Guided Turkey Hunts has the gobbler spread covered.  Choose from Ocellated Turkey Hunting, Gould's Turkey Hunting, Rio Grande Turkey Hunting, Osceola Turkey Hunting and Eastern Wild Turkey Hunting.


Mexico Goulds Turkey Hunting

Gould's turkey hunting here has produced 15 of the top 20 trophies in the record books, including the #1.

Here, Gould's beard lengths of 11-12 inches and large spurs are the rule, not the exception.  Complete your Royal Slam hunting the very best Gould's trophies available anywhere.

  • World-record Gould's turkey hunting
  • 100% success, optional extra trophies
  • 5-star lodging and guest services
  • Exlusive 55,000 acre property
  • April through May dates

Rate: $2,700

Mexico Ocellated Turkey Hunting

Ocellated Turkey Hunting in Yucatan Peninsula 100%-Success

Ocellated turkey hunting: The World Slam eventually takes you to the forests of Mexico's Yucatan Penisula, one of the only areas in the world inhabited by the colorful, extremely long-spurred Ocellated Turkey.  

  • Long-time, reputable outfitter and guide staff
  • 100% success on trophy ocellated turkeys
  • Comfortable, tent camp, good food 
  • Firearms and ammo included
  • Bird exportation/shipment available
  • Greater Currasow, Crested Guan, and trophy brocket deer available

Rate: $3,000


Oklahoma Turkey Hunting - Rio Grande Turkey Hunts

Generous 3 bird Rio Grande turkey hunt package.

These Oklahoma turkey hunts are the real thing: high success-rate hunting in some of the most beautiful western-US habitat.

  • 2.5 day hunt, generous 3 gobbler limit
  • Clean, comfortable lodging, make youself at home
  • Numerous properties ensure high-success rates
  • Semi-guided
  • Book early - this hunt sell out months in advance

Rate: $1,275

Ontario Canada Turkey Hunting

Exclusive hunting on massive acreage means low-pressured birds and a high-success rate hunt.

Ontario Canada hunting for Eastern Wild Turkeys - plentiful gobblers, low hunting pressure

  • Clean, comfortable lodging
  • Fully guided hunts
  • Consistent shooting opportunities
  • 2 gobbler limit

Rate: $375 per day

As strong advocates of conservation, supports the following organizations:
Ducks Unlimited Dallas Safari Club National Rifle Association National Wild Turkey Federation Dallas Woods and Water Delta Waterfowl SCI
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