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New Zealand Hunting – Stag, Thar, Chamois, Fallow Buck, & More

New Zealand Hunting for most is the adventure of a lifetime. The lush green country land and awe inspiring mountain ranges set the stage for some of the most incredible hunting experiences a hunter could hope for. New Zealand can accommodate anyone and everyone, whether you be a single hunter, husband and wife seeking a romantic adventure, or just bring the entire family! Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed.

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Opportunities abound on both the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Whether you are seeking to hear the roar of a giant red stag during the rut or trek through the Alpines searching for tahr and chamois adventure is to be had around every corner. We offer all of the New Zealand big game species, the most popular being the red stag. Red stag, or Red deer, were brought to New Zealand by European settlers in the 1850’s, along with six other species of deer: Wapiti, Sika, Sambar, Rusa, Fallow, and Axis. Present day, the Red Stag is one of the more commonly found species on farms as well as in the wild. Other commonly sought after species are the Himalayan tahr and chamois. Whether you be a die hard mountain hunter or new to chasing game in the high country, New Zealand tahr and chamois are an excellent choice. In 1904 the Duke of Bedford gifted the New Zealand Government six tahr selected from his herd at Woburn. Originally he had intended on sending 8 tahr. Of the eight, two escaped before they were shipped and of the remaining six animals one escaped and jumped overboard on the way to New Zealand. Finally, the five remaining tahr arrived to their new home in the Aoraki/Mt. Cook area. A few years later, eight more tahr were sent over by the Duke, this time all eight made it safely. With no natural predators, tahr thrive in the Southern Alps, and their population has grown dramatically. Chamois, which are also a non-native species to New Zealand, inhabit the same high altitude alpine areas, but feed on different kinds of plant life. Tahr mostly eat tall snow tussock, while the chamois feed on native brooms and other more woody plants.

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Our comfortable North Island lodge allows hunters to stalk giant Stag, Fallow, Elk, Sika, Rusa, Sambar, Boar, Ram and Goat. With over 20,000 acres of privately managed hunting areas our outfitter is able to offer high success rate opportunities. The North lodge resides on the Pacific Ocean coast and additionally offers some great deep sea fishing opportunities. Only a short 2.5 hour flight away we can arrange a scenic charter flight to the 300,000 acre concession in the South Island’s mighty Southern Alps. The crisp mountain air of the alps and breathtaking views round out one of the most exciting hunting experiences one could have. Come experience the world’s best alpine hunting for Tahr and Chamois.

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Additionally, our outfitter offers free local sight-seeing and day trips for non-hunters along with post hunt touring.  This is a sure way that the entire family can have the trip of a lifetime. With opportunities such as day spas, wine tasting, horse trekking, shopping, nature walks, golf, local farm tours, visiting Seal colonies, and many other adventurous activities we are happy to design custom tour packages for everyone. Our outfitter strives to provide a seamless, professional experience with family style hospitality!



New Zealand hunting season begins at the start of February with the Red Stags and Elk stripping their velvet followed by the Sika and Fallow. The bulk of the trophy hunting takes place between early March and the end of July, which is fall in the Southern Hemisphere. The Stags and Elk start shedding their antlers in mid August. Rusa and Sambar can be hunted from the end of May when they start stripping their velvet, with the peak of their rut being end July/early August. Tahr and Chamois can be hunted year round but their capes are best May through August.

Red Stag February – End July
Elk February – End July
Fallow Buck March – End July
Tahr March – September
Chamois March – September
Sika March – End July
Sambar June – Ocotber
Rusa June – October



Stag Packages
Bronze up to 325 SCI $4,500
Silver 325-350 SCI $6,000
Gold 350-375 SCI $9,000
High Gold 375-400 SCI $12,000
Super Gold 400-425 SCI $15,000
Larger stags 425+ SCI Prices on request

Fallow Buck
Representative $1,900
Silver 200+ SCI $3,500
Gold 225+ SCI $5,500
Wapiti 300-360 SCI $6,000
360-400 SCI $10,000
400+ SCI $POA
Sika $6,000
Sambar $8,500
Rusa $6,500
Pacific Goat $950
Arapawa Ram $950
Trophy Wild Boar (option to hunt with dogs) $1,950
Free Range Red Stag average 200-270 SCI $2,500
Estate Red Stag trophy fees only Package rates, less $2,000


Red Stag Hunts

  • Trophy fee
  • FREE use of firearm
  • Daily rates
  • 5 nights accommodation at lodge
  • All dining and beverages
  • Open bar
  • 1×1 Guide
  • Laundry Services
  • Field Preparation of trophies
  • Local Airport Transfers
  • Other species can be added, see trophy fee section

Elk, Fallow, Rusa, Sambar, Pacific Goat, Arapawa, Wild Boar, and Free Range Stag

  • Trophy fee
  • FREE use of firearm
  • 5 nights accommodation at lodge
  • Laundry Services
  • All dining and beverages
  • Open bar
  • Field Preparation of trophies
  • Local Airport Transfers

Tahr & Chamois

  • FREE use of firearm
  • Includes helicopter drop into 2 public concession grounds
  • Spike camp up to 7 days
  • Food & beverages
  • Field preparation of trophies
  • Local Airport Transfers

Not Included

  • Airfare
  • Gratuities
  • Personal firearm importation ($25NZ or $16.73US; must be paid in $25NZ)
  • Any items of strict personal nature
  • Custom tour packages


Please take advantage of our travel agency services. We can handle all flights, necessary car rentals and hotel stays, non-hunting tour packages, travel insurance, Global Rescue, Ripcord, and much more. CALL 214-509-9034 and ask for Cherie Bassham.

New Zealand Hunting is a 12 hour flight from Los Angeles. Flights are overnight—you can sleep most of the way (those who can). You will arrive in Auckland and transfer to either Wellington (NZ’s capital city) or Palmerston North, both of which are only a one hour flight.

To save money on flights, fly to Wellington. There you can catch a shuttle into the city centre and do a little gift shopping if you wish. There you will have plenty of time to get to the train station and enjoy the scenic 1½ hour train journey to Masterton (safe to take rifles on) where we will meet you and take you to the hunting property, get settled in, sight rifles before the hunt starts the next morning.

What To Bring

For our New Zealand Hunting we have developed a specific packing list. Packing lists available upon request.

More Info

How to Get Your Trophies Home:

Our outfitter provides their own in-house expediting service! This means they personally do all the turning, fleshing and salting of hides; boiling of skulls; crating, permitting, documentation and delivery to shipping company. This means they export your trophies faster while having control over how your trophies are treated and save you the headache of dealing with people you don’t know on the other side of the world!

Indicative costs of expediting and shipping are available on request. Freight costs depend on size of trophies.


  • Your Taxidermist name, address, phone, email
  • Your clearance agent/broker name, address, phone, email

They can also prepare your trophies so you can take them home on the plane with you. This is subject to how much time they have. We need to be notified in advance if you wish to do this so we can arrange the appropriate documentation. It is simple to take antlers on the plane with you, (often we split the antlers if the head is exceptionally wide) they will package the antlers up. You will only have the excess baggage charges in stead of a crating and shipping bill. If time allows they can prepare and dry capes to take as well.

  • Reputable and honest family owned operation
  • Exclusive North and South Island hunting properties
  • All New Zealand big game animals available
  • Free range wilderness hunts
  • Personal laid back family atmosphere
  • FREE day tours and local sightseeing for Non-hunters

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