-resident Ontario hunting license.  Licenses can be purchased from select retail stores such as Canadian Tire and Wal-Mart in Ontario as well as some large outdoor stores and hunting outfitters for a cost of $87.50. Note that licenses cannot be purchased over the Internet.

Important: To purchase a non-resident Ontario hunting license, non-resident applicants must provide documentation indicating he/she would be authorized to purchase a hunting license in their home jurisdiction. A current hunting license for your jurisdiction is an example of a suitable documentation. For more information, call the OMNR toll-free at 1-800-667-1940.


Retriever Policy - Ontario Canada Goose Hunting

Properly trained retrievers are always welcome, but they must be well managed so as not to negatively impact the hunting.


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Ontario Canada Hunting Regulations

Canadian Non-Resident Firearm Declaration

Canadian GST Refunds for Visitors

Certification of Registration for Personal Effects Taken Abroad (Form 4457)

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Bird Processing - Ontario Canada Goose Hunting

Bird Cleaning is included in the cost of the Ontario Canada Goose Hunting package. 

Birds may be breasted or picked. We strongly suggest bringing ice chests large enough to ensure proper care and transport of birds. 

USFWS statutes regarding transportation of migratory game birds are carefully followed: 

  • All sport-taken migratory birds imported into the US via Canada must have 1 fully feathered wing attached to the carcass (Head and Feet do not count).  No other types or forms of migratory birds will be allowed into the US, no sausage or processed meat.
  • All imports into the US of sport-taken migratory birds may only be imported by the person who hunted them. A hunter cannot give the birds to another person to take into the US on their behalf.
  • Birds, geese, or cranes intended for taxidermy can only be imported into the US when accompanied by a US migratory bird import/export permit.
  • All illegal birds and/or meat is subject to seizure and fines.


Contact us about for more information about Ontario Canada goose hunts.



This excellent Ontario Canada Goose Hunt package includes fully-guided services, lodging, scouting, top-quality decoys, blinds and equipment. All geese are cleaned and processed by guides after each hunt.


Not included

Not included in Ontario Canada Goose Hunt packages are voluntary gratuities, airport transfers, car rental, Toronto dining and lodging.



Fly into Toronto the day preceding your Canada goose hunt and drive about 2 hours to lodge.  Lodge check-in is 4 pm.  Depart at noon following your last morning's hunt.


For comparison: driving time to Ontario Canada goose hunting lodge from Memphis is 15 hours.


What to Bring

The following are suggested for Ontario Canada goose hunts:

  • Waders or hip boots, warm camo clothing, face masks. Because weather conditions are diverse, prepare to dress in layers.
  • Foul weather gear and field bag
  • US Federal Duck Stamp
  • Shotgun (12 gauge minimum recommended) choked imp cylinder or mod, and gun cleaning supplies
  • Non-toxic shot (2's or  BB recommended)
  • Ice chests
  • Obedient retrievers welcome (for your group)

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