Guided Mexico Hunting

Mexicoduckhuntinobregon _1188Mexico duck hunting, when prized species of northern pintail, cinnamon teal, blue-winged teal and many other coveted species are in their prime breeding plumage, and Mexico duck hunting bag limits are liberal by US hunting standards.  Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting is the perfect destination to bring spouses for combination hunting and winter vacationing.  Pacific Black Brant hunting may be enjoyed with either of our 2 inclusive packages - Baja Black Brant Hunting and Obregon Duck and Brant Hunting Combo.




Ocellated Turkey Hunting _1517Turkey hunters can go nowhere else but Mexico to achieve their Royal and World Slams.'s Mexico Ocellated Turkey hunts and Gould's Wild Turkey hunts deliver superior hunting opportunities for these rare turkey sub-species; very high success rates with excellent amenities. 

And because you can expect only the best from, all guided Mexico bird hunting packages include FREE use of quality shotguns to simplify your travel and increase your hunting enjoyment.


Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunts

Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunting

Pack the flip flops and let's go duck hunting! Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting is the South-of-the-border duck hunting experience which surpasses all others.

  • Honeymoon duck hunting, non-hunting spouses NO extra charge
  • Valentine's Day dates always sell out first
  • Hotel resort lodging, ocean front balcony guaranteed
  • Over 15 trophy duck species including Cinnamon Teal
  • Generous 20-duck daily bag limits
  • Lots of fun non-hunting activities

Rate: $2,045

Obregon Mexico Duck Hunting

Obregon Mexico duck hunting combo includes everything except ammo!

  • All-inclusive package, no hidden fees
  • Trophy duck species include Cinnamon Teal, Black Brant, Mexican Mallard, more.  
  • Generous limits
  • Elegant and Gambel's quail and trophy largemouth bass fishing options
  • Premium, 8-bedroom estancia and unequalled guest services
  • Includes everything but the ammo you shoot

Rate: $3,055
ALL-INCLUSIVE 4 Nights/3 Days includes everything except ammo!


Mexico Pacific Black Brant Hunting

Baja Mexico Pacific Black Brant hunting is perfect for avid waterfowl collectors or hunters.

About 40% of the reported world population of Black Brant overwinter here each year. The US Fish & Wildlife Service bands about 20% of these birds. Complete success in collecting the current 8-brant limits is assured.

  • Excellent, beach-front hotel
  • English-speaking host
  • Liberal Pacific Black Brant limits
  • All-inclusive from San Diego
  • Saturday night's "bay feast" client favorite
  • Gun fees included - theirs or yours

Rate: $2,350
Inclusive 3-day package includes 3 morning brant hunts

Mexico Goulds Turkey Hunts

World-class Mexico Gould's Turkey Hunting - 15 of the Top 20 Gould's Wild Turkeys

Here, Gould's beard lengths of 11-12 inches and large spurs are the rule, not the exception.  Complete your Royal Slam hunting the very best Gould's trophies available anywhere.

  • World-record Gould's turkey hunting
  • 100% success, optional extra trophies
  • 5-star lodging and guest services
  • Exlusive 55,000 acre property
  • April through May dates

Rate: $2,700
Inclusive 3-day package


Mexico Ocellated Turkey Hunting

Ocellated Turkey Hunting in the Yucatan Peninsula

Ocellated turkey hunting the forests of Mexico's Yucatan Penisula, one of the only areas in the world inhabited by the colorful, extremely long-spurred Ocellated Turkey.  Finish off that World Slam here!

  • Long-time, reputable outfitter and guide staff
  • 100% success on trophy ocellated turkeys
  • Comfortable, tent camp, great food 
  • Firearms and ammo included
  • Bird exportation/shipment available
  • Greater Currasow, Crested Guan, and trophy brocket deer available

Rate: $3,000

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