Uruguay Pigeon Hunt

e_mg_1593w.jpgUruguay pigeon hunts comprise, in part, the excellent and unique diversity of mixed bag hunting for which Uruguay is famous.  The full diversity wingshooting opportunities in South America can be experienced from one, luxury-level Uruguay location. Uruguay pigeon hunts are characterized by short, scenic commutes to well-scouted hunting areas before or after lunch.  This increasingly rare shooting opportunity provides an ideal compliment to high-volume Uruguay duck hunts, Uruguay dove hunts or Uruguay perdiz hunts.


Uruguay Pigeon Hunting - Estancia San Juan

Uruguay pigeon hunts accompany the mixed-bag hunting experience.

Uruguay pigeon hunting as part of combo package at San Juan offers the convenience of wingshooting all game bird species in Uruguay from one luxurious estancia.

  • Dove, perdiz, pigeons and duck hunting in Uruguay
  • Transfer from Montevideo or Buenos Aires
  • Gourmet meals, top-shelf wines & spirits
  • Full mixed-bag hunts each day, premium guest services
  • Exclusive lodge use with 6-9 guests


Rate: $1,050

Uruguay Pigeon Hunting - San Cirilo

Uruguay pigeon hunting as part and mixed-bag hunting package.

Estancia San Cirilo overlooks Uruguay's Rio Negro delta, and the thousands of acres of pasture, and crops that define this Uruguay hunt combo to include pigeons. 

  • Ducks, high-volume doves, perdiz, pigeons and golden dorado
  • Beautiful accommodations, inclusive packages
  • Transfers from Montevideo
  • Friendly, personalized guest services
  • Up to 12 guests

Rate: $750

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