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Trophy Expeditions

For the venturesome hunter the world plays hosts to plentiful opportunities.

What you will find at Trophy Expeditions is a foundation built on key virtues. These virtues include, but are not limited to, honesty, integrity, knowledge, respect, and service. With this recipe for success we can exceed the expectations of our clients and consistently offer hunts of a lifetime. That is what you desire and that is precisely why we exist. You have found the right place. We live this stuff!

Your presence at our site is not by happenstance. Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds but we all share one thing in common. We love everything that the hunt has to offer. The excitement, adventure, cultural immersion, and the challenge of the hunt that will lead us all down the same common path. It’s an individual journey that builds relationships and memories to last a lifetime. The sum of all this accumulates to the ultimate Trophy Expedition.

Our family team here at Trophy Expeditions strives to make your dreams a reality. We are proud of our 74 year combined experience in the world travel industry. This experience allows us to get you to any corner of the world and back as smoothly as possible. We have sought out and found the expert outfitters in the best destinations. In addition to offering the ultimate hunting expeditions we can aid in booking all of your airfare, non-hunting tours and excursions, travel insurance, trophy importation, and USDA certified taxidermist. Our priority is serving as your one stop shop so that you can start hunting and allow us to worry about the rest.

We invite you to join us on your next hunt of a lifetime. Sit back, relax, and allow us to get you in the field and doing what you love. We’ll do the rest!