Oklahoma Turkey Hunting

Oklahoma Turkey Hunting 7538These Oklahoma turkey hunts are the real thing: high success-rate rio grand wild turkey hunting in some of the most beautiful western-US habitat you'll ever see.  Hunts are guided or semi-guided, as the client chooses.  Historically, many hunters bagged their gobbler limit by the second morning.  During a normal, wet year, it's not unusual to see 100-plus wild rio grande turkeys daily. We don't guarantee kills, but we do assure our clients an abundance of gobblers and a hard-working, knowledgeable guide. 

Northwest Oklahoma's habitat of sand hill and short grass prairies are interspersed with shinnery oak and wild plum thickets, native grasslands, and agricultural lands supports a thriving population of rio grande wild turkeys.  Numerous tracts encompassing nearly 40,000 acres, savvy management and a productive hunting plan combine to ensure low-hunting pressure and high-quality turkey hunting experiences. Properties in several counties affords the opportunity to offer generous, 3-bird Oklahoma turkey hunts.

Hunts are mostly semi-guided which is the preference of most wild turkey hunting guests.  If prefer a fully-guided experience (usually 2:1), please let us know pursuant to booking your trip or ask your host while at camp.

The camp atmosphere is "make yourself at home."  A nice, clean, cozy lodge with home-cooked meals is the perfect place to recap the day's events. To accommodate maximum hunter flexibility, breakfast consists of sweet rolls and coffee  Lunch is do-it-yourself cold cuts or snacks from the stocked refrigerator and pantry.  Dinners offer a hearty mix of southern- and western-style cooking.  Nothing fancy, just basic home-cooked goodness.

img_2709.jpgEastern Wild Turkey hunters beware: this Oklahoma turkey hunt for Rio Grandes does not entail the typical "run and gun" hunting method common to the tall hardwood forests back home.  Hunters here are concealed in sparse brush blinds along travel corridors between roost and feeding areas. The winning strategy is for patient hunters to remain still and call sparingly.  With 98-99% of hunters successful on at least 1, but usually several mature gobblers - please listen to your guides!

Many hunters return to this excellent hunt, leaving limited spots available annually.  The birds are rebounding nicely after the drought, many good gobblers were taken last season, and there were an abundance of jakes.  

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Oklahoma turkey hunting season dates generally occur from the first week of April (April 6th) through the first week of May.  Due to excellent harvest management practices, hunting is consistently productive throughout the entire season.



Oklahoma Turkey Hunting rates are as follows:

$1,275 for 2.5-day Oklahoma turkey hunts to include 3 gobblers per hunter.


Ask the Expert - Rio Grande Turkey Hunt in Oklahoma


oklahoma rio grande gobblerGetDucks.com Senior Field Advisor, Pat Pitt, has accomplished the World Slam several times and considers this Rio Grande Wild Turkey hunt to be the surest thing in wild turkey hunting.

"If I only had one final day for the remainder of my life to shoot a turkey," Pat says, "this is definitely the place I'd want to hunt!"

For expert testimony about Rio Grande Wild Turkey hunts or other GetDucks.com wild turkey hunting packages, call Ramsey Russell toll free at 866-438-3897.


Field Report - Oklahoma Turkey Hunts

"He came in on a string, but strutted for over 400 of the 600 yards we worked him. At about 50 yards, over the sound of the rain, I could hear him spit and drum. He was putting on a show for us in the middle of a downpour. Joel was breathing like a high school kid in the backseat of a limo on Prom night, and having trouble holding up his gun. He was shaking like a kid staring at his first bicycle. His excitement was contagious, my _842229217_nsveb-l.jpgheart was beating out of my chest. I am not sure if the rain and cold had him or the nerves did, but it was pure adrenaline on my part. When the Gobbler got to about 25 yards I putted, trying to get him out of strut. No luck, the best he would do is half strut looking right at me. Then I said "shoot him" but there was no response, so I said shoot, and heard nothing, finally I said shoot him now and I hear click, BOOM.  The bird was head down on the dirt and my buddy was relieved and thrilled. He had 1" hooks and 9 ½" beard, a nice bird. My buddy and I had taken our first Rios, 3 beautiful gobblers, on the first day of the Oklahoma turkey hunt!!! I thought to myself, and this is just day one!" ~ Gordon Shaw


What to Bring

montana lee.jpg


The following are suggested for Oklahoma turkey hunts:

  • Valid Oklahoma turkey hunting license (available locally)
  • Shotgun
  • Shotgun shells
  • Camo clothing and raingear
  • Preferred turkey decoys and other gear
  • Hunting boots for the field
  • Camera
  • Coolers to transport your trophies

Patiently waiting and sparingly calling are the most succesful strategy for turkey hunting in Oklahoma.  The habitat is generally far too open for run-and-gun techniques common to big woods eastern wild turkey hunting. Blinds are usually lightly contructed brush blinds. 


More Info:

Rio Grande Wild Turkey

The Rio Grande wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo intermedia) is native to the central plains states and got its common name from the area in which it is found - the life giving water supply which borders the brushy scrub, arid country of the southern Great Plains, western Texas and northeastern Mexico. This subspecies was first described by George B. Sennett in 1879 who said it was intermediate in appearance between the eastern and western subspecies, hence its scientific name.

rio_turkey.jpgIt is similar in general appearance to the other subspecies of the wild turkey and similar in body size to the Florida Turkey, about four feet tall, but with disproportionately long legs. The Rio Grande turkeys are comparatively pale and copper colored. They are distinguished from the eastern and Florida subspecies by having tail feathers and tail/rump coverts tipped with yellowish-buff or tan color rather than medium or dark brown. Although there has been more variation in the shade of buff/brown in the tail feathers among Rio specimens, the color is consistently lighter than in the eastern or Florida birds and darker than the same feathers in the Merriam's or Gould's subspecies.

Adult females, called hens, are smaller in size compared to the males, called gobblers, and similar in color but duller. Hens average 8 to 12 pounds while gobblers may weigh around 20 pounds at maturity. Feathers of the breast, sides and flanks are tipped with pale pinkish buff.

The Rio inhabits brush areas near streams and rivers or mesquite, pine and scrub oak forests. It may be found up to 6,000 feet elevation and generally favors country that is more open than the wooded habitat favored by its eastern cousins. The Rio Grande is considered gregarious and, nomadic in some areas, having distinct summer and winter ranges. They may form large flocks of several hundred birds during the winter period. It has been known to travel distances of 10 or more miles from traditional winter roost sites to its nesting areas.

*Content courtesy of The National Wild Turkey Federation.


License Requirements - Oklahoma Turkey Hunting (Rio Grande Turkey Hunts)

To turkey hunt in Oklahoma requires the following:

1.  NR Hunting license. A yearly small game hunting license for nonresidents 14 years of age or older. A turkey license also required.  Total $142.00

2.  Turkey Hunting (spring) Permit. Required of all persons, resident and nonresident, who hunt during Oklahoma's spring turkey season. Annual hunting license is also required for residents. Nonresident annual hunting license is also required for all nonresidents age 14 or older. Valid for one bird only during the spring turkey hunting season. $10.00 each. 

All turkey hunters must possess a turkey permit for each bird to be hunted; Multiple bird hunts require purchase of multiple turkey permits.  Oklahoma turkey hunting permits and licenses may be purchased online in advance of the hunt or over the counter after your arrival.


General Regulations - Oklahoma Turkey Hunts (Rio Grande Turkey Hunting)

Tom Turkey Definition: Any bearded turkey, regardless of sex.

Identification: Evidence of sex [one (1) leg with foot] must remain on the birdoklahoma rio grande.jpg until it has reached its final destination.

Beards on hens must remain intact and not removed from the turkey until the bird has reached its final destination.

Shooting Hours: One-half hour before official sunrise to official sunset.

Roost Shooting: Roost shooting is prohibited.

Decoys & Recorded Calls: Artificial decoys are permitted. Live decoys and recorded calls are prohibited.

Field Tagging: Upon harvesting a turkey, all hunters, including lifetime license holders, must immediately attach their name and hunting license number securely to the carcass. The attached item can be anything, as long as it contains the hunter's name and license number. This information must remain attached to the carcass until it is checked (where required) or reaches its final destination.


Contact us for more information about Oklahoma turkey hunting!




Oklahoma Turkey Hunting packages include:

  • Lodging
  • Meals (breakfast & dinner)
  • Guides (if desired)
  • Daily transportation to turkey hunting area
  • 3 rio grand gobblers per hunter limit (2.5-day packages, respectively)

Hunters arrive the day before the hunt and depart at noon following the third morning hunt.


Not Included

Oklahoma Turkey Hunts do not include airport transfers or car rentals, discretionary gratuities, bird processing, or hunting licenses.



Arrive to hunting camp the afternoon prior to your first hunt.  Arriving from Oklahoma City by commercial airline requires car rental and about 2 hours drive time.  Depart following your 3rd morning's hunt.


Photo Gallery - Oklahoma Rio Grande Turkey Hunt

These Oklahoma rio hunts are the real deal: high success-rate Rio Grande wild turkey hunting in some of the best managed, and most beautiful habitat you'll ever see. Hunts are guided or semi-guided as the client chooses. Many hunters bag their 2-gobbler limit before the second morning

View Photo Gallery


alec taylor.jpg"If you love turkey hunting, you must take this trip! There are not words to describe the sight of 150+ birds gobbling on a roost and then 100 birds strutting in a wheat field. GetDucks.com's guides are first class. They care about every hunter and manage their properties so that the first hunter as well as the last hunter of the year can enjoy hunting very low pressured birds. The guides are very knowledgeable about more than 40 properties and will work their hardest to put you on the birds. The accommodations are nice and the home cooked meals are fantastic. You will not be disappointed by booking this trip through GetDucks.com. Ramsey Russell does his homework and hit another home run with Oklahoma Turkey Hunting. Thanks again."

- Alec Taylor

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"Great hunt. Quality outfitter that put his best foot forward to make it successful. Better than what I expected. I appreciate all the help and everything you did to help make this hunting trip great. Definitely will try to go back again."

- Christian Gardner

Referenced Hunt: Oklahoma Turkey Hunting


"The weather was horrible, and the birds were henned up but the guides worked their butts off for us and I got 2 hard-earned rio gobblers to show for it.  I was very pleased with GetDucks.com and their Oklahoma guide services. It was very enjoyable even though the birds and weather didn't fully cooperate."

- Chris Powell

Referenced Hunt: Oklahoma Turkey Hunt


"Our hosts were very knowledgeable and accommodating. The facilities were adequate and clean. Despite birds that were either henned up or messed up by the strong winds (60 mph), it is always enjoyable to get away with your son on an outing like this. This hunt will be in my memories for many years and will book this hunt again."

- Gordon C. Shaw, Sr.

Referenced Hunt: Rio Grande Turkey Hunts in Oklahoma


jeff estes.jpg"The outfitter said it wasn't good hunting by their standards, but my whole group was perfectly happy leaving with 2 gobblers each.  Hearing about 20 birds gobble on the roost one morning won't soon be forgotten.  Great hunt, service and outfitter.  I had a great time and will definitely be back next year."

- Jeff Estes

Referenced Hunt: Rio Grande Turkey Hunting in Oklahoma


"It was a great trip. The outfitter worked hard to get us on birds. I went out with little expectations, but I can't imagine better Oklahoma turkey hunting. Will be rebooking."

- Allen Sledge

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logan roberts.jpg"Top-notch and extremely knoweldgable guides that made us feel like this was really OUR hunt and we could hunt however and whenever we wanted to and they were open to any suggestions we might have on the hunt. Most amazing hunting trip I've ever been on!  Ramsey Russell elimates the guess work out of looking for an A-1 guide service. It's very cool that someone out there offers a service such as GetDucks.com and people don't have to waste their hard-earned money going on a less than desirable hunt. 

My hunt was most memorable because of the amount of birds, the high intense action on our first morning hunt while watching a few hundred birds fly down off the roost strutting, gobbling and grouping up hens!   The show was nothing short of the most amazing thing I've seen while turkey hunting.  There can't be a better guide service to go with for hunting Rio's.  Couldn't have gone to a place with more birds or better guides. 

Recommend GetDuck.com Oklahoma turkey hunting knowing that everyone will do likewise when they leave."

- Logan Roberts

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_1thumb turkey 017.jpg"Our Oklahoma turkey hunt was a huge success! From the time we booked until the day we left, Ramsey Russell was constantly checking and making sure we had everything in order. He is very passionate about what he does and that's why he is the BEST in the business. Thanks again Ramsey!  The weather threw us a curve ball, but thanks to the outfitter and his guides we were still able to hit one out of the park! This is truly a turkey hunter's paradise and I cant wait to go back and experience it again."

~ Josh Criswell

Referenced Hunt: Rio Grande Turkey Hunting in Oklahoma


"The best thing about the Oklahoma turkey hunt was the remote setting. Idyllic rural hunting was just what the doctor ordered. I felt that there wasn't another soul on earth except for me and the wildlife. The abundance of game was truly impressive. I probably saw more turkeys on this hunt than in the last 15 years of hunting here in Mississippi. I'm already looking forward to next year."

~ Adrian Smith

Referenced Hunt: Oklahoma Turkey Hunt


joe ross - dave young.jpg"I'm about to do the post-hunt survey but wanted to drop you a note saying what a fantastic turkey hunt we had in Oklahoma.   WOW!!!  All four hunters in our group tagged out. 

The turkey hunting was fantastic, despite some serious wind.  The staff and accommodations were excellent and I think I put on a couple of pounds thanks to some great cooking! 

10 out of 10!  For a high percentage Rio hunt, you can't do better than this one!!!"

~ David Young

Referenced Hunt: Oklahoma Turkey Hunt


joel ok turkeys.jpg"Oklahoma turkey hunting is one of the best vacations I have been on. The guides are knowledgeable, nice, and funny. They will work hard to put you on your birds.

The turkeys are there in great numbers - hearing 20 to 30 gobblers firing off on the roost is just awesome. This turkey hunt will not disappoint."

~ Joel Williams

Referenced Hunt: Oklahoma Turkey Hunt


ltpack.jpg"To say we had a great hunt may be an understatement. We were all impressed by the hunt properties, management practices and just the overall Oklahoma turkey hunting experience.  The number of birds was amazing. Compared to numerous other trips, these hunt properties were probably the best managed and hunts better planned as any we have seen. Attention to our buddy Randy was excellent and although we all took a limit of 3 birds, the birds that Randy took were special beyond words. 

We will be happy to provide a very positive recommendation to any and all. Keith and Monty were first rate and they worked hard to provide quality turkey hunting.  And did so making it all feel just like home, like our own "hunting camp" that we had been going to for years.  Can't say enough good about those 2! Many thanks for a great hunt!" 

~ LT Pack

Referenced Hunt: Oklahoma Turkey Hunting


johnny.jpg"I've told everyone, if you haven't ever done it - do it.  Rio Grande Turkey hunting with GetDucks.com was by far one of the best hunts I have ever been on!  Three of us went. One guy killed 3, one guy killed 2, and I doubled on gobblers the last morning. To say it was some of the best turkey hunting of my life does not even do it justice."

~ Johnny McKinnion

Referenced Hunt:  Guided Rio Grande Turkey Hunt


"The food and accommodations were great. The guides did an excellent job. Turkeys were either killed, seen or at least heard everywhere we went.  Rainy, windy, and foggy for about half of our hunting experience, but nobody can control the weather.  My brother and I got to shoot a "double"!  We haven't done that for quite some time.  Very pleased with GetDucks.com's professionalism and diligent service."

Don Burger

Referenced hunt: Oklahoma turkey hunting guides


"Words do not give justice to the quality of people you deal with at GetDucks.com. Best I have ever booked through, and I have used a few in my 64 years on this planet. Most others are much more involved in the booking aspect than in the delivery of the package.  Anita and Ramsey deliver the goods as if you were family."

Gordon Shaw, Sr.

Referenced Hunt: Oklahoma Turkey Hunting


"We had a very good Oklahoma turkey hunt, and the guide staff did everything they could to make our stay an enjoyable one.  It was easy talking to GetDucks.com staff.  They prepared me ahead of time to get us ready and were dedicated to our having an enjoyable trip."

Chris Powell

Referenced Hunt: Oklahoma Turkey Hunting


I killed one very good Rio (1.5 inch spurs).  Was frustrated by the late spring and dry conditions, but I enjoyed the entire experience. I received honest information, without undue hype, about the hunt in Oklahoma. Also, Anita was very pleasant and courteous. GetDucks.com is honest, upfront, no BS, polite, and provides timely email responses.  It was a good package I plan on rebooking in the future for my young son and I.

Greg Williams

Referenced hunt: Oklahoma Turkey Hunt


I spoke extensively with Ramsey on the phone to let him know what my goals were and the emails had given me all the information I needed to know what needed to be done before the trip and where to buy tags and be fully prepared for the Oklahoma turkey hunt. The outfitter was very good at building my confidence as I am new to turkey hunting and inexperienced. He manages his animals and lands very well. The whole camp atmosphere was great and very comfortable and friendly. My best memory is all the coaching and advice I received from the other hunters and the outfitter. It will make me a better hunter in the future and the calling of the birds and his set ups were a great learning tool for me to use in the future. There were so many great memories from the different wildlife, landscapes, weather, new friends and of course beautiful Rio Grande turkeys.... I will never forget this trip.... EVERYTHING was exceptional.

Terrah Evenson

Referenced hunt: Oklahoma turkey hunt

Oklahomaturkeyhuntphotophoto 1Oklahomaturkeyhuntphoto 2


Oklahoma turkey hunting was a total DIY hunt. I was shown some boundaries and let go. I had a Rio Grande turkey dance around my decoy for 70 straight minutes. No lie!!! I had to scare it away to get picked up. The spots we were taken to were not hunted hard or pressured and I went late in the season!! When I had a question or request GetDucks.com was right on top of it. Everything was written out and easy to follow. I certainly would like to consider Argentina next year with my wife. Thank you.

Mark E. Gonyo

Referenced hunt: Oklahoma turkey hunting

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