GetDucks Hunting Video Gallery presents Hunting Videos from the very best wingshooting destinations in the world.  The Hunting Video Gallery is growing steadily, please check back often to see what's new.

Argentina Duck Hunting Videos

Argentina Duck Hunting Videos"There are two kinds of duck hunters in this world: those that have hunted ducks in Argentina and those that wish they had."

-Pat Pitt

Argentina Dove Hunting Videos

argentina dove huntingArgentina Dove Hunting is everything you've heard or seen.  The substance of gunpowder-induced dreams.  The best deal in Cordoba dove hunting? It's a matter of picking the right package.  Decisions, decisions. No problem: our complete Argentina dove hunting portfolio has a perfect Cordoba wingshooting vacation for everyone.  Enjoy the videos and keep dreaming. 

Canada Waterfowl Hunting Videos

Canadian Waterfowl Hunting videosHunting stubble-field and pothole for abundant ducks and geese preceding their south-bound migrations has been described by some as a religious experience. 

With 5 Canadian provinces to select from, we've got the top locations covered should you choose to hunt within your flyway or try another. 

Duck Hunting Video Testimonials

Duck hunting video testimonials from around the world.  Hear what guests and outfitters have to say about their experience with Ramsey Russell's  Ready to pull the trigger? It's duck season somewhere - hear what people say about hunting with GetDucks.  More Hunt Info: Wingshooting Destinations 

Peru Duck Hunting Videos

First-ever televised Peru duck hunting for cinnamon teal - the world's greatest density - with MOJO TV's Terry Denmon and's Ramsey Russell.  The Peru cinnamon teal duck hunts were great, but as the videos demonstrate, the cultural back drop of this interesting country make this a unique adventure.  Read More: Peru Cinnamon Teal Duck Hunt

Uruguay Duck Hunting Combo Package - San Juan Lodge

e_mg_1186.jpgUpscale Uruguay Duck Hunting Combo includes premium lodging and amenities, chef-prepared meals, professional guide services and excellent hunting for ducks, doves, pigeons and perdiz.  If looking to add Uruguay wingshooting to your life list, look no further than this superior hunting program. 

More Info: Uruguay Duck Hunting Combo - San Juan

Argentina Perdiz Hunting Video

Perdiz hunting after a successful duck hunt at Los Crestones

Perdiz hunting complements Argentina duck hunting. Within 1.25-hours of Buenos Aires, luxury lodging, chef-prepared meals and personalized service are cornerstones for which Los Crestones management is legendary. Perdiz are hunted primarily over German Short-Hairs and English Pointers that know their stuff., and well-trained retrievers ensure the morning's ducks are recovered and delivered to hand.  Perdiz are hunted primarily over savvy German Short-Hairs and English Pointers that keenly sift through cover to pin birds.  

More info:  Argentina  Duck Hunting at Los Crestones


Uruguay Duck Hunting Video

uruguay video thumbUruguay duck hunting packages may be customized to include high-volume dove hunting, superb perdiz hunting, decoyed pigeon hunting, and even dorado fishing.  Uruguay has long been the go-to destination for South American mixed-bag wingshooting.  Our Uruguay duck hunting portfolio consists of long-time operators that have built their reputations delivering quality experiences. High percentages of enthusiastic repeat guests best tell the tale.  

More info:  Uruguay Duck Hunting Packages

Baja Mexico Brant Hunting Video

mexico brant hunting videoEnjoy some of the best Pacific brant (black brant) hunting in Mexico. Pacific brant hunts hardly get better than on the eel grass flats of Baja Mexico's San Quintin Bay.  Baja black brant hunting offers all-inclusive package, generous and consistently achieved brant limits and a taste of "good ol' Mexico" waterfowl hunting with 20-plus year outfitter. 


More Info: Pacific Black Brant Hunting Baja Mexico

Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunting Videos

Who says you can't kill 2 birds with one stone?! Mexico Duck Hunting in Mazatlan remains among our most popular destinations, particularly for die-hard duck hunters looking to treat their spouse to a special, post-season winter vacation. 

Guaranteed: Mexico's abundant sunshine, temperatures in the mid-80s, plenty of fun activities for the non-hunter, and the sound of 5-foot waves pounding the sand a few feet from your balcony to set the perfect tone.

More info: Mazatlan Duck Hunting Package Description 
Photo Gallery: Duck Hunting in Mazatlan

How to Clean Ducks L'Anguille Lounge Style

L'Anguille Lounge Duck Club is located among the rice fields of in northeast Arkansas.  Arkansas mallards are what it's about. We put away our share of ducks and geese.  Cleaning ducks here is an art-form.  While the rest of the world, it seems, breasts ducks, we prefer to pick them whole so that they may be enjoyed roasted, in gumbo, smoked and a variety of other ways.  The Opening Day tradition is roasted green-winged teal.  Lots of 'em. Our camp freezer soon fills, but we remain legal per 50 CFR 20 in processing our birds in this way, too.   

For more information about Federal Migratory Game Bird Laws or duck hunting in Arkansas, visit Sporting Travel Resources




Peru Duck Hunt - Cinnamon Teal Duck Hunting in Peru

1361391385mojoPeru Duck Hunt with MOJO TV and  Trailer for a 2 episode Perdu Duck Hunting adventure - Highest density of cinnamon teal in world and also plenty of unique and interesting scenery - and some surprises.  Don't miss these 2 interesting episodes.

Episode 1 airs week of July 2, episode 2 airs the  week of July 9.  PERU DUCK HUNTING XHC1XK-npupcMOJO TV on the Sportsman's Channel.

TUES: 2:30 P.M. ET, FRI: 2:00 A.M. ET, SAT: 1:30 P.M. ET, DirecTV: Ch. 605 and Dish: Ch. 395.  Don't miss it! 

Episode 1: Terry Denmon and Ramsey Russell, owner of GetDucks.Com head to the southern part of Peru to hunt Cinnamon Teal. Very few duck hunters have discovered Peru and this crew could be the only ones in the country at this time. From the markets in the town of Camana to the ricefields on the ocean, this is one you don't want to miss.

Episode 2: With the highest concentration of cinnamon teal in the world, this part of Peru not only offers great duck hunting but the Inca culture seems to be around every corner. This show will bring surprises from the opening bell to the final knockout.

Peru Duck Hunt Cinnamon Teal Package Details

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