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Hunting at Estancia San Juan offers a variety of game that makes Uruguay a very unique destination, where hunters can enjoy the pursuit of the upland mixed bag in the same day, each and every day. Each morning you will hunt wild partridge or perdiz in short grass pastures, and over pointers and English setters, or ducks and big wild pigeons by decoying in lagoons and ponds nearby. In the afternoons, volume dove shooting is on the shooting schedule, and normally doves are encountered, in large numbers, on a flyway enroute to a roost or at a big roost that is just a few minutes from the lodge.

Everyday you will drive to the perdiz fields or to the lagoons for duck hunting and return for lunch at the lodge, or stay for a BBQ, the "asado", done in the field by the staff.

The afternoon Uruguay dove hunt is normally high volume dove shooting, and clients report "as many doves as seen in Cordoba".   Afternoon hunts for ducks or perdiz may be arranged.  Afternoon hunts begin shortly after lunch break, and will end at dusk. Each evening you will return to the lodge for cocktails and dinner.

Your host and guide, as well as bird boys, will be with you to provide you with challenging shooting, and other necessities such as shotgun shells, refreshments and anything else you may need. Drive time to hunt locations is usually between 10 and 35 minutes for the perdiz, ducks or pigeon fields, and from 5 up to 35 minutes for the dove hunting.

Estancia San Juan offers 5 bedrooms each with bath & fireplace, and will accommodate up to eight guests.  With plenty of space to spread out, this estancia offers a comfortable living room with its inviting fireplace center-piece, a dining room boasting exquisite meals, fine wines and  a majestic view.  On pleasant evenings or before the next hunt the Estancia offers an open air galleria so guests may enjoy the fresh air and Uruguayan countryside at any time.

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