Peru Duck Hunting - Trophy Mountain Species

Peru Duck Hunting Puna Teal 0680Peru Duck Hunting takes international duck hunting to exciting new heights in the rugged and beautiful Andes Mountains.  This Peru duck hunt is for trophy mountain species to include Puna Teal, Sharp-winged Teal, Andes Goose, Andes Ruddy Duck, Crested Ducks, Giant Coot, Andean Tinamou (Perdiz), and more (see the full Peru Duck Hunting species listing/description further below).  But in addition to trophy species, Peru duck hunting is a distinctive duck hunting adventure like none other among our growing list of international wingshooting venues. 

The Mountain Species duck hunt in Peru is perfect for 2 to 3 like-minded trophy collectors and intrepid adventurists, maximum 4 hunters.  We DO accept single-hunter bookings.  This Peru duck hunting package is NOT a high-volume wingshooting event; it is instead a true trophy duck hunt for clients that seek these unique waterfowl and gamebird species that can be found nowhere else in the world.  For the best of both worlds, consider adding a few days high-volume cinnamon teal hunting to follow your mountain hunt.

The Andes Mountains highlands of Peru have changed little since the Incas ruled them, and guests will find themselves immersed in local customs.  Herds of long-since domesticated alpacas and llamas are tended by traditionally-dressed herdsmen.  At slightly lower altitudes, stacked-stone fences delineate highly-terraced fields of hand-cultivated grains and legumes that continue to be grown in the absence of modern machinery.  Native dishes are available at restaurants where breakfast and dinner are enjoyed, and guests will enjoy sight-seeing the town's market area where hand-grown goods are sold and bartered as for centuries.

Peru Duck Hunting Getducks .com 6207Duck hunting in Peru for mountain species is strictly spot-and-stalk for targeted species.  Each mountain duck species utilizes different wetland habitats among these vast mountains, and our expert operator possesses 10 years experience in delivering them within gun range.  A quality pair of binoculars is equally as important as the shotgun.  Mountain duck hunts in Peru take place between 12,500 and 16,000 feet above sea level.  It is not a particularly arduous hunt, most time is spent in the truck, but reasonable fitness will help at these altitudes.  Oxygen is readily available for your use at all times. 

Hunters are lodged in hotel accommodations that are clean, safe and very convenient to hunting areas. The hunting takes place about 3.5 hours from Aeropuerto Internacional Rodríguez Ballón, but you'll begin your Peru duck hunting on the way to the hotel!  Breakfasts, usually hand-baked bread and tea, and lunch, simple sandwiches and soft drinks, are purposefully small, but guests are encouraged to pack it in at dinner time from a full menu of regionally popular dishes such as alpaca, lamb, beef or chicken.

Expect colder weather, especially at higher altitudes.  The wind exacerbates the cold.  Prepare to dress in layers sPeru Duck Hunting Andean Goose Getducks .com 6309uitable for 20-60 degrees F.  Rubber knee boots or goretex-lined hiking boots are the perfect footwear for this Peru duck hunting adventure.  Reliable semi-automatic shotguns are included in the package price, and temporary importation of one's own firearm is prohibited in Peru.

From the time you arrive at Araquipa Airport, every detail involving your travel enjoyment and hunting success will be personally attended.  The staff interpreter will serve as your personal tour guide and translator for the duration of your stay.  This is the Peru duck hunting trip for adventuresome guests that wish to experience add exoctic species to their collection, add to their life list of places duck hunted and experience local traditions not found elsewhere in South America wingshooting.


Peru duck hunting for Andea Mountain species is best mid-April through August, with June and July being the very best months.  Peru duck hunts for trophy mountain species target only trophy bird species: Torrent Duck, Andean Goose, Puna Teal, Crested Duck, Andean Ruddy Duck, Sharp-winged Teal, Giant Coot and Andean Tinamou (Perdiz) and more. 

Adding coastal Peru Duck Hunting for Cinnamon Teal  to the end of your planned mountain hunt is a best-of-both-worlds Peru duck hunting combo experience.



4 hunters $3,195 per guest for 5-day Peru Duck Hunting trip, double-occupancy

3 hunters $3,395 per guest for 4-day Peru Duck Hunting trip, double occupancy

2 hunters $3,595 per guest for 3-day Peru Duck Hunting trip, double occupancy

1 hunter  $3,795 per guest for 3-day Peru Duck Hunting trip, double occupancy


Field Report - Peru Duck Hunting


Ramsey Russell review: Peru Duck Hunting Is Breathtaking




Sample Itinerary for 3-day Peru Duck Hunting Trip for Trophy Mountain Species 

Day 1.  Depart the U.S. on an overnight flight to Arequipa, Peru

Day 2.  Arrive in Arequipa where you will be met by guide staff.  Your Peru duck hunt will begin en route to the hotel.

Days 3-4.  Full days of trophy Peru duck hunting.  Following a light hotel breakfast, guests will leave shortly after daylight to spot and stalk trophy species.  The hunting begins within 15-20 minutes of the hotel.  Most time is spent in the 4x4 truck, searching oftentimes remote and secluded wetlands for targeted species.  Once birds are located, the hunter will follow the guides and get into position for shooting.

Day 5.  Hunt through mid-day and return to Arequipa for flight back to the US.  The direct drive is about 3.5 hours long and most outgoing flights depart at 7:30 pm. 

Day 7.  Arrive in the U.S. and make connections home, usually arriving about mid-day. 

Your Peru duck hunting itinerary may be fully customized to allow for extra days or to add a few days of high-volume cinnamon teal and dove hunting along Peru's Pacific coast.


More Info:

Peru Duck Hunting Limits - Trophy Mountain Species

The bag limit for this Peru duck hunting experience is quite generous, but as a measure of conservation we hope that you will let your conscience be your guide as well.  Our outfitter strictly abides a limit of 1 pair each of Puna Teal, Crested Ducks, Andean Geese, Andean Ruddy Duck, Andean Coot, and Sharp-winged Duck, and only 1 male Torrent Duck per guest per trip to ensure consistently productive hunting.  Three perdiz daily are allowable for collection or tablefare. 


Peru Duck Hunting - Getting There

We suggest LAN Airline connections out of Dallas or, alternatively, Miami.  American Airlines services Lima, Peru also, but their baggage policies unnecessarily complicate the import of bird species into the US from Peru.


Average Daily Temperature Range - Peru Duck Hunting Mountain Species

Apr 74/48F, 23/9C

May 74/46F, 23/8C

Jun 72/45F, 22/7C

Jul  72/45F, 22/7C

Aug 74/46F, 23/8C


What to Bring - Peru Duck Hunting

Packing for Peru duck hunts is relatively simple: layers.  Remember that you're in the mountains and that temperatures may deviate drastically.  Consult the weather forecast for Chivay, Peru, for up-to-date forecast.  Pack a pair of comfortable hiking shoes or knee-high rubber boots, leave the waders and hip boots at home.  Jeans or canvas hunting pants, a fleece jacket and raincoat or heavy windbreaker.  Binoculars are must-have.  I suggest a pair of thermal underwear and warm socks too. 

General Packing List for Peru Duck Hunting MOUNTAIN SPECIES © (PDF) will be provided as a courtesy of our pre-trip planning services.


Gratuities - Peru Duck Hunting

Gratuities for lodge and field staff are not included in Peru duck hunting packages since tipping, in general, is discretionary.  Because clients have repeatedly asked that we provide general guidelines the following is suggested:

  • $25 per bird boy per hunter/day (paid to interpreter)
  • $200-300 for your guide staff per person for the total stay.


Payment Method during Peru Duck Hunting

Important Note: Please pay for ammo and gratuities with cash.  Checks, money orders and credit cards are not accepted during Peru duck hunts.   


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Travel Protection and Travel Insurance Protect your hunting travel investment

Certification of Registration for Personal Effects Taken Abroad (Form 4457)

Importation of Fish and Wildlife Form 3-177

Field Care of Trophy Waterfowl & Birds


Peru Duck Hunting - The Mountain Species Collection

Torrent Duck

Peru Duck Hunting Torrent Ducks Getducks .com 6608Torrent Duck (Merganetta armata) is the only member of the genus Merganetta. It lives exclusively in the Andes of South America. Torrent Duck habitat is fast-flowing mountain rivers and whitewater torrents above 4,900 ft. Male Torrent Ducks are 17-18 inches long, have a striking black and white head and neck pattern and a red-orange bill.  The speculum is brilliant green.  The male's call is a shrill whistle that can be discerned above the river's roar. They are highly territorial; the male uses the spurs to fend off intruders. Torrent Duck feeds on invertebrates, such as insect larvae and mollusks, and small fish.  It perches on rocks in the river. It is also able to swim under the surface and against the current for over 1 minute. Torrent Duck is decreasing throughout its range, due primarily to competition for food subsequent to trout introductions.  No waterfowl collection is truly complete without Peru duck hunting trip to collect this magnificent species.

Andean Goose

The Andean Goose (Chloephaga melanoptera) is a large black and white sheldgoose with red bill, orange legs and feet. Both sexes have identical plumage, with the male being slightly larger in size. The the male call is a high-pitched twittering whistle; the female's a lower-pitched cackling.  While Andean Geese are gregarious most of the year, they pair off during the breeding season, which is when Peru duck hunting trips occur. Andean Geese are terrestrial grazers and found most commonly in wetlands above 3000 m.

Crested Duck

Peru Duck Hunting Crested Duck Www .getducks .com 6881The Crested Duck (Lophonetta specularioides) is the only member of the monotypic genus Lophonetta. It feeds on invertebrates and algae, and is found on lakes in the Andes ranging at altitudes of 2,000-4,300 meters above sea level.  Crested Duck is one of the most common species encountered while Peru duck hunting in the Andes.






Sharp-winged Teal

Peru Duck Hunting Sharp -winged Teal Getducks .com 6835The Sharp-winged Teal (Anas flavirostris oxyptera), also called Yellow-billed Teal, is a subspecies of Speckled Teal commonly encountered while duck hunting in South America, but this Andes relative is clearly much larger - as much as half-again to twice the size of its smaller relative.  

Sharp-winged Teal are also much lighter in coloration.  They prefer quiet lakes at 2,000-plus meters elevation to rivers and streams.  This is the most abundant of trophy ducks species seen while Peru duck hunting mountain habitats.



Puna Teal

Peru -duck -hunting -puna -teal -6819The Puna Teal (Anas puna) was previously considered a subspecies of the Silver Teal - and to experienced Argentina duck hunting enthusiasts, it's easy to see why.  But Puna Teal are 19 inches  long, similar in size to a Wood Duck. They have a black cap that extends to below the eyes; lower face and neck are creamy white.

Their upper tail coverts are gray, rear flanks are dark brown with thin stripes. Back, chest and lower flanks are light coffee with dark brown spots. Their bill is large, light blue with a black line down the middle.  Puna Teal prefer larger lakes and pools in the Andes altiplano and are the least-seen species on this Peru duck hunting trip. 


Contact us about for more information about Peru duck hunting



Peru duck hunting packages include:

  • All ground transfers from Arequipa Airport (AQP)
  • Hotel lodging with satellite TV
  • Meals - light breakfasts and lunches, excellent restaurant-prepared dinners
  • Professional guide services and bird boys
  • Personalized, bilingual hosting from arrival through departure
  • Use of outfitter;s reliable semi-automatic shotguns
  • Hunting licenses and permits
  • Use of oxygen in mountains
  • Freezer storage of trophies

Not Included

Peru duck hunting packages do not include:

  • Ammo ($15 per box of 25) Prices subject to change.
  • Voluntary gratuities to outfitter and interpreter
  • Private room $65 nightly
  • Phone calls
  • Airfare and airport fees
  • Baggage overweight charges
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Bird skinning $15 per cape
  • Any item of strict personal nature
  • Travel Protection Policy (Trip Insurance)



Photo Gallery - Peru Duck Hunting

Peru Duck Hunting Trip 5926No duck collection - and no duck hunting career - is complete in the absence of this unique Peru duck hunting adventure.

View Photo Gallery Peru Duck Hunting Mountain Species


Peru duck hunting was exceptional, people were great, they treated you like family! Interesting to experience a different culture and cuisine.  Scenery was beautiful.  I was finished with my Peru duck hunt a day early with all species in hand.  This is not a volume hunt but a great species collector hunt.  Everything went exactly as Ramsey described, couldn't have been better.  I would highly recommend this hunt to anyone who is interested in seeing different cultures and collecting different species of ducks. I will definitely hunt with in the future!!

THANKS for an enjoyable hunt!!

Lee Friend

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