Guided Uruguay Hunts


Uruguay Duck Hunts

The Very Best Uruguay Duck Hunting Experiences Available. Period.

Uruguay Duck Huntng Trip GetDucks.comUruguay literally translates as "river where the birds live". Uruguay duck hunting is a world-class, must-do destination for traveling sportsmen. Your Uruguay duck hunt may be customized to include excellent high-volume dove hunting, superb perdiz hunting, or decoyed pigeon hunting - or better yet all of them - right from the very same luxury lodge. Do not settle for less: the venues proudly represented by Ramsey Russell's are without question the very best Uruguay duck hunting experiences available. It's too far to travel otherwise!


Uruguay Dove Hunts

Uruguay dove hunts are exceptional by U.S. standards: expect to fire 1000-1500 shotshells very easily during an average afternoon Uruguay dove hunt.

uruguay hunting_6131.jpgDove hunt Uruguay year-long. The western Colonia and Rio Negro provinces, especially, are characterized by large agricultural tracts of sorghum, sunflower and soybeans that sustain very large numbers of eared dove. A Uruguay dove hunt is exceptional by U.S. standards: expect to fire 1000-1500 shotshells very easily during an average afternoon Uruguay dove hunt.   Dove hunting in Uruguay easily pairs with morning hunts for perdiz or ducks, making it very popular destination among avid wingshooters.


Uruguay Perdiz Hunts

Uruguay perdiz hunting is the definitive international upland bird hunting experience

e_mg_0743.jpgDuring a typical Uruguay perdiz hunt, a couple of hunters and guide will flush 30-50 perdiz during a leisurely-paced hunt.  Stylish, European-bred setters or English pointers hold perdiz with staunch, picture-perfect points. Productive fields, superior pointing dogs, and good guides characterize our Uruguay perdiz hunts and usually result in brief, 2-3 hour hunts despite generous, 10-bird limits. Uruguay perdiz hunts compliment higher-volume Uruguay duck hunts and Uruguay dove hunts very well.


Uruguay Pigeon Hunts

Uruguay dove hunting completes the excellent mixed-bag hunting for which Uruguay is famous

e_mg_1593w.jpgUruguay pigeon hunts comprise, in part, the excellent and unique diversity of mixed bag hunting for which Uruguay is famous.  The full diversity wingshooting opportunities in South America can be experienced from one, luxury-level Uruguay location. Uruguay pigeon hunts are characterized by short, scenic commutes to well-scouted hunting areas before or after lunch.  This increasingly rare shooting opportunity provides an ideal compliment to high-volume Uruguay duck hunts, Uruguay dove hunts or Uruguay perdiz hunts.

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