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Gould’s wild turkey hunting paradise awaits a quick 1.25 hour drive from Durango. This world-class Gould’s turkey hunt is located in the state of Durango, Mexico, with an exclusive 55,000 acres that include majestic Sierra Madre mountains, impressive canyons, pine and oak woods, green ranges and important streams.

The diverse wildlife this magnificent natural habitat includes an abundance of trophy-sized Gould’s turkeys ( Meleagris gallopavo mexicana). The Gould’s turkey world record taken here by Clyde Neeley in 2007 weighed 27 pounds and sported 14 1/16″ beard! This Gould’s turkey hunt has produced 15 of the top 20 record book Gould’s turkeys; beard lengths of 11-12 inches and large spurs are the rule here, not the exception. With a tremendous density of 3500-4000 turkeys are on the property, limited groups of hunters will hunt this area during peak periods to assure low-pressured, high-quality Gould’s turkey hunting exeriences.

Goulds Turkey Hunting 15591Expect moderate weather during Gould’s turkey hunts, with morning lows in the 30s to 40s F, and daytime highs in the 80s F. The hunt occurs at about 8,000 feet MSL, and each hunt is personally guided. Roosts, travel corridors and patterns are known well by capable and professional guides.

This Gould’s wild turkey hunting package features first-rate facilities and equipment. Lodging of a 5-star level is comfortable and spacious with the following amenities included: daily room cleaning, laundry, all meals, open bar with national and imported spirits, billiards, golf driving range or putting green, skeet range, fishing, satellite television, wireless internet and horseback riding.

Expect to eat like kings between Gould’s turkey hunts, too. Emma has been cooking here for decades. Her regional specialties include bacon-wrapped wild turkey, turkey and mole sauce, chilaquiles verde, quesadillas and guacamole. Her home-made salsa is a long-standing client favorite, is good on everything, and you may request a milder version if you can’t handle the heat.

World-class Gould’s turkey hunting, gracious hospitality, impeccable accommodations, excellent cuisine. Look no further than here for the very best guided Gould’s turkey hunts available anywhere. And, yes, non-hunting spouses absolutely love it, here.


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Gould´s Turkey Hunting Season dates usually run early-April through early-June. 


Gould’s Turkey Hunt all-inclusive package for 3 nights, with 6 hunts and the right to harvest one Gould’s Wild Turkey: $2,900 US dollars. Wounded turkeys and accidentally killed hens: $450 US dollars. Non-hunting guests accompanying hunters: $850 US dollars for a 3 night stay. Hunters under 16 years of age: 75% of package cost.


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All-inclusive Gould’s Turkey Hunt Package includes everything:

  • FREE use shotgun
  • One (1) Gould’s Wild Turkey
  • Professional skinning of your bird (according to procedure taught by a World Champion U.S. registered taxidermist)
  • All hunting fees and tags
  • The cartridges necessary for the hunt
  • Experienced personal guides 1×1
  • Blinds and decoys
  • First-class lodging, 3 delicious meals daily, open bar with national and imported spirits.
  • Round -trip ground transfers from the city of Durango and transportation within the ranch, both in comfortable 4 by 4 vehicles

Simple and hassle-free importation of your guns and ammo: For those that prefer to hunt with their own shotgun or rifle and ammunition, you can give us some information over the phone and we will send you the forms for import of your gun and ammunition, which you will need at the airport when you enter Mexico. We will take care of everything else at no extra cost, and we will greet you at the airport when you arrive.

Not Included

Discretionary items not included in the All-inclusive Gould’s Turkey Hunt package:

  • Air transfers from your origin to Durango, Mexico.
  • Harvesting an extra Gould’s Wild Turkey: $750 US dollars per. With each additional bird, the trophy fee increases in $200 dollar increments (example, third turkey costs $950 US, etc.).
  • Shotguns provided at no extra cost, semi-auto or pump as available.
  • Extra night lodging costs $200 US dollars if you leave before 10:00 a.m. the next morning ($150 for  non-hunters); otherwise, the extra night is $300 US dollars ($150 for those accompanying non-hunters).
  • Javelina can be harvested for only $350 U.S. Additional ones are $250 each.
  • Travel Protection Plan (Trip Insurance) View Here

More Info

Gould’s Wild Turkey

The fifth recognized, but least known, wild turkey subspecies is the Gould’s found in portions of Arizona and New Mexico, as well as northern Mexico. It was first described by J. Gould in 1856 during his travels in Mexico.

wt_goulds.jpgLike the Merriam’s, the Gould’s wild turkey is a bird of the mountains. It exists in very small numbers along the U.S./Mexico borders in Arizona and New Mexico, but is abundant in the northwestern portions of Mexico. The Arizona Game and Fish Department, U.S. Forest Service, the Centro Ecologico de Sonora, the National Wild Turkey Federation and other agencies are working cooperatively to reintroduce a strong Gould’s population into Arizona and eventually other states where suitable range exists.

The Gould’s turkey is the largest of the 5 subspecies and resembles the Merriam’s turkey. They have longer legs, larger feet and larger center tail feathers than any of the other wild turkey subspecies in North America. Gould’s differ by having distinctive white tips on the tail feathers and tail rump coverts which usually separate to show an “eyelash” appearance. Lower back and rump feathers have copper and greenish-golden reflections, not like the faintly iridescent velvety black found on the Merriam’s. Gould’s body plumage is said to be somewhat blue-green in coloration. Adult females have a less pronounced metallic greenish and reddish sheen and are more purplish.

The Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains in Mexico are the center of the Gould’s turkey Mexican range, extending south from the U.S./Mexico border. Populations exist in Chihuahua, Sonora, Sinaloa, Durango, Zacatecas, Nayarit, Jalisco and Coahuila. In the United States, Gould’s turkeys are found in the Animas and San Luis mountains of New Mexico and in the Peloncillo Mountains of New Mexico and Arizona.

*Content courtesy of The National Wild Turkey Federation.


Customer Testimonials

My Gould’s turkey hunt was excellent. GetDucks.com made my first international hunt as pain free as possible.

My Gould’s turkey hunt was excellent. The people there were great, the food was top notch. The guides were as good as anywhere I have ever hunted and the owner is the definition of the perfect host. There were more turkeys there than any place I have ever hunted and the scenery was beautiful. The first bird was one I’ll never forget. We moved 9 or 10 times to get ahead of him and then called up two long beards. When I shot the farthest one, the closest one gobbled at us and walked off.  After celebrating for a few minutes I asked Calaco, my guide, to give me a minute to say a quick prayer of thanks for what I consider a gift from God. Later he told me that nobody had ever done that while hunting with him and it was good. That is a conversation I’ll never forget. Usually after three or four days of hunting, no matter how good, I am ready to go home. Not this time. I would have been happy to have stayed another week. Everything was as advertised and GetDucks.com made my first international hunt as pain free as possible. They made sure I had all the paperwork and information I needed to get there and back safely.

Wes Murphy

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goulds turkey hunting

ocellated turkey hunting and gould’s turkey hunting trip…planned out perfectly

Thanks to GetDucks.com I completed my turkey hunting World Slam with 2 ocellated turkeys and 2 Gould’s turkeys during a single trip. The turkey hunting was spectacular and all portions of the trip were planned out perfectly.  The jungle in Campeche was just so full of life it was hard to not see something new each day. The scenery in at the Durango ranch was unbelievable. The response times I got on phone calls and questions was well above average.  The pre-hunt organization and actual hunt were all you could ask for.  I really enjoyed the hosted hunt. When going to a foreign country I prefer to travel with someone with experience and GetDucks.com certainly has that.

Brian Bristow

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We are happy hunters!

Seven of us, 5 hunters & 2 non-hunters, spent 3 wonderful days Gould’s turkey hunting in Durango. We have never seen that many turkeys in any 3 day period in our lives, and we’re old! Each of us was successful with at least a nine+ inch bearded Gould’s. We estimated the number of turkeys seen, including hens, jakes & toms to be around 400. This hunt constituted the world turkey slam for each of us. We couldn’t have asked for better food, accommodations, beautiful surroundings OR, a better turkey hunt. We are happy hunters!

D. Inman

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Gould’s turkey hunt nothing short of fantastic

The Gould’s turkey hunt was nothing short of fantastic!   It far exceeded my expectations!   The staff, hunting, lodging, and food were amazing.  I took 2 very nice Gould’s turkeys.  The GetDucks team is truly a great team to work with and made everything very easily accommodating for us!   I will definitely be hunting with Ramsey again.   I now consider him a friend and look forward to our next adventure.  I plan on doing this same Gould’s turkey hunt again next year!   Bottom line, this Gould’s hunt was one of the best hunting trips I have ever been on!  Thanks again, Ramsey, and GetDucks.com team!

Anthony Keene

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Gould's Turkey Hunting

Gould’s turkey hunt is a dream come true

Gould’s turkey huntgoulds%20turkey%20-09876_225x300 is a dream come true, one of the best get-a-ways that anyone can imagine.  My wife’s memory has been slipping over the last few years, thus needing quite a bit of personal help.  So our trip to hunt Gould’s turkey in Mexico had me very concerned, first that she wouldn’t enjoy our time there and second, that she wouldn’t be safe.

My concerns were immediately laid to rest. Alonzo and his staff treated my wife like visiting royalty.  We felt safer than at home!  Our hunting guide, Jose, was so thoughtful and helpful that my wife kept commenting that she felt like a queen. Always sporting a sincere smile, he went the extra mile to ensure her comfort, both in the blind and during transport.  Having hunted much of the world with many outfitters, I can say without equivocation that Alonzo’s operation takes second seat to no one, all the while staying very reasonably priced if not below one’s expectations.

Accommodations were ideal, with spacious rooms, individual baths and daily room service.  The food was incredible, with every drink you could imagine teamed with a variety of meals that spoke of the local culture and flavor.   If you didn’t have a drink or snack in hand it wouldn’t be a minute before Orlando, Alonzo’s chief ranch hand, would be there, with a smile, for requests.

There were numerous activities at the ranch for the entertainment of every personality, from the very active to the more serene. The atmosphere was comfortable, relaxed and casual.  Having two birds in hand, my wife and I chose not to go out and hunt on our last afternoon.  Rather, we wanted to go for a walk together. Alonzo gave us suggestions, to avoid getting into someone’s hunting space, and we had a delightful afternoon soaking in the afternoon sun while strolling among the native plants and wildlife.

The Gould’s hunting was exceptional!  Birds were plentiful with superb quality!  My guide was an excellent judge of trophy quality, guessing spur and beard lengths to within a fraction of an inch.  In addition to turkey, we saw numerous other types of wildlife. Some were almost oblivious to our presence.  This ranch is managed with both visitors and wildlife in mind.  By not exhausting the resources, Alonzo reaps huge dividends toward the exceptional experiences that can be enjoyed.

In conclusion, we can whole-heartedly recommend this operation for exceptional hunting and/or restful vacationing!  I would be happy to discuss our experience with anyone considering this destination.


Tom Graves

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…Recommend this Mexico Gould’s turkey hunting trip without hesitation

I had a great time during my Gould’s turkey hunt in Durango, Mexico.  I didn’t just collect 2 trophy Gould’s turkeys, but had a wonderful experience.  The ranch is a beautiful place with phenomenal scenery, great people, and service that is so good it is almost embarrassing.  I recommend this Mexico Gould’s turkey hunting trip without hesitation.

Joe Dodd

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Gould’s turkey hunt was a once in a lifetime experience that we’re doing again next year

goulds turkey hunting trophyThis Gould’s turkey hunt was everything I expected and more.  It met all my expectations for the amount paid. The atmosphere was fantastic. The staff was very accommodating.  The turkey hunting was great. 

I shot 2 nice Gould’s gobblers.  GetDucks.com is super – great people that are honest and tell you the way it is, a rare quality in today’s hunting world.  Made a new friend and hunting buddy in Ramsey, the duck hunter on the Gould’s turkey hunt, who made the trip great by sharing his hunting experiences around the world. 

All in all, our Gould’s turkey hunt was a once in a lifetime experience that we are definitely doing again next year.

Chris Adkins

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Can’t think of one thing that wasn’t just perfect

We all arrived home safely about 10:30 PM Tuesday night.  A long day for all of us, but we were all smiling as we went to bed thinking of the wonderful time we had in beautiful Mexico.  We had visions of Gould’s turkeys dancing in our heads.  Thank you so much for everything you did to make our Gould’s turkey hunting trip so memorable.  We can’t think one thing that wasn’t just perfect.

Please feel free to use any of us as a reference. We send our best to you and each member of your terrific staff. Looking forward to seeing you in the near future.

T. Belloli

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