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Mexico Hunting – Elk, Deer, Turkey, Sheep

Mexico Hunting with Trophy Expeditions provides a variety of Mexico’s most exciting adventures. This wonderful country plays host to almost year around hunting opportunities. We are extremely excited to be the exclusive outfitter and booking agent for re-introduced free range Rocky Mountain Elk to the Sierra Madre mountains. For almost 100 years this opportunity has not existed. Additionally, we are proud to be teamed up with some of the best outfitters in the country to provide excellent Desert Big Horn Sheep, Mule Deer, Coues Deer, Brocket Deer, Ocellated Turkey, and Goulds Turkey. No matter your pursuit, Mexico will be sure to provide the hunting adventure you always have wanted to pursue.


Elk – September through October

Mule Deer and Coues Deer – December through February

Desert Big Horn Sheep – January through February

Brocket Deer – March through May

Ocellated Turkey – March through May

Goulds Turkey – April through June


Call for additional package and pricing details:

Sierra Madre Elk – $11,000

Mule Deer – $9,000-12,000

Coues Deer – $5,000

Brocket Deer – $3,750

Whitetail Deer – POR

Desert Big Horn Sheep – POR

Ocellated Turkey – $3,500

Goulds Turkey – $2,900


Each species hunt package will differ slightly:

  • Airport Reception
  • Ground Transportation
  • Meals and Lodging
  • Trophy and Meat Preparation
  • Professional Guide
  • More depending on hunt package, call for details

Not Included

Each species hunt package will differ slightly:

  • Airfare
  • Tips
  • Non-hunting tour packages
  • Items of strict personal nature
  • More depending on hunt package, all for details


Please take advantage of our travel agency services. We can handle all flights, necessary car rentals and hotel stays, non-hunting tour packages, travel insurance, Global Rescue, Ripcord, and much more.  CALL 214-509-9034 and ask for Cherie Bassham:

  • Campeche, MX
  • Durango, MX
  • Hermosillo, MX
  • Mexico City, MX

What To Bring

For our Mexico Hunting we have developed specific packing lists for each species you wish to pursue. Packing lists available upon request.

Field Report

Fall 2016 marked the first time in over 100 years the mexico hunting saw free range elk successfully hunted. Trophy Expeditions was proud to see it’s first Sierra Madre Elk hunter harvest a beautiful 379″ bull. Fall 2017 will see four more elk hunters venture to the Sierra Madres to try their luck. Spring 2017 once again brought many turkey hunters to fulfill dreams of completing their Royal and World Turkey slams as they pursued Sierra Madre Goulds Turkey and Yucatan Peninsula Ocellated Turkey. Deer hunting was good throughout the country and anticipation is high going in to the 2017 fall season!

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