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"To the hunt, to the hunter, to the hunted; to past hunts, to future hunts."

Welcome to's Media Gallery, a celebration of great hunts and tribute to the hunting tradition.  Most images presented were captured by staff and clients. 

Sure, for the sporting traveler, it's duck season somewhere 365 days per year.  But fond memories of duck hunting persist in the hearts of duck hunters almost constantly.  We strive to provide maximum shooting opportunity for waterfowl and various game bird species worldwide, but memorable hunts - especially the often touted hunts-of-a-lifetime - are characterized by far more than the mere matriculation of dead fowl. The hunting experience in its fullest and richest context - the people, the food and atmosphere, the sights, sounds, geographical and cultural cues, best shots and infamous misses - is highly relevant.  

We welcome client photos and will be glad to add them to our galleries.  Please submit your ideas, comments and photos to

Hot off the press! 2012 Wingshooting Destinations depicts exciting experiences at some of the world's very best duck hunting destinations. 156 pages full-color photography by Ramsey Russell.

Netherlands Goose Hunting Combo

Available only through, Netherlands goose hunting offers liberal gunning almost year-round for an enviable collector's list of goose species and opens a whole new chapter in worldwide wingshooting. Guests are greeted in Amsterdam and transferred 1.5 hours to a charming 4-star B&B. Typical hunting days are full-day affairs to include morning waterfowl hunting, afternoon wood pigeon shoots, and usually late-afternoon pass shoots for geese. Primary trophy species include Greylag Goose, Barnacle Goose, Egyptian Goose, White-fronted Goose, and Giant Canada Goose. The Bar-headed Goose is a rare trophy. Mallards, Eurasian Wigeons, Mute Swans and Wood Pigeons are abundantly available.  Package Details: Netherlands Goose Hunt


Mexico Brant Hunting Combo in Obregon

The new's Obregon Mexico duck brant hunting combooffers ducks, black brant, upland birds and bass fishing - guests may choose among available offerings for the fully-customized Mexico vacation of a lifetime.  The perfect option for either serious species collectors and avid trigger-pullers alike, this all-inclusive program represents the best-available value.  Full-package details: Obregon Mexico duck and brant hunting combo


Pacific Eider Hunting in Alaska

Pacific Eider Hunting in Alaska for the largest common eider sub-species in the world.  Cold Bay is teh go-to place.  Besides a proven track record to boat more trophies, guests can also hunt Black Brant, Eurasian Wigeon, Harliquin and more.


New Zealand Duck Hunting

New Zealand Duck Hunting is a high-quality experience for a diversity of new and familiar duck species.  Beautiful scenery, leisurely duck hunts, plenty of non-hunting activities - this hunt is perfect for hunters, collectors, and traveling couples.  Trophy hunting for New Zealand red stags, fallow deer and other species also available separately or as an part of a New Zealand hunting combo.  Trip Details: New Zealand Duck Hunting


Uruguay Duck Hunting - Tacuarí Lodge *NEW*

Tacuarí Lodge Uruguay Duck Hunting package is a duck-only hunt in remote, northeastern Uruguay, directly across the river from Brazil.  High-volume Uruguay duck hunting that that is second to none but with an atmosphere that reeks Arkansas duck camp.  Package details: Uruguay Duck Hunting Tacuarí Lodge


Argentina Duck Hunting Rio Salado *NEW*

Argentina duck hunting at the NEW Rio Salado operation is for dedicated duck hunters only, that are willing to go the distance to find the best and most unspoiled high-volume duck hunting in Argentina.


Argentina Duck Hunting La Paz (Gallery 3)

Argentina duck hunting combo at La Paz is a client favorite for ducks, doves, perdiz, pigeon and even golden dorado fishing all from one lodge.  Save money - no costly and time-consuming transfers to seperate lodges ensure wingshooting for teh duration of your stay.  Guests are personally attended the enitire trip by our hostess.  This affordably-priced Argentina duck hunt represents unequalled value in full-package, mixed-bag Argentina wingshooting.  Learn more about this duck hunt: Argentina Duck Hunting La Paz

See more La Paz Photos at La Paz Argentina Duck Hunting Photo Gallery #2 and La Paz Argentina Photo Gallery #1


South Africa Bird Hunting (Africa Duck Hunting)

South Africa bird hunting combo trip offers diverse wingshooting for serious hunters or vacationing families.  Wide-variety of ducks, geese, and upland game birds.  Best of all - it's in Africa! More info: South Africa Bird Hunting


Russia Duck Hunting (Spring Bird and Duck Hunting in Russia)

Unique trophy-bird Russia Duck Hunting program takes place in Northern Karelia near the White Sea. During the month of May, waterfowl and bird plumage are ideal breeding plumage for trophy collection purposes, and the Capercaille and Black Grouse courting seasons are ongoing.  Trophy species targeted while duck hunting in Russia during this unique program include: Tufted Duck, Eurasian Green-winged Teal, Eurasian Wigeon, Smew, Common Goldeneye, Northern Common Eider (S. m. borealis), European Common Eider (S. m. mollissima), White-winged Scoter, Black Scoter, Red-breasted Merganser, Goosander, Capercaille, Black Grouse, Snow Grouse, and Hazel Grouse.  While certainly not for everyone, this Russia Duck Hunting experience is an adventure beyond bird species, and deserves the serious Life List consideration of international bird hunting enthusiasts that seek to experience everything available in world-wide duck hunting. More info: Russia Duck Hunting & Russia Capercaillie Grouse Hunting Combo


Peru Duck Hunting - Cinnamon Teal

Peru duck hunting the Pacific-coastal valley entails wingshooting the greatest density of Cinnamon Teal anywhere in the world and without every duck hunting career is remiss.  Combine this Peru duck hunting adventure with a trophy collecting expedition in the Andes.  Related Links: Peru Duck Hunting Cinnamon Teal, Peru Duck Hunting - Mountain Species


Peru Duck Hunting - Trophy Mountain Species

This Peru Duck Hunting adventure for mountain species takes international wingshooting to soaring new heights; provides savvy duck hunters not only with the opportunity to collect distinctive species for their collection, but to gain a sense of adventure like duck hunting nowehere else in South America.  No duck collection - and no duck hunting career - is complete in the absence of this unique Peru Duck hunting trip.  Full package description: Peru Duck Hunting


Nova Scotia Sink Box Duck Hunting

Nova Scotia sinkbox duck hunting presents a uniquely traditional method of concealment on open water that has been prohibited in the US since the Migratory Bird Treay Act.  Nova Scotia has a rich and storied waterfowling histoy that guests will appreciate as they duck hunt divers and sea ducks from traditional sinkboxes.  The area abounds with 2 coveted collector's species long-tailed ducks and American black ducks in one area, goldeneye (Barrow's and Common), black ducks, mallards and mergansers in another.  Weather permitting, eider hunting to include American and Northern races, is also available.  


Argentina Duck Hunting - Los Crestones

Located conveniently within 1.5 hours of Buenos Aires, Crestones offers excellent Argentina duck hunting combined with perdiz hunting and a hot barreled warm up for doves.  Guests are met with soft drinks and libations after returning to the gorgeously kept estancia built in 1886.  Along with liberal limits, chef-prepared meals and private rooms come with the territory.  The warm and friendly staff will make you feel instantly at home.  Package Details: Argentina Duck Hunting Crestone Lodge


Gould's Wild Turkey Hunting

With a tremendous density of 3500-4000 turkeys located on the property, limited groups of hunters hunt during peak periods to assure low-pressured, high-quality Gould's turkey hunting exeriences in an all-inclusive package for maximum travel ease.  This Gould's turkey hunt has produced 15 of the top 20 record book Gould's wild turkeys including the top spot; beard lengths of 11-12 inches and large spurs are the rule here, not the exception.  Related Links: Gould's Wild Turkey Hunting


Florida Osceola Turkey Hunting

High success Florida osceola turkey hunting in the heart of their range.  Hunts take place among 6+ counties encompassing 2 of Florida's turkey hunting zones, ensuring 2 opener weekends and fully 8 weeks of osceola turkey hunting opportunity.  Hunts are guided or semi-guided as the client chooses.  Review the photos and we think you'll agree that this osceola turkey hunt delivers!  Related Links: Florida Osceola Turkey Hunting Package Details, Other Turkey Hunts:  Gould's Wild Turkey Hunting, Ocellated Turkey Hunting, Ontario Canada Eastern Wild Turkey Hunting


Alaska King Eider Hunting

Alaska king eider hunting is the definitive waterfowl trophy hunt offering not only the best-chance to harvest trophy king eiders, but also harlequins, long-tailed ducks and white-winged scoters. The occaisonal Pacific Common Eider is also taken.  More than a duck hunt, as the photos in this gallery attest,'s Alaska King Eider hunt is an adventure unto itself.  A tough hunt, but well worth the effort: king eiders will be the crown jewels of your game room.  Related Links: Alaska King Eider Hunting Trip


Cold Bay Alaska Duck Hunting

Cold Bay, Alaska duck hunting is "Real Alaska" duck hunting.  Depending on the month chosen to hunt, wingshooting includes Canada goose and Pacific black brant hunting, sea duck hunting, ptarmigan hunting and fishing.  A recent hunting guest noted 21 life-list bird species taken or observed during his visit to include Harlequin, Pacific Black Brant, White-wing and Common Scoter, Long-tailed Duck, Taverner's Cackler Goose, Cackling Goose, Emperor Goose (closed to hunting), Eurasian Wigeon, Steller's Eider (closed to hunting), Common Goldeneye, Greater Scaup, Willow Ptarmigan and even a rare glimpse at a drake Pacific Eider.  Also observed were 5 Alaska Brown Bears! More than a hunt, Cold Bay Alaska waterfowl hunting is a great adventure. Related Package Details: Cold Bay Alaska Sea Duck Hunting, Pacific Brant Hunting, Goose Hunting, Ptarmigan Hunting, Read: Trip Report Cold Bay Alaska Duck Hunting Izembek Lagoon


Argentina Duck Hunting - Las Flores

Argentina Duck Hunting Combo package at Las Flores offers the perfect combination of comfortable, perfectly non-luxury lodging, excellent service and consistently fast-paced shooting for which Argentina is unrivaled, but at greatest value to be had anywhere.  One of our best-selling trips, this affordable Argentina duck hunt features comfortable, well-camouflaged dry and semi-dry blinds, friendly hard-working staff and the quality equipment necessary to get ducks - lots of them. Hunting for perdiz, doves and pigeons, Magellan geese (pending), black buck and axis deer may also be available. 


Argentina Duck Hunting La Paz (Gallery 1)

Argentina duck hunting combo -  ducks, doves, perdiz, pigeon and even golden dorado fishing from a single lodge!  No costly and time-consuming transfers to seperate lodges to ensure excellent wingshooting.  Not here!  You'll be personally attended throughout your entire stay.  The hunting itinerary is unstructured, may be customized daily.  Private resort lodging along the beautiful Paraná River is within walking distance of non-hunting activities.  This affordably-priced Argentina duck hunt represents unequalled value in full-package, mixed-bag Argentina wingshooting.  Related Links: Argentina Duck Hunting La Paz

See more La Paz Photos at La Paz Argentina Duck Hunting Photo Gallery #2, La Paz Argentina Duck Hunt Combo Photo Gallery 3


Argentina Duck Hunting La Paz (Gallery 2)

Argentina duck hunting - perfect combination of ducks, doves, perdiz, pigeons and golden dorado fishing from a single lodge.  With the La Paz Argentina Duck Hunting combo package, there are no costly or time-consuming transfers to seperate lodges to ensure wingshooting for additional species.  Guests are personally attended throughout the entire stay.  Private suite lodging along the beautiful Paraná River is within walking distance of non-hunting activities.  This affordably-priced Argentina duck hunt represents unequalled value in full-package, mixed-bag Argentina wingshooting.  Related Links: Argentina Duck Hunting La Paz

View more photos at La Paz Argentina Duck Hunting Photo Gallery Gallery 1, La Paz Argentina Duck Hunt Combo Photo Gallery 3


Argentina Duck Hunting Jacana

An Argentina duck hunting experience by which all others are measured. From the most luxurious duck hunting lodge in Argentina, hunters seldom drive further than 30 minutes to comfortably dry or semi-dry hunting blinds. Absolutely no detail is spared in delivering these superior high-volume Argentina duck hunts.  Related Links: Argentina Duck Hunting Jacana, Uruguay Duck Hunting Programs, Guided Duck Hunts


Ocellated Turkey Hunting

The World Slam eventually takes you to the jungles of Mexico's Yucutan Penisula, the only area in the world inhabited by the colorful, extremely long-spurred Ocellated Turkey.  In the dark, hunter and guide listen intently for the low-pitched song of the male ocellated turkey that begins with the drumming of wings followed by the uniquely beautiful sounds (Click HERE to hear the Ocellated Turkey song).  While stalking is an proven ocellated turkey hunting method, new calling techniques are also proving to be effective.  Related Links: Ocellated Turkey Hunting, Gould's Wild Turkey Hunting, Ontario Canada Eastern Wild Turkey Hunting, Oklahoma Rio Grande Wild Turkey Hunting


baja Mexico Pacific Black Brant Hunting in Mexico

Mexico Pacific Black Brant hunting the famous wintering grounds of San Quintin Bay, Mexico, is about great brant hunting and good living.  The majority of the world's pacific back brant populations over-winters in this area due to the abundance of eel grass, a favored food source.  Black brant hunting in Mexico is comfortably accomplished from ground blinds, short drives and boat rides, excellent food, and generous limits.  Package Details: Mexico Brant Hunting


Uruguay Ducks Hunting Combo San Cirilo

This unique location offers guests the flexibility not only hunt ducks in Uruguay, but also their choice of perdiz hunts, high-volume dove hunts, decoying pigeon hunts as well as fishing for golden dorado - without ever venturing more than a half-hour from the comfort of the lodge!  First-class service, experienced hosts, luxury accommodations and plenty of shooting opportunities all combined into the perfect Uruguay duck hunt.  Related Links: Uruguay Duck Hunting at San Cirilo,  Uruguay Duck Hunting Programs, Uruguay Dove Hunting Programs, Guided Uruguay


Uruguay Duck Hunting Combo San Juan

Uruguay Duck Hunting combo at Estancia San Juan offers a variety of game that makes Uruguay a very unique shooting destination, where hunters can enjoy the pursuit of the upland mixed bag in the same day, each and every day. Each morning you will hunt wild partridge or perdiz in short grass pastures, and over pointers and English setters, or ducks and big wild pigeons by decoying in lagoons and ponds nearby. In the afternoons, high-volume dove shooting is on the shooting schedule, and normally doves are encountered in large numbers, on a flyway enroute to a roost or at a big roost that is just a few minutes from the lodge.  Uruguay duck hunting, Uruguay dove hunting, Uruguay perdiz hunting and Uruguay pigeon hunting available from a single, luxurious lodge.  Related Links: Uruguay Duck Hunting at Estancia San Juan,  Uruguay Duck Hunting Programs, Uruguay Dove Hunting Programs, Guided Uruguay Hunts


Oklahoma Turkey Hunting (Rio Grande Turkey Hunting in Oklahoma)

These Oklahoma turkey hunts for rios are the real deal: high success-rate Rio Grande wild turkey hunting in some of the best managed, and most beautiful western-US habitat you'll ever see. Hunts are guided or semi-guided as the client chooses. Many hunters bag their 2-gobbler limit before the second morning.  Related Links: Oklahoma Turkey Hunting Package Details, Gould's Wild Turkey Hunting, Ocellated Turkey Hunting, Ontario Canada Eastern Wild Turkey Hunting


Spring Snow Goose Hunting in Quebec Canada

Quebec Canada GREATER snow goose hunting in the narrow St. Lawrence River corridor through which the entire world population migrates twice annually. is pleased to offer one of the best and most unique Canada goose hunting opportunities available. Related Links:  Package Details Quebec Canada Snow Goose Hunting (Spring), Quebec Canada HuntsGuided Canada Hunting, View Photo Gallery: Snow goose hunting in Quebec Canada


Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunting

Mazatlan Mexico duck hunt is the South-of-the-border duck hunting experience that surpasses all others. With over 30 years of duck hunting experience in the southern half of Sinaloa Mexico's west coast, this staff is professional, knowledgeable and endeavors to provide you the best duck hunting vacation imaginable.  Exclusive rate: non-hunting spouses accompany FREE of charge. Related Links: Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunting Program, Guided Mexico Hunts, Guided Duck Hunting


New England Sea Duck Hunting in Massachusetts

New England Sea Duck Hunting in Massachusetts is perfectly affordable for waterfowlers wanting to experience an exciting change of scenery, as well as waterfowl collectors or taxidermists seeking trophies from along the Eastern Seaboard.  Expect to shoot Common Eider, Surf Scoter, White-winged Scoter, Atlantic Brant, American Black Duck and 7 additional species of puddle ducks. Canada Geese are always an option. Related Links: New England Sea Duck Hunts, Alaska Sea Duck Hunts, Aleutian Island Alaska Sea Duck Hunts


Alberta Canada Goose and Duck Hunting

Expansive harvested grain fields, an abundance of small lakes and rivers, 6 large, irrigation reservoirs, relatively low hunting pressure and a surprisingly temperate, warm, "Chinook effect" in the lee of the Canadian Rockies dramatically coalesce to make this location a top-producer for Canada goose hunting.  A convenient drive from the US's west coast, there's certainly not a more beautiful place to goose hunt in Canada.  Related Links:  Package Details: Western Alberta Canada Goose Hunting Package, Alberta Canada Goose Hunting, Alberta Canada Guided Hunts, View Photo Gallery: Western Alberta Canada goose hunting photos


Saskatchewan Canada Goose and Duck Hunting

Canada goose and duck hunting in saskatchewan, Canada, the "Land of Living Skies."  Hard-working and knowledgable staff keep hunters on the X in an area not inundated with freelance hunters.  Private properties over a very large area are monitored for peak activity, equipment and decoys are first-class.  Excellent hotel accomodations are convenient to amenities unavailable in rural Canadian communities.  Related Links:  Saskatchewan Canada Goose Hunting, Saskatchewan Canada Duck Hunting


Canada Goose Hunting in Manitoba

Canada Goose Hunting in Manitoba, Canada on over 30,000 exclusive acres of prime agricultural land and day-roost waters, morning limits of honkers and ducks are common to this Manitoba Canada goose hunt. Shoot your liberal limit of 5 Canadian geese, or grays as they're called, during the morning. A well-scouted grain field or small pothole will provide for a relaxing afternoon hunt of decoying mallards and pintail.  Related Links:  Manitoba Canada Guided Hunts, Manitoba Canada Duck Hunting, Manitoba Canada Goose Hunting, Manitoba Canada Snow Goose Hunting, View Photo Gallery: Manitoba Canada goose hunting photos


Manitoba Canada Duck Hunting

Manitoba Canada Duck Hunting on over 30,000 exclusive acres of prime agricultural land and day-roost waters, morning limits of honkers and ducks are not uncommon on this Manitoba duck hunt. If you don't shoot your liberal limit of 8 ducks in the morning, or simply choose not to because the goose action is fast and furious, a hot grain field or small pothole will provide for a relaxing afternoon hunt of decoying mallards and pintail.  Related Links:  Manitoba Canada Guided Hunts, Manitoba Canada Duck Hunting, Manitoba Canada Goose Hunting, Manitoba Canada Snow Goose Hunting, View Photo Gallery: Manitoba Canada goose hunting photos


Cordoba Argentina Dove Hunting La Dormida

Cordoba Argentina Dove Hunting at La Dormida is carefully built on 20 years of Cordoba Argentina dove hunt tradition for excellence.  We've got clients that will dove hunt nowhere else in Argentina! The La Dormida program offers 9-12 guests the most exclusive lodging yet available.  Personally built by David Denies, the legendary pioneer of high-volume Cordoba Argentina dove shooting, La Dormida has received acclaim from Argentina's journals of design and interior.  Parties of 4-9 dove hunters recieve exclusive-use, highly-personalized services.  Perfectly intimate for family or business associates, high-volume Argentina dove hunting is assured. proudly offers the very best promotional rates available. Related Links: Argentina Dove Hunting La Dormida, Argentina Dove Hunting Programs, Uruguay Dove Hunting Programs 


Cordoba Argentina Dove Hunting Pica Zuro

Argentina Dove Hunting at Pica Zuro is the quintessential Cordoba, Argentina dove hunting experience.  An immaculately-restored, 19th-century luxury lodge is the catalyst for the Argentina wingshooting program as it was first envisioned by the legendary David Denies, pioneer of Cordoba dove shoots. proudly offers the very best promotional rates available. Related Links: Argentina Dove Hunting Pica Zuro, Argentina Dove Hunting Programs, Uruguay Dove Hunting Programs


Canada Trophy Deer Hunting in Manitoba

The proof is in the photos: 2010 deer camera survey of our Manitoba Canada white-tail deer hunt demonstrates the trophy white-tail production for which this area is capable.  A couple bucks will likely stretch the tape into the record books, but there's really only one way to know for certain.  Contact Ramsey Russell toll free 1-866-438-3897 or for more information.  Related Links:  Manitoba Canada White-tail Deer Hunt, Manitoba Canada Guided Hunts


Argentina Pigeon Hunting Montaraz

Argentina Pigeon Hunting at Montaraz, the most exclusive Argentina pigeon hunt available in Argentina.  The historical setting is an architectural treasure characterized by an exquisite colonial style.  Built in the second half of the 17th century, it was completely renovated in 2007 to provide maximum luxury and comfort from which you can enjoy the best Argentina pigeon hunting experience ever.  Don't miss this unique opportunity. Pigeon hunting in Argentina is the staple of experienced, traveling wingshooters.  Decoying pigeons compliment high-volume doves nicely for those that want to spend a few days enjoying each experience.  Related Links:  Argentina Pigeon Hunts at Montaraz, High-volume Agentina Dove Hunting


Uruguay Perdiz Hunting

Uruguay, along with Argentina, is unquestionably the world's foremost destination to perdiz hunt. Perdiz, which literally translates to "partridge", are upland game birds slightly larger than quail that hold very well for pointing dogs.  The sport of Uruguay perdiz hunt began as soon as the first European immigrants, primarily of Castilian and Italian origin, recognized that perdiz not only put their double guns and bird dogs to good use, but that its delectable white breast meat is second to none as table fare.  

During a typical Uruguay perdiz hunt, a couple hunters and guide will flush 30-50 perdiz during a leisurely-paced hunt.  Stylish, European-bred setters or English pointers hold perdiz with staunch, picture-perfect points every time, moving only as needed to pin perdiz.  Perdiz sometimes run but usually not far.  Eventually, they will sit tight to the point and provide a walk in for close-range shots.  Open-choked 12-gauge and 20-bore upland guns are perfect.    

Uruguay's predominate land cover-type is pampas, from the Guarani Indian word for level plain, and is characterized as rich, short-grass.  Habitat, climate and land use patterns in Uruguay remain absolutely perfect for perdiz, whose closest nearby kin is the ostrich-like rhea.  During a Uruguay perdiz hunt, birds flush from grass 3-4 inches high, up to maybe about 10 inches high.  Sometimes from right under your feet! An absence of brush makes for easy shooting. An absence of snakes, cacti, or other unfortunate elements is a bonus.  Sometimes only one perdiz flushes, but two-bird rises are common.  Productive fields, superior pointing dogs, and good guides characterize our Uruguay perdiz hunts and usually result in brief, 2-3 hour hunts despite generous, 10-bird limits.  

In addition to the inherently high-density of perdiz in Uruguay, the increased popularity of Uruguay perdiz hunting is attributable to it pairing naturally with duck hunting or dove hunting during a single day.  High-volume Uruguay duck hunts and Uruguay dove hunts compliment perdiz hunting well.

Related Links: UruguayPerdiz Hunting Programs Uruguay Duck Hunting Programs, Uruguay Dove Hunting Programs, Guided Uruguay Hunts


Missouri Duck Hunting, Missouri Goose Hunting

This experienced outfitter offers some of the finest Missouri duck hunting and migrator Canada goose hunting along the entire Mississippi Flyway. Three nearby waterfowl refuges, including Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Grand Pass Conservation Area, and Fountain Grove Conservation Area overwinter spectacular numbers of ducks and geese. Combined with solid private-lands hunting strategy and perfect habitat, an unbelievable number of greenheads and honkers swing from hunters' straps.  Related Links: Missouri Canada Goose Hunting, Missouri Duck Hunting, Missouri Spring Snow Goose HuntingGuided Ducks Hunting, Guided Goose Hunting


Uruguay Duck Hunting and Perdiz Hunting

The newest Uruguay duck hunting program available exclusively to serious US duck hunters is run by the highly-capable and well-organized Portella brothers of Uruguay, young but dedicated, energetic and experienced veterans to the Uruguay outfitting industry.  We hunted the Estancia El Sauce where these Uruguay duck hunts take place years ago, enjoyed the high-volume duck hunting for which this property is capable many times.  Under the new and improved management of the Portellas, this Uruguay duck hunt is certain to become legendary.  Uruguay Duck Hunting at Pato Diablo,  Uruguay Duck Hunting Programs, Uruguay Perdiz Hunting Programs, Guided Uruguay Hunts


Ontario Canada Eastern Wild Turkey Hunting in Canada

With Ontario's growing population of Eastern Wild Turkeys topping 100,000, this Ontario Canada turkey hunting boasts >90% success for the past 5 years.  The Ontario Canada turkey hunting season runs from April 25- May 31 with a bag limit of 2 birds.  Related Links: Ontario Canada Eastern Wild Turkey Hunting, Gould's Wild Turkey Hunting, Ocellated Turkey Hunting, Oklahoma Rio Grande Wild Turkey Hunting


Spring Snow Goose Hunting in Missouri

Look no further than this Missouri Spring Snow Hunt for the very best experience available - these boys literally wrote the book!  Missouri is well-established as the premier destination for spring snow goose hunting, and this snow goose hunting operator is the very best at consistently putting you under tornadoes of decoying snow geese during the Light Goose Conservation Order! Having thousands of acres of exclusive acreage near major refuges, in the very best snow goose hunting areas of Missouri, allows them to put decoying birds where it matters most - IN the decoys. Related Links: Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunting, Missouri Canada Goose Hunting, Manitoba Canada Spring Snow Goose Hunting, Guided Goose Hunting


The Waterfowler's Trophy Room

In 1961 I was treated to my first ducks by some older guys I worked with at my first job while in school.  Sitting alone on an un-named point on the Tennessee River  with a borrowed "Duck Gun" hunting over a dozen Sears Paper Mache Decoys one December was the start of over fifty years of chasing waterfowl.  Cold and green to this I watched and waited then finally fell asleep as the cold winter sun climbed the sky.  Not sure what awakened me but my decoys numbered 7 instead of the six the guys had left me with.  I stood up and a greenead exploded going away like many of the quail I had hunted for years and I folded him with my first shot. 

Not waiting for a boat to arrive, I waded well over the top of my rubber boots to retrieve my first duck.  Smoothing the feathers and marveling at the beauty of this creature, rightthen and there I wanted him mounted - and one of every one there was.  Little did I know there were more than just a few and as my education into waterfowl biology grew, so did the species quest.  I mowed several yards to make the $10 dollars for my first taxidermy bill. 

Moving my meager collection to Memphis, Tennessee introduced me to several things.  First, the Mississippi River was at my back door and lot of ducks funneled down this corridor.  Second, Arkansas was just a short drive away and I soon began plying the vast expanse of the Prairie there.  My biggest break, however, came when a girl next door to my apartment suggested I meet her uncle-in-law to be, Dr. William F. "Chubby" Andrews. 

I looked up his address after hearing he had a collection of gamebirds and waterfowl and drove to midtown and knocked on his door.  After a rather awkward introduction from me he kindly invited me into his home and introduced me to his family.  This was the beginning of a long and wonderful relationship with this fine gentleman that lasted for almost 30 years.  Hunting hallowed ground during the heyday of the point system at Beaver Dam and green timber at some of his places in Arkansas made for such fine memories and great times.  Teaching me taxidermy in his basement helped me get started. I soon wanted to collect some of the specimens he had sent me on my first trip to Alaska. 

My collection grew, the miles piled up with my travels and new horizons lay ahead of me in Argentina, Mexico, Iceland and New Zealand.  Now, numbering some 850 plus birds I still haven't quit looking around the corner for something new.  Beyond species are experiences, friends and a life enjoyed.  Turkey hunting also became a passion and carried me more miles and more places.  But, all this wouldn't be possible without a very understanding wife like Gail and the support of my two sons, Patrick and Stephen.  I've been lucky and I've been blessed and all this hit home hard last January 16 when I suffered a heart attack in a duck pit.  By shear divine intervention and luck I am still here today doing what I love best, second only to my family.

Pat Pitt
8740 Cedar Crest Lane
Olive Branch, Ms 38654
662-893-4844  cell901-331-9417
L'Anguille Lounge Duck Club



Oklahoma Deer Hunting

Oklahoma Deer Hunting is a good affordable chance to take a respectable shooter buck in Northwest Oklahoma.  The guns season occurs during peak rut and lasts only 2 weeks.  It's an exciting time to be in the deer stand.  Semi-guide Oklahoma deer hunt includes lodging, meals, well-placed stands and the chance at a great trophy.  Archery deer hunting packages also available.  Package details: Oklahoma deer hunt 


Oklahoma Turkey Hunting

Oklahoma Turkey hunting is consistently one of our most popular guided hunt packages. High repeat-hunter rates and word of mouth stories result in our usually selling out as early as September the preceding year!  Semi-guided package includes lodging and meals, numerous tracts, and knowledgable hosts.  Package details: Oklahoma Turkey Hunt


Oklahoma Duck Hunting and Quail Hunting Combo

Oklahoma Duck Hunting and Quail Hunting combo consists of morning duck hunts over small tanks and sloughs, followed by afternoon quail hunting for wild bobwhites with ample dog power.  Numerous tracts are covered, and with teh drought guests usually find 3-5 covies per afternoon.  Includes lodging and meals and the perfect at-camp away from home atmosphere for small groups of friends and family that like to have a great time at an affordable price.  Package details: Oklahoma duck hunting and quail hunting combo

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