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Manitoba Canada Duck Hunts

Imanitobacanadagooseandduckhuntingincanada _2415This Manitoba duck hunt takes place on over 30,000 exclusive acres of prime agricultural land and day-roost waters. Fields are scouted daily to ensure maximum shooting opportunity at low-pressured birds. Hunt from the comfortable confines of a layout blind which keep you out of the wind, dry, concealed, or from natural cover along local sloughs.  With 20 years waterfowl guiding experience under his belt, this outfitter makes it happen when the weather or ducks are adverse to productive duck hunting.

The typical morning Manitoba Canada duck hunt will unfold with you situated perfectly, as flocks of hungry ducks and geese swarm into the grain field seeking to join the finest full body decoys in the industry.  Your guide will work the birds in close and call the shots, when they’re paddles down right in front of your face!  Your well-trained retriever is welcomed to retrieve your party’s birds, or we’ll put ours to work.

Full limits of honkers and ducks are not uncommon during morning hunts. If you don’t shoot your liberal limit of 8 ducks in the morning, or simply choose not to because the goose action is fast and furious, a hot grain field or small potho

Manitobacanadagoosehunt _2384

le will provide for a relaxing afternoon hunt of decoying mallards and pintail. Scared you’ll get tired of shooting? Don’t worry – Manitoba’s best trophy trout fishery is located within feet of the cabin, and September-October are prime time!

Manitoba has liberal waterfowl limits. Daily limits are as follows: Snows & Blues 20 per day, 80 in possession; Canada geese 5 per day, 15 in possession; ducks 8 per day, 16 in possession, with restrictions on canvasbacks and redheads.  Timing of our fall hunts is usually September 25 through October 25.  During the first 2 weeks, goose hunting closes at noon to help keep the birds in the area and to let the birds pack on the pounds needed for their eventual migration south. All day hunting begins around October 9th.

Standard hunts are typically 3 FULL days.  Fly into Winnipeg, rent a car and drive about 2.5 hours to camp.  Hunting licenses are purchased after arrival to this affordably-priced Canada duck hunt, that for the past 2 seasons has been 100% repeat client rate!

Effective in 2012 – Snow geese may be hunted in Manitoba with elctronic callers and a mix of decoys to include Canadas and mallards.  The all-white decoy mandate no longer applies. This will make for some incredible Canada goose and duck hunting action. 


Manitoba Canada duck hunt from late-September through early-November.  During the first 2 weeks, goose hunting is mornings-only. All day goose hunting begins about October 9th.


$2,100 plus 5% GST standard 3-day Manitoba Canada duck hunting.  Additional days may be added for $700 per.

Minimum 4 hunters. Groups with less than 4 that want guaranteed exclusive use must purchase minimum 4 spots.

$450 plus 5% GST No-Meals Plan per day (same great hunt but includes lodging and guided hunts only).  Perfect for do-it-yourselfers.




Manitoba Canada duck hunt includes 2 hunts daily (fully-guided mornings), bird cleaning, licenses, 2 boxes ammo daily, lodging and meals, guides, scouting, top-quality decoys, and blinds.

(No Meals Plan does not inlcude meals, licenses, ammo or bird processing)

Not Included

Not included in Manitoba Canada duck hunt packages are voluntary gratuities, airport transfers, car rental, or Winnipeg dining and lodging.



Fly into Winnipeg the day preceding your hunt and drive about 2.75 hours to lodge.  Lodge check-in is 4 pm.  Dinner is served about 6 pm.  Overnight at camp after your last day hunt and depart by 8 am the next morning.

What To Bring

The following is suggested for Manitoba Canada duck hunts:

  • Waders or hip boots, warm camo clothing, face masks. Because weather conditions are diverse, prepare to dress in layers.
  • Foul weather gear and field bag
  • US Federal Duck Stamp
  • Shotgun (12 gauge minimum recommended) choked imp cylinder or mod, and gun cleaning supplies
  • Non-toxic shot (2’s or  BB recommended)
  • Ice chests
  • Obedient retrievers welcome (for your group)

Starting January 1, 2012, ALL hunters will have to produce a Hunter Education Certificate number to purchase a Manitoba hunting license.

Canada Duck Hunt Checklist © (PDF)

Field Report

-patimg_3070.jpgI’ve heard this Manitoba Canada duck hunt described as a blue collar hunt, but aside from the very reasonable cost it’s far from that.  You get alot for what you pay. Lots of geese and ducks, with several different opportunities of hunting them.  Good equipment, good guiding and scouting, and good land to hunt makes it a favorite destination for a no-frills Canada waterfowl hunt where the bottom line is hunting success.  Ducks were mostly mallards and pintails, but we did kill several gadwalls, wigeon, a couple of ringnecks.  Looking forward to going back. ~Pat Pitt





eimg_3658.jpgI was hoping for a good goose hunt.  We had a great goose shoot instead.  The first day was awesome.  With only 3 hunters, we shot 60 snow geese, 9 Canadas and 18 ducks. In 30 plus years of duck hunting I have never seen anything like it. All I could think was that this was only day one! The last day ended with mallard limits including one band and a bonus honker. ~Jeff Stallings



More Info

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Manitoba Canada Hunting Regulations

Canadian Non-Resident Firearm Declaration

Canadian GST Refunds for Visitors


Game Bird License Info – Manitoba Canada Duck Hunt

A Federal Migratory Game Bird Permit, a Manitoba Game Bird Licence and a Wildlife Habitat Certificate are required to hunt waterfowl in Manitoba, Canada. These are included in your Manitoba Canada duck hunting package and will be provided at the lodge.


Bird Limits – Manitoba Canada Duck Hunt

  • Ducks: 8 per day (16 possession limit)
  • Dark geese: 5 per day (15 possession limit)
  • Light geese: 20 per day (80 possession limit)


Retriever Policy – Manitoba Canada Duck Hunt

Properly trained retrievers are always welcome, but they must be well managed so as not to negatively impact the hunting.


About the Area – Manitoba Canada Duck Hunting

The name Manitoba comes from the Cree words “Manitou bou,” which mean “the narrows of the Great Spirit.”   Manitoba is a huge province with comparably few residents but the people that do live there are renowned for their friendly, hospitable natures and diversity.  Located in the heart of Canada, Manitoba is easternmost prairie province in Canada, it covers about a quarter-million acres and 1.1 million residents.

swathed manitoba.jpgRenowned for dramatic landscapes, cultural tradition with warm and friendly people, Manitoba is recognized as the land of 100,000 lakes, a legacy of enormous Lake Agassiz, which covered much of the province after the glacial retreat.  Nearly 20 percent of its agriculture is dedicated to wheat production; thousands of acres of harvested or swathed grains sustain resident and migratory waterfowl.

Manitoba is one of the sunniest provinces in Canada. Two-thirds of Canada’s 500-plus species of birds come here, drawn here by the waters.  Manitoba is a premier wildlife-watching destination with among the highest densities of moose, elk and black bear.   The abundance and diversity of waterfowl that migrates through Manitoba during the fall months captivates the hearts of wingshooters during Manitoba Canada duck hunting vacations. Tired shoulders, big smiles in Manitoba.


Bird Processing – Manitoba Canada Duck Hunt

Bird Cleaning is NOT included in the cost of the “no meals plan” Manitoba Canada Duck Hunt package. Bird processing fees are $4 per duck or goose.

Birds may be breasted or picked. We strongly suggest bringing ice chests large enough to ensure proper care of birds.  Ice chests may be purchased in Winnipeg following your arrival.

USFWS statutes regarding transportation of migratory game birds are carefully followed:

  • All sport-taken migratory birds imported into the US via Canada must have 1 fully feathered wing attached to the carcass.  No other types or forms of migratory birds will be allowed into the US, no sausage or processed meat.
  • All imports into the US of sport-taken migratory birds may only be imported by the person who hunted them. A hunter cannot give the birds to another person to take into the US on their behalf.
  • Birds, geese, or cranes intended for taxidermy can only be imported into the US when accompanied by a US migratory bird import/export permit.
  • All illegal birds and/or meat is subject to seizure and fines.


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Customer Testimonials

Excellent Canada duck hunt

Lodging and food were great. We had some excellent hunts. was efficient and made it easy. James Griggs Referenced hunt: Manitoba Canada Duck Hunt canadaduckhuntinginmanitoba_300x400  

One of the best

Thanks for all the hard work organizing our Manitoba Canada duck hunting trip. The experience was everything we hoped for and more. Ducks and geese were plentiful and the outfitter was friendly, detail oriented and willing to go the extra mile. I have traveled and hunted in more than 22 states and's Manitoba Canada goose hunting outfitter is one of the best. I can't wait to go back next year.

Ryan Tucker

Referenced hunt: Manitoba Canada duck and goose hunting


Will book all future waterfowl hunts with

Regarding our recent Manitoba Canada duck hunt, not only is Kris an excellent guide, but an excellent person to be around. He does his best to make every hunt a successful one. The lodge, food, and hunts are all first class! Everything was laid out perfectly and professionally. From day one, both Anita & Ramsey stayed in touch with me regularly to make sure I had everything needed for a successful and enjoyable hunt. I will book all my future waterfowl hunts with

Brad Britt Referenced hunt: Manitoba Canada duck hunt manitobaduckhuntingincanada_500x375

We had an excellent duck hunt in Canada

dave%20allen_200x275"We had an excellent duck hunt in Manitoba, Canada.  The hunting and lodge atmosphere were perfect, I felt right at home.  Would tell everyone to go ahead and experience it at least once in their lifetime. I can't wait to go again."

- Dave Allen

Referenced Hunt: Manitoba Canada Duck Hunt

My son and I had a great time hunting ducks

sam%20vanhook_200x275"My son and I had a great time hunting ducks and geese in Manitoba.  It was the first of what will be many Canada goose hunts for us.

Reserve me a spot on the Canada spring snow goose hunt.  I'll be returning to hunt ducks in Canada with more friends next fall, too, deposits are in the mail."

-Sam Vanhook

Referenced Hunt:  Manitoba Canada Duck Hunting

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