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Argentina Dove Hunting La Paz


Argentina dove hunting at La Paz means full mixed-bag wingshooting at an affordable price.  Following breakfast, a full array of Argentina wingshooting opportunities are available as the hunters decide: the shooting program is unstructured and hunting parties may choose to hunt doves under a busy flyway, ducks over a nearby wetland, perdiz over exceptional German short-hair pointers, or wild pigeons decoying near watering areas.  Guests may swap their shotguns for spinning reels and cast for golden dorado, especially during extended stays.

The La Paz Argentina dove hunting program is ideal for groups of 5-6 shooters that seek to experience fully the wingshooting diversity of Argentina without the inconvenience and expense of mid-trip transfers.  The relaxed itinerary accommodates a brief day touring Buenos Aires and the rest ensures one’s power of enjoyment following international travel.

Located in western Entre Rios, a northeastern province of Argentina that literally means “between rivers”, geography and land-use create the bird hunter’s paradise. The Paraná River and the Uruguay River collectively form the watershed (ie., migratory bird funnel) encompassing northern Argentina, all of Paraguay, much of southern Brazil, into Bolivia and most of Uruguay.  Terrain is mostly-flat Paraná River delta and associated wetlands. Habitat is characterized by very compact vegetation, wildlife-beneficial agriculture, primarily rice Argentina Dove Hunt 456708i(Entre Rio accounts for 60% of Argentina’s rice production), and pastureland. Soybeans, wheat and maize are other principle row crops.  Waterfowl and upland game birds thrive.

In the absence of substantial hunting pressure, and with an abundance of cover, cereal crops and feed lots, dove hunting is excellent; expect to experience excellent dove shooting combined with quality Argentina duck hunting at the same lodge.  The benchmark 1000-bird dove hunt is just one fun-filled afternoon away.

Lp Argentina Duck Hunting 0793Duck hunting is done from dry and semi-dry blinds that are well-brushed for concealment and rarely more than a half-hour ride from the lodge for maximum convenience.  During the Argentine fall through winter months April-August, the duck limit is a generous 30 per person, which is usually accomplished within a couple hours or less.

Golden Dorado fishing is an opportunity that makes the La Paz Argentina Dove Hunting Combo truly special.  A day spent fishing for golden dorado perfectly separates 2 days of wingshooting before and afterwards during a 5-day program.  While water temperature may be cool during the winter months, the weather needed to produce good Argentina Hunting 2011 205fishing is usually possibly on extended trips – and if not, well, there’s always the incredible hunting for ducks, doves, perdiz and doves to fall back on!

The landscape of agricultural crops and forest cover is interpersed with pastureland that offers superior perdiz hunting over some of the finest German short-haired pointers in the country.  Limits of 10 per person are usually completed within a few short hours of easy walking, even while taking in the beautiful sites or taking time to visit with present company.  Wild pigeons are best decoyed during the afternoons as they come to watering holes shrouded in brush, but are commonly taken during doves hunts also.

Hunters are lodged in private executive suites in the Alto de parana located in the quaint river town of La Paz, situated on the beautiful Paraná River.  Guests are lodged 2 per suite. In addition to great beef for which Argentina is famous, superb dishes of locally fresh-caught fish are a client hit.

An artisanal chocolate confectionary is located nearby, and non-hunting activities located conveniently within walking distance include golf, shopping, horseback riding. The La Paz Hot Springs Spa is the perfect place reinvigorate tired muscles with a hot soak, sauna or massage; La Paz’s Museum is an excellent option for becoming better acquainted with local culture.

From the time you arrive in Buenos Aires until time to return to the States, your bilingual hostess will personally attend to every detail involving your travel enjoyment.  From tours and dinner in Buenos Aires, to ground transfers and times spent at the lodge and afield, she will serve as your personal tour guide and interpreter.  This is an excellent Argentina dove hunt for shooting guests that wish to experience full-package wingshooting – and angling – opportunities.


Excellent Argentina dove hunting at La Paz may be enjoyed as part of an Argentina wingshooting combo April through August.  Argentina dove hunts are part of a full-package, mixed-bag hunting program to include guests’ choice of volume ducks, doves, perdiz and wild pigeons; perdiz hunting, however, is available only through late-July.

La Paz Argentina Dove Hunting Combo packages are also available November through March, when duck are depredation hunted in rice fields.  The perfect alternative to Mexico wingshooting, duck limits are far more liberal (70 per day), doves are unlimited in prolific number, and it’s warm ebough to water ski on the Parana River.


EXCLUSIVE GETDUCKS.COM INCLUSIVE COMBO WINGSHOOTING RATES (Includes everything except international transfer, ammo you actually use, gun feese, Buenos Aires extras and optional gratuities)

$2,675 Standard 3-day Argentina duck hunting combo package at La Paz (2 morning duck hunts, 3 afternoon hunts for perdiz or doves, and 1 full day for dorado or pigeons).

$3,475 4-day Argentina duck hunting combo package at La Paz (2-3 morning duck hunts, 4 afternoon hunts for perdiz, doves or pigeons, 1 full day for pigeons or dorado).

$3,950 Perfect FIVE-DAY La Paz Argentina duck hunting combo package (3 morning duck hunts, 2 afternoons for doves or perdiz, 1 full day on the river for dorado, and 1 full day afield for pigeons).  This is an unbeatable package, a definitive Argentina hunting trip of a life-time.

Non-inclusive Daily rate $780 per shooting guest.  Non-hunter rates $350 per.

Hunt duration may be customized. Many guests prefer 4- to 5-day Argentina duck hunting packages at La Paz so that available sporting opportunities may be experienced fully, especially if fishing for golden dorado is a priority (and it definitely should be!).  An overnight in BA, or more, can also be fun.



La Paz Argentina Dove Hunting Mixed-bag packages include:

  • Customs assistance on arrivals and departure
  • Daily hunting transfers
  • Executive-class Lodging
  • Satellite TV and internet
  • Chef-prepared Meals
  • Regional wines and local spirits
  • Professional guide services and bird boys
  • Personal, bilingual hosting from arrival through departure

Not Included

Note – All-inclusive packages include standard ground transfer and licenses.

La Paz Argentina Dove Hunting Mixed-bag packages do not include:

  • Ammo ($15 per box of 25) Prices subject to change.
  • Gun permit ($140 per person) or gun rental ($80 per day)
  • Round-trip ground transfer Buenos Aires to lodge (est. $150)
  • Licenses ($170)
  • All voluntary gratuities
  • Phone calls
  • Airfare and airport fees
  • Baggage overweight charges
  • Buenos Aires hotels, shows, tours
  • Any item of strict personal nature
  • Travel Protection Policy (Trip Insurance)
  • *Argentina recipricocity fee – must be paid online prior to travel

If you wish to shoot anything other than 12-gauge or 20-gauge ammunition, please advise us well in advance of your hunt dates.  A full array of popular US and European loads will be made available with advanced notice.


Sample Itinerary for 4-day Argentina Dove Hunt at La Paz

The relaxed pace of this particular itinerary enables guests to begin their hunts fully rested and refreshed following international flights.

Day 1.  Depart the U.S. on an overnight flight to Buenos Aires

Day 2.  Arrive Buenos Aires in the morning and enjoy a day in Buenos Aires.  Following a shower and rest, options include lunch in a local cafe, site-seeing tours of the city or shopping.  For Sunday arrivals, visiting the San Talmo Market is the perfect way to stretch your legs after the long flight.  Overnight transfer to La Paz on luxury coach Empresa Silvia.  Following a glass of wine, recline the comfortable seat all the way back, draw the privacy curtain, and fall asleep dreaming of flighted birds.

Day 3.  Arrive to La Paz well rested.  Breakfast awaits at the lodge a scant 5 minutes away.  After a hearty breakfast, change into your hunting clothes and enjoy an action-packed morning hunt.  With plenty of time to enjoy lunch and a rest, spend the afternoon shooting your choice of doves, pigeons or perdiz.

4-6.  Full days of Argentina hunting.  The itinerary is flexible.  Though Argentina duck hunting is best during the morning hours, you may opt for dove or perdiz instead.  All meals are enjoyed at the lodge, which is never more than about 30 minutes away. Soaks in the natural hot springs and therapeutic massages may be scheduled to relax tired arms and shoulders.

Day 6.  After final afternoon of Argentina dove or perdiz hunting and dinner, transfer to Buenos Aires on luxury coach Empresa Silvia, arriving in the morning.  Depending on US-bound flight times, rest or tour Buenos Aires.

Day 7.  Arrive in the U.S. and make connections home, usually arriving about mid-day. 

Your La Paz Argentina dove hunt itinerary may be fully customized to allow for touring Buenos Aires before or after your hunt.  We will help make neccesary arrangements for tours, dining or shopping.


For US hunters planning Argentina dove hunting trips during the upcoming year, changes regarding Argentina’s recipricocity fee are very important.  YOU MUST PAY THE ENTRY FEE ONLINE AND PRIOR TO TRAVEL TO BE GRANTED ENTRY INTO ARGENTINA. Read more»

Field Report

patimg_3970.jpgSo many positives about this La Paz operation, I don’t know where to begin. Best organization, food and diverse shooting I’ve ever experienced in Argentina.  After this morning’s duck hunt we had to wait for the sun to come up to take pictures.

We later viewed a field that was solid with pigeons, doves, parakeets and ducks.  So many White-faced Whistling Ducks it looked like Snow Geese in Arkansas.

Followed a nice German Shorthair shooting Perdiz this afternoon. Shot 10 for 10. Just finished an aged Argentine tenderloin that was smothered in a wine based mushroom sauce and that you could cut with a spoon. Oh yes, more wine. A cheeky bottle of Malbec with great legs and a sassy finish. Going to sit in a mineral bath now, the pigeons are in trouble tomorrow morning. PS – If we don’t list this hunt, I quit!!!”  ~ Pat Pitt, July 2010

More Info

Argentina Dove Hunting Mixed-bag Limits at La Paz

The bag limit, or transportation limit for this Argentina duck hunting experience is quite generous, but we hope that you will let your conscience be your guide as well, and compare this shooting opportunity to virtually any other decoying experiences in the world.  Our outfitter abides a generous limit of 30 ducks per morning to ensure the consistently productive shooting.  Perdiz limits are 10 daily.  Doves are unlimited and pigeons are 75 daily.


Average Daily Temperature Range – Dove Hunting Mixed-bag at La Paz

Apr 75°-46°F / 24- 8C

May 66°-38°F / 19- 4C

June 59°-32°F / 15- 0C

July 59°-37°F / 15- 3C

Aug 64°-34°F / 18- 1C


What to Bring – Argentina Dove Hunting Mixed-bag at La Paz

Packing for an Argentina dove and duck combo hunt is relatively simple.  The weather is comparably mild for wildfowling, and the walk or ride to the blind is relatively easy.  You may rent from a selection of clean, reliable semi-automatic 20- or 12-gauge shotguns, but bringing your favorite firearm is highly recommended and very easily done.  Lightweight, breathable waders are the perfect choice for the dry or semi-wet blinds used while Argentina duck hunting at La Paz, and rubber or leather upland boots for upland hunting.

General Packing List for Argentina Dove Hunt © (PDF)

General Packing List for Argentina Duck Hunt © (PDF)


Gratuities – Argentina Dove Hunting Mixed-bag at La Paz

Gratuities are not included in Argentina duck hunt package cost since tipping, in general, is discretionary.  Because clients have repeatedly asked that we provide general guidelines the following is suggested:

  • $30 per day per bird boy per hunter
  • $65 for household and field staff, per person for total stay

Do not tip house or field staff daily.  Your hostess will coordinate your paying their gratuities for when settling your ammo account prior to departure, and will help dispense accordingly.  Optionally tip your hostess after returning to Buenos Aires.  For hunting trips in general, gratutities are 5-10% the package cost as clients deem appropriate.


Payment Method during La Paz Argentina Dove Hunting Mixed-bag

Important Note: Please pay for ammo and gratuities with cash.  Checks, money orders and credit cards are not accepted at La Paz.  Licenses and ground transfers will be invoiced with hunt package at time of booking.


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Travel Protection and Travel Insurance Protect your hunting travel investment

Certification of Registration for Personal Effects Taken Abroad (Form 4457)

Importation of Fish and Wildlife Form 3-177

Field Care of Trophy Waterfowl & Birds


About the Area – Argentina Dove Hunting Combo at La Paz

la-paz-faro.jpgEntre Ríos is a northeastern province of Argentina, located in the Mesopotamia region. It borders the provinces of Buenos Aires, Corrientes and Santa Fe, and Uruguay in the east.  The first inhabitants of the area that is now Entre Ríos were the Guaraní, Charrúa and Chaná, who each occupied separate parts of the region. Spaniards entered in 1520, when they ventured up the Uruguay River searching for the Pacific Ocean.

The name of the province means “between rivers”. Entre Ríos is rife with many rivers and streams: the Paraná River and its delta to the west and south; the Uruguay River and the Mocoretá River to the east; and the Guayquiraró River to the north.  As part of the Mesopotamic region, the land is almost completely flat, with hills some 100 meters in height.

The Paraná River is second in length only to the Amazon River among South American rivers.  The name Paraná is an abbreviation of the phrase “para rehe onáva”, which means “as big as the sea”). It merges downstream with the Uruguay River to form the Río de la Plata and empties into the Atlantic Ocean.

The City of La Paz is located on the Paraná River and began as a natural harbor.  It is reached by National Route 12, at the 800th kilometer marker from the Buenos Aires.  A quaint city of about 25,000, tourism during the South American summer months is integral to the local economy.  Consequently, amenities such as the La Paz Fine Arts Museum, the recently-developed La Paz Hot Springs Spa, a local hospital, golf course, restaurants and churches are conveniences not readily available in many other Argentina wingshooting venues.


Contact us about for more information about Argentina dove hunting at La Paz.

Customer Testimonials

Will be back!

I had a great time!!! Thanks again for your hospitality and great hunting - the staff made every day special...I will be back! Gary Gregoire Referenced hunt: La Paz Argentina duck and dove hunt   duck%20hunt%20argentina%2045678p_500x400

Anyone thinking about Cordoba dove hunting, do yourself a favor and put the hunt together through Ramsey and I can honestly say there was not a moment that went by while we were there we were not treated like kings!

argentina3004_225x169Anyone thinking about Cordoba dove hunting, do yourself a favor and put the hunt together through Ramsey and I can honestly say there was not a moment that went by while we were there we were not treated like kings! We ate good, shot a bunch of birds (5311 doves to be exact for all three of us) and made some memories we will forever remember. I cannot begin to describe how special this hunt was for the three of us. My little brother and I both shot over 1,000 doves in 1 day (he shot 1,001 and I shot 1,124) so we get our names on the "1000 club" plaque in the lodge. Did I mention the food was good? The personalized service was outstanding. I mentioned to one of the guides, I wanted to shoot a parakeet. I would of been alright shooting one while dove hunting but they set up an extra hunt at no cost within a few hundred yards of the lodge. I ended up shooting 2083 doves over 3 days of hunting, probably would of taken me a couple lifetimes to shoot that many over here!  I am so thankful to have Dad around. This trip meant the world to me and is one I will not soon forget. Thanks again Ramsey, we are already talking about going back on a duck hunt next year over there! - Jody Acosta Referenced Hunt: Argentina Dove Hunting

Love the fishing, too…

Had a great experience at La Paz hunting ducks, doves and fishing.  The food and attention were excellent.  Loved the fishing! Rene Dominguez, El Salvador Referenced hunt: La Paz Argentina Duck-Dove-Fishing Combo   0614%20lapazargentinafishing%204_300x224 0614argentinafishingphoto_323x224

as first rate as described

Just wanted to say we returned from our Cordoba Argentina dove hunt this morning and had a great time.  The birds, accommodations and service were all as first rate as described. Excellent number of birds, quality of accommodations and service of staff. We will think of next time, too!

Frank Meneghetti

Referenced hunt: Argentina dove hunting

Cordoba Dove Hunting in Argentina was the trip of a lifetime. I’ve been married twice and neither treated me as well as the staff at Sierra Brava. If the food wasn’t 5-star, it was at least 4.9-star. I’ve never seen so many doves in my life…

"Cordoba Dove Hunting in Argentina was the trip of a lifetime.  I've been married twice and neither treated me as well as the staff in Cordoba Argentina.  If the food wasn't 5-star, it was at least 4.9-star.  I've never seen so many doves in my life, shot all I wanted, and then shot more.  Thank y'all for arranging this trip.  I will recommend services to everyone."

Larry Willis

Referenced Hunt: Cordobe Dove Hunting in Argentina

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