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thumb img_1227.jpgIf you think you've experienced everything Canada has to offer, think again! is pleased to offer some of the best and most unique Canada waterfowl hunting opportunities available - Quebec Canada GREATER snow goose hunting in the narrow St. Lawrence River corridor through which the entire world population migrates twice annually. 

It is likely that between 400,000 and 750,000 greater snow geese will be amassed at any given time along the St. Lawrence River, where they gorge on spartina rhizomes during low tide to fatten themselves for their impending migration.  Greater snow goose hunts in Quebec are conducted from comfortable hides located strategically along the river's edge and from field blinds located in fields to which the snow geese retreat during high tide periods. The St. Lawrence River, its drastic tide fluctuations, and long-proven private landholdings in proximity to Cap Tourmente, which for 4 centuries has been the Greater Snow Goose capital of the world, are the cornerstones of superior snow goose hunting in Quebec.

In the fall, Quebec Canada snow goose hunting provides excellent opportunities not only for greater snow goose hunting but also giant Canada goose hunting and Canada duck hunting primarily for mallards and black ducks. An afternoon of ruffed grouse hunting may optionally be included during your stay.  In addition tothumb interior img_1178.jpg quality shooting, Quebec Canada snow goose hunting packages include 4-star lodging, superior French cuisine and impeccable, highly-personalized service. 

Quaint, cottage-style lodging is perfectly comfortable.  Make yourself at home and savor legendary hospitality.  Chef Benoit Martel's 3-course meals are culinary perfection with a French flair - wild game, homemade pastries, desserts and bread prepared cuisine du terroir, the refined way.  His meals are truly the best to be enjoyed anywhere in Canada. Fresh pastries, a rare treat anywhere, are available daily for a mid-hunt snack.

Field staff is savvy.  Not only do they deliver greater snow goose hunts with the utmost professionalism, but they are quite knowledgeable with regard to cultural, biological or historical asides which put the hunting experience in its full and proper context.  Electronic callers play multiple, customized tracts of greater snow geese decoy wary greater snows.  Shots are generally close, well within 35 yards, but oftentimes much closer.  Payloads of  1.125 ounces of #2 steel, which are included in the Quebec Canada Greater Snow Goose Hunting package.  Light-modified to modified chokes are perfect.

Drives to hunting locations are on paved roads, often within minutes of the cottage and rarely more than 15 minutes.  You will be driven to the blind or within comfortably short walking distance across mostly firm, level ground.  Decoys are placed and arranged by your guides, so enjoy the sights and sounds of the morning with another cup of coffee.  Waders may make your hunt more enjoyable during inclement weather, but greater snow goose hunting in Quebec generally requires no more than knee boots and weather-suitable clothing.

Whether seeking a new, high-quality Canada waterfowl hunting experience or adding a greater snow geese to your waterfowl collection, this rare Canada goose hunting experience is the perfect choice and available only through  The total package is truly one of the finest Canada goose hunting packages available.




The entire world population of Greater Snow Geese migrate through this region twice a year, providing quality Quebec Canada greater snow goose hunting in both the Spring and Fall.

Spring Snow Goose Hunts - SNOW GOOSE ONLY - From about April 15th to May 18th of each year.  These are peak migration dates and assure quality hunting opportunities. 

Fall Snow Goose Hunts - SNOW GEESE, CANADA GEESE, and DUCKS - From October 3rd to November 15th of each year.


Field Report - Quebec Canada Spring Snow Goose Hunt

thumb img_1336.jpg"Just when I thought I'd experienced everything great North America has to offer, we found this treasure. I've hunted snow geese throughout North America, but greater snow goose hunting in Quebec bests them all.  Culinary delights that rival any hunting destination in the world, greater snow geese in great abundance, and a convivial atmosphere make Quebec Canada snow goose hunting an all-time favorite." ~ Ramsey Russell

"Greater snow goose hunting in Quebec Canada is a promising destination for hunters to enjoy as we did. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by this trip and wish I could have stayed longer. It easily ranks among the top 5 or 6 destinations I have been to in my worldwide wingshooting travels." ~ Pat Pitt


Where the River Narrows - Quebec Canada Spring Snow Goose Hunt

Aug 2011Trying to convince myself I'd rather be elsewhere was futile.   Even with rivulets of icy rainwater occasionally breaching a cinched collar and winding down my back, there was absolutely nowhere I'd rather have been than hunting snow geese in Quebec, Canada, adjacent to the mighty St. Lawrence River...  Read Story published September 2011, in American Waterfowler: Where the River Narrows


More Info About Snow Goose Hunting Quebec, Canada

Greater Snow Goose (Chen caerulescens atlantica)

The marshland vegetation of Cap Tourmente attracts the world's entire population of Greater Snow Geese in spring and autumn. They are, in fact, part of the only population of this subspecies in the world. Another subspecies, the Lesser Snow Goose, is found mainly around Hudson Bay.

These birds have long been a feature of Cap Tourmente. They are mentioned in the travel accounts of Jacques Cartier, the567o0050-2.jpg Jesuits and Champlain. Their numbers have not always been as great, however. At the beginning of this century there were only about 3,000 of them on the verge of extinction. Effective protection measures have increased their numbers to more about 1.4 million geese today.

In the fall, geese that did not nest are the first to arrive at Cap Tourmente, followed by the family groups. By mid-October, most of the geese will flock together much more densely than in the spring. They stay mainly around the tidal marshes of Cap Tourmente and Île aux Grues. They feed on the rhizomes of the American bulrush to build up their fat reserves for the journey towards their wintering grounds. When feeding in the marshes, the geese stick their head and neck right into the mud to dig out the nutrient-rich roots (rhizomes) of the bulrushes. The mud itself contains traces of iron, which can give a reddish tint to the face and neck feathers.They usually stay through the hunting season in October. 

Greater snow geese arrive in Québec again in April and May after a 900-km, non-stop flight from the U.S. East Coast. They spend much of their time feeding in the fields and marshes to build up the reserves of fat they will need to supply the energy for their long onward journey north. The increasing numbers of geese concern the farmers whose fields they occupy. They still have some 3,000 km to cover before reaching the breeding grounds. The geese set off again in the third week of May and fly along a fairly well defined migration corridor, possibly stopping on the Ungava Peninsula. Greater snow geese are the northern-most breeding geese in the world, breed principally around Foxe Basin, northern Baffin, Bylot, Axel Heiberg and the Ellesmere Islands located in Nunavut, Canada, and in Greenland. They prefer to nest in colonies on well-drained westward slopes or vegetated hilltops.

Occasionally an individual with a dark, bluish-grey body will be spotted.  However, its size, shape and the whiteness of its head will be identical to the typical Greater Snow Goose. These are not a different species, but merely a colour variant believed to be more rare than even blue-phased Ross' geese.  Average lifespan among greater snow geese is 3 years, with some living into their late-teens, and they about 30-40% larger in size than lesser snow geese.


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Getting There - Quebec Canada Snow Goose Hunting

Fly into Quebec Canada Airport (YQB) the afternoon preceding your scheduled hunt date.  You will be met by a representative and transfered to the lodge a mere 30-45 minutes away.  Following the morning hunt of your final day and lunch, you will be transfered to the airport or to your hotel in Quebec as your schedule allows. 


Itinerary - Quebec Canada Snow Goose Hunting

Awake early to coffee, juice, toast and eggs cooked to order.  Spring legal shooting time is early, just past 5 a.m. during the spring season.  Snow goose hunts are twice daily, morning and afternoon, with a chef-prepared lunch and suggested nap in between.  Driving distances to goose hunting areas is brief, and optimal high tide times are known; there is always a relaxed pace.  Following your afternoon hunt, return to the cottage for drinks, stories and an excellent dinner.


Bag Limits - Quebec Canada Snow Goose Hunting

  • Snow Geese 20 per day (Spring and Fall)
  • Canada Geese 5 per day (Fall only)
  • Ducks 6 per day, no species restrictions (Fall only)
  • Ruffed Grouse 5 per day (Fall only)


Retriever Policy - Spring Snow Goose Hunting in Quebec Canada

Properly trained retrievers are always welcome, but they must be well managed so as not to negatively impact the hunting.  The St. lawrence River is very dangerous, please use the utmost discretion in sending your retriever to retrieve downed birds, and never send into teh river to recover swimming cripples.


Goose Processing & Importation - Spring Snow Goose Hunting in Quebec Canada

Bird Cleaning is not included in the cost of the Quebec Canada Snow Goose Hunting package. Per-bird cleaning costs may apply.

Birds may be breasted or picked. IF YOU WANT TO BRING HOME BIRDS - We strongly suggest bringing ice chests large enough to ensure proper care of birds.  Ice chests may be purchased in locally following your arrival.

USFWS statutes regarding transportation of migratory game birds are carefully followed: 

  • All sport-taken migratory birds imported into the US via Canada must have at least 1 fully feathered wing attached to the carcass.  No other types or forms of migratory birds will be allowed into the US, no sausage or processed meat. Please remind the outfitter to leave a head or wing attached.
  • All imports into the US of sport-taken migratory birds may only be imported by the person who hunted them. A hunter cannot give the birds to another person to take into the US on their behalf.
  • Birds, geese, or cranes intended for taxidermy can only be imported into the US when accompanied by a US migratory bird import/export permit (USFWS Form 3-177).
  • All illegal birds and/or meat is subject to seizure and fines.


About the Area - Quebec Canada Snow Goose Hunting

thumb img_1097.jpgMany of Canada's earliest settlements were established in Québec, in the area now known as the St. Lawrence Valley.  Located along the shores of the St. Lawrence River and its tributaries, the area is blessed with productive land.  Every year, millions of waterfowl travel the Atlantic Flyway. Québec's size and abundance of diverse habitats attract countless waterfowl; the vast majority of these waterfowl depend on the wetland habitats of the St. Lawrence Valley to fulfill some aspect of their life-cycle needs.

Greater snow goose hunting in Quebec was once the exclusive purview of a few members of the Cap Tourmente Club de Chasse. During fall migration in the 1950s, virtually the whole population of only 12,000 birds stopped on the St. Lawrence River, near Quebec City on property controlled by Le Club or on a nearby island, Isle-aux-Grues. Wealthy sportsmen, politicians, and business magnates were among the few who had the opportunity to harvest only one bird per day in some years. Not surprisingly, unique hunting lore and traditions are deeply entrenched in the local community.

Greater snow populations have grown beyond 1 million, and managers consider the birds on the verge of overpopulation. Liberal bag limits in both the United States and Canada and a spring season in Canada help maintain the population at sustainable levels. The birds are no longer so restricted in distribution and have spread to agricultural lands for miles up and down the St. Lawrence.  It is common for greater snow geese to be seen literally lining the banks of the St. Lawrence River between Quebec and Cap Tourmente during low tide, but high tides of 20 or more feet push the birds inland from the river bank.  The mighty St. Lawrence River and its tides are define greater snow goose hunting in Quebec.

Quebec has long struggled to retain its mother tongue and clarify its relationship with the rest of Canada. More than four-fifths of the population in this oldest and largest province speaks French.  But as their hospitality, their love for excellent food and wines, and their laughter among friends best demonstrate, heritage is evident in far more ways than accent.

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Contact us to discuss greater snow goose hunting in Canada.



Quebec Canada snow goose hunting packages include:

  • Roundtrip transfer to Quebec City Airport
  • Fully-guided hunts, decoy placement and pick-up
  • 4-star lodging, single or double (according to availability)
  • All meals are superior French cuisine and are provided from supper the day of arrival through breakfast the day of departure.
  • 1 box of ammo (25 cartridges) daily
  • Daily transfers to hunting sites
  • Quebec hunting licenses and Canada watefowl stamp
  • Federal and Provincial taxes
  • Free travel cooler (1 per 2 hunters for 5 or more hunting days)

Not Included

Quebec Canada snow goose hunting packages do not include:

  • US Federal Duck Stamp - BRING from home
  • Bird dressing and meat preparation $4/bird
  • Additional ammo (available at market price)
  • Semi-auto shotgun New Benellis and Berettas $30/day rental
  • Wine, Beer and Spirits (available locally)
  • Ground transfers from Montreal $500 (2-4 hunters), $950 (5-8 hunters)
  • Transfer to other related lodges $200
  • Items of a strictly personal nature
  • Option tours, lodging, meals Quebec City, etc.
  • Travel Protection (trip insurance)

Snow Goose Hunting in Canada Video

Greater snow goose hunting in Quebec with Canada in the Rough

Spring snow goose hunting in Quebec as filmed by Canada in the Rough.




Photo Gallery - Spring Snow Goose Hunt in Quebec

Quebec Canada Snow Goose Hunting 4758866Spring snow goose hunting in Quebec, Canada along the narrow St. Lawrence River corridor through which the entire world population of Greater snow geese migrate twice annually. is pleased to exclusively offer one of the best and most unique Canada goose hunting opportunities available.

View Photo Gallery Spring Snow Goose Hunting Quebec Canada



Greater snow goose hunting in Quebec Canada

Greater snow goose hunting in Quebec, Canada, along the St. Lawrence River - expect to shoot greater geese well within range, right over the decoys.  





"Ramsey, we had a very good trip and were quite pleased with the entire operation.  Competent, organized outfitter, good equipment and guides, fairly consistent shooting, excellent food and comfortable lodge; Luc is a good fellow. There were good numbers of birds, challenging pass shooting, and pretty surroundings. provided detailed info on a very timely basis, and were flexbile with our schedules."

Kurt Fetzer

Referenced Hunt: Quebec Snow Goose Hunting

Quebec Goose Hunting _2118887720_n


Had a great time spring snow goose hunting in Quebec.  The staff couldn't have been nice or more accommodating, my room was very comfortable, the food and wine selections were great.  The chef offered to cook their snow goose specialty and I will definitely try it next time.  Luc was an excellent and very enjoyable host.  It rained the first couple of days and we had some shooting, but the third day was the charm and we experienced classical decoying snow goose hunting, the greatest snow goose hunt of my life.  Everything was perfect and we intend to go back next year.

C. Monk

Referenced hunt: Spring Snow Goose Hunting in Quebec Canada


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