Alaska King Eider Hunting

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Alaska King Eider hunting is the pinnacle of North American duck hunting experiences, and ours is hands-down the very best.  King eider hunt is never easy, but these guides have the experience and the right locations for you get your true trophies of a lifetime.  Alaska’s Pribilof Islands in the famous Bering Sea is the most practical place on earth for king eider hunting.  For the dedicated waterfowler looking for the ultimate guided duck hunt in Alaska for trophy King Eiders, Harlequin, Long Tail Ducks (Old Squaw) and Scoters, there’s no better option.  With years experience on the water, and the right equipment to ensure a safe and successful hunt for sea ducks in one of the most extreme environments in the world, this is the King Eider Hunt for which the world waited.  Special note: This hunt sells well in advance. Now reserving dates for 2019/2020 season.

King Eider hunting is for the true adventurer who wants to hunt the most beautiful of all North American ducks.  The Bering Sea is famous for its inhospitable weather and it usually lives up to its reputation during these late-season hunts.  Think of it as King Eider ambiance.  King Eiders are decoyed to large lines of custom-made decoys behind boats when the weather permits.  During very rough weather sea duck hunting is successfully conducted from shore.  Expect to see flocks of King Eiders and the other sea ducks during your stay.

Lodging is best-available and consists of a very comfortable duplex convenient to the hunting areas.  Guests have a warm place to retreat between sea duck hunts.  All meals are provide and are an Alaskan adventure in their own right.  A hearty breakfast is the perfect way to start the morning followed by lunch that may sometimes be taken for the hunt.  Dinner on the Bering Sea includes king crab fresh off the boat, as well as thick steaks and pork chops.

With nearly 40 years combined experience hunting and guiding for waterfowl in Alaska and beyond, you may confidently rest assured that staff will do everything necessary to keep you safely productive in your quest.  These Alaskan eider outfitters not only offer the best value, but the very best option for hunting King Eiders in Alaska.

SOLD OUT 2018/2019 SEASON. Contact Us to get on cancellation stand-by list. This king eider hunt books very early. We regularly accept reservations several years in advance. Now accepting reservations through January 2020.  Contact us for details.



King Eider Hunting Dates: Between Christmas and January 22 each season.


$6,000 All-inclusive Alaska King Eider hunting package in St. Paul, Alaska.

alaska king eider hunting


Alaska King Eider hunting packages include:

  • Full-day guided hunts (morning and afternoon king eider hunts)
  • Trophy storage and processing
  • Lodging
  • Home -cooked meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Local ground transfers

Not Included

Alaska King Eider hunting packages do not include:

  • Airfare
  • Licenses
  • Ammunition (HeviShot bought at lodge $60/ box of 10, or bring your own)
  • Firearm rental ($100 per entire trip, cleaned daily, or bring your own)
  • Travel Protection Plan (Trip Insurance) – very strongly advised – please do NOT travel to Alaska during the winer time without trip insurance!

In the instance that guests are weathered in, and that there is room because incoming hunters are also weathered in, guest will be provided lodging and meals for a rate of $150 payable to outfitter.  Optionally, or if extra room is unavailable, guests may stay at the King Eider Inn, located near St. Paul Airport terminal.

alaska king eider hunting

What To Bring

Our detailed what-to-bring is pre-trip provided after deposits received.  Unlike many destinations, this hunt requires extremely efficient packing. Large bags and ice chests will most likely not make it. Read: Packed for King Eiders (January 2012).  Call Ramsey Russell to discuss in greater detail before leaving home for your king eider hunt.

king eider hunting

Field Report

This Alaska King Eider hunt package is a North American duck collector’s dream come true.  Of the sea duck species commonly taken by guest hunters, 2 species are particularly prized above all others:


King Eider

The King Eider (Somateria spectabilis) Eider is one of North America’s most spectacular waterfowl species; is a large sea duck, that breeds along northern hemisphere Arctic coasts of northeast Europe, North America and Asia. The birds spend most of the year in coastal marine ecosystems at high latitudes, and migrate to Arctic tundra to breed in June and July.  King Eider winters in arctic and subarctic marine areas, most notably in the Bering Sea, the west coast of Greenland, eastern Canada and northern Norway. It also occurs annually off the northeastern United States, Scotland and Kamchatka. Breeding areas include the Arctic coastal tundra of the north coast of Alaska.

The drake King Eider, coveted as a trophy by hunters, hasa white neck and chest. The upper breast is yellowish buff wash, but the body is mostly black. White sides of rump. Large white patches on forewings distinguish adult from immature specimens. Forehead, crown, and nape pearl blue. Cheeks iridescent pale green. Bill bright red with white tip; large yellow or orangish swollen knob at base of upper bill. Feathers stick up as two small triangular black sails on back. Legs are bright yellow, with dusky webs and black nails.

Highly gregarious for most of the year, King Eiders winter as far north as the seas remain ice-free. The majority of the western population winters at sea along the Alaska Peninsula and Aleutian Islands. The migrations of the King Eider are spectacular, with huge flocks, often consisting entirely of males or of females, traveling in long lines along the coast, heading to or from their breeding or wintering grounds. King Eiders form phenomenal flocks during spring migration, sometimes exceeding 10,000 individuals.

King Eiders dive for benthic invertebrates like crustaceans, polychaete worms, and molluscs, with mussels being a preferential food.  They also feed on eelgrass, wigeon grass and algae. There is a record of one king eider feeding on the bottom in 30 fathoms (180 feet) of water in the Bering Sea.


Harlequin Duck

harlequin duck 8100012.jpgThe Harlequin (Histrionicus histrionicus), is a small, strikingly beautiful sea duck. Adult male Harlequin ducks are slate blue with chestnut sides and white markings including a white crescent at the base of the bill. Adult females are less colorful, with brownish-grey plumage and a white patch on the head around the eye. Both adults have a white ear patch. Their breeding habitat is cold fast moving streams in north-western and north-eastern North America, Greenland, Iceland and western Russia. They are usually found Alaska King Eider Hunting 1405near pounding surf and white water.  Harlequin ducks are short distance migrants and most winter near rocky shorelines.

Harlequin ducks, or Harlequins or simply Harlis, feed by swimming under water or diving. They also dabble. They eat molluscs, crustaceans and insects. Harlequins have smooth, densely packed feathers that trap a lot of air within them. This is vital for insulating such small bodies against the chilly waters they ply. It also makes them exceptionally buoyant, making them bounce like corks after dives. One Alaska sea duck hunting guest in particular describes the experience of holding a beautiful drake Harlequin “like holding new money”.


What to Bring – Packing for Alaska King Hunting

king eider 1.jpgWATERPROOF is key!  Waterproof, waterproof, waterproof. Alaska King Eider Hunts may involve boat rides, weather permitting, sitting in rocks along shorelines for extended periods.  Heavy neoprene waders are ideal for providing keeping you warm and dry.  We suggest packing as you would for any duck hunt, remembering that St. Paul Island is Deadliest Catch crews often port – packing that extra heavy layer is worth it.

For warm hands while Alaska King Eider hunting, we suggest using insulated commercial fishing gloves, such as the ATLAS 460 12″ INSULATED ORANGE PVC gloves by SeaMar.  These gloves are inexpensive, but perfect for the cold, wet windy conditions of this sea duck hunt.  We’ve found that by tucking them in a pocket, shooting hands easily slip out in time for that shot at a decoying Harlequin or Long-tailed Duck.

Sea duck species are especially tough birds, and experienced sea duck hunters know that these birds hit the water and dive, usually never to be seen again, when crippled. Guns and ammo for Alaska sea duck hunting:

  • Leave the improved cyclinder chokes home.  For Alaska sea duck hunting, 12 gauge shotguns choked modified to full is strongly advised.
  • Shot size BB – #2 steel or hevishot polymers #2 or #4.  Hevishot 4s in either 3″ or 3.5″ are perfect, and 2s work better in extreme wind gusts.
  • Pattern your shotgun if unfamiliar with this choke and shot combination.  An ounce of prevention cures a pound of Alaska King Eider hunting!

Other packing considerations for your Alaska King Eider hunts:

  • A dryer is available.  You may pack fewer clothing changes to save space.
  • Large baggage items usually get left by PenAir.  Pack your clothing and gear inside your firearm case, and limit the remaining of your baggage to 1 carry-on.  Consider leaving your ice chest in hotel in Anchorage and picking up on return trip.
  • If traveling in groups of 2 or more hunters, avoid excess baggage fees by transporting firearms in 1 gun case.
  • Try to limit your total clothing and gear to 40-50 pounds in a small bag, or better yet, inside your gun case.  It’s possible.
  • The staff has a supply of waders, coats and firearms for client use to alleviate travel problems.

Care and Transportation of your Alaska King Eider hunting trophies:

  • Bag and tag your birds properly: Click Here: Field Care of Trophy Waterfowl & Birds © (PDF).  Each bird should be tagged to include hunter’s name, address, and date killed.
  • There is plenty of freezer space available at the Alaskan eider hunting lodge.
  • Bring small kitchen garbage bags for scoters; 1- and 2- gallon Ziploc bags for other species.
  • LABEL CONTENTS ON OUTSIDE OF COOLER WHEN COMING HOME to include: hunter signature, stating his address, the total number and species of birds, and the date such birds were killed.


Alaska King Eider Hunting Limits (Non-residents)

Sea Ducks 7 per day 20 per season

Not to exceed more than 4 of any one species of Eider, Harlequin, Long-tail Duck

Sea Ducks include: Harlequin, Long-tailed Duck, White Wing Scoter, Common Scoter, Surf Scoter, King Eider, Pacific Common Eider, and Mergansers

Spectacled Eiders and Steller’s Eider may be observed, but are CLOSED


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Contact us for more information about Alaskan eider hunts!

Customer Testimonials

Can’t thank you and Anita enough for organizing our Alaska king eider hunt.

Can’t thank you and Anita enough for organizing our Alaska king eider hunt. Fun times. That’s a brutal environment to hunt in but a true adventure and yes a true trophy. I’ll send more photos and info this weekend. Your pre-trip and services were right on time. Y’all are the real deal. I will never go on another hunt outside the continental US without GetDucks.com. Also got stuck on island an extra day (due to inclement weather) and Cherie was fabulous.

Jonathon Jones

Referenced hunt: Alaska king eider hunt

alaska king eider hunt
alaska king eider hunt

Thanks to Ramsey Russell’s GetDucks.com company for outfitting us on a great Alaska king eider hunt. We enjoyed every minute

Thanks to Ramsey Russell’s GetDucks.com company for outfitting us on a great Alaska king eider hunt. My son and I enjoyed every minute of this great adventure. We were greeted by gracious and competent outfitters who know their business. The weather that we hunted in on Saint Paul Island is awe inspiring. That alone was worth the trip. We were rewarded by being able to take a great collection of King Eiders, Old Squaw, Harlequins, the most magnificent ducks in North America. The information provided pre-hunt by GetDucks is spot-on and should be followed closely. I would be glad to share or advise any other hunters on this hunt of a lifetime. Thanks Again.

Tim Boatman

Referenced hunt: Alaska King Eider Hunt

king eider hunt

The (Alaska king eider hunting) outfit was excellent. So were the guides and the meals.

The (Alaska king eider hunting) outfit was excellent. So were the guides and the meals. Accommodations were good. Hunting in the Bering Sea in a small boat was memorable. For gosh sakes tell the hunters there is a probability their bags will not arrive with them, and to pack in a way they can get by without their bags for at least a few days.

Craig P.

Referenced hunt: Alaska king eider hunting

Alaska king eider hunt was very good…the stark beauty of the place and the king eiders and harlequins.

The Alaska king eider hunt was very good.  She is an excellent cook and a cordial hostess. I liked the guides, too, real hunters  and intense. The house was alright, nothing special. PennAir was pathetic aside from getting us there safely. I talked to Ramsey already about them – we got our bags when we left and then they bumped them again along with continual lies about when they would arrive!! I still ain’t got mine !!!  The uniqueness of the place and the hunting itself were memorable, the wild remote wonder of St. Paul Island and its people — the stark beauty of the place and the king eiders and harlequins. Hunters should be told to expect (the possibility of) not having their bags no matter how scantly they pack!

James Trask

Referenced hunt: Alaska King Eider Hunt

alaska king eider hunt

The guides did everything they needed to and could to make sure we were comfortable, safe, and had a good king eider hunt. We had many opportunities.

The guides did everything they needed to and could to make sure we were comfortable, safe, and had a good king eider hunt. We had many opportunities to get shots at the duck species we went for.  They knew where the birds were and did everything possible to get us close enough to shoot. Our bags were bumped from the PenAir flight from Anchorage due to weight restrictions – instruct clients to put everything they will need to hunt in carry-on or gate-checked baggage.

Corey P.

Referenced Hunt: Alaska King Eider Hunting

I loved Alaska king eider hunting. It was an exotic duck hunt for one of the premier duck species in the world.

I loved Alaska king eider hunting. It was an exotic duck hunt for one of the premier duck species in the world. If you want to hunt king eiders in Alaska you need to make arrangements through someone like Ramsey Russell at GetDucks.com who understands what needs to be done in order to make this happen. Stick to the suggested packing list. It is spot on. I had never hunted sea ducks before. It was a blast to hunt them from the boats. It was all so different from my previous hunting experiences.  The guide-staff took great care of us and adapted to conditions as they changed. They were very safe and did their very best to see that all of us had an opportunity to have a successful hunt. And We Did!

Robert Scott

Referenced hunt: Alaska King Eider Hunting

alaska king eider hunting

Thanks for great Alaska king eider hunting! Great guides, great food, great birds! The numbers of king eiders flying by was incredible. Dealing with GetDucks.com was an absolute pleasure and a definite advantage.

Thanks GetDucks.com for great Alaska king eider hunting! Great guides, great food, great birds!  The numbers of king eiders flying by was incredible. Their blue heads stood out like soar thumbs. The people I met were great to hunt with. The guide-staff were excellent, very personable and really went out of their way to make sure the trip was everything you hoped it would be.  Ramsey and Anita made sure the whole process was well organized and professionally delivered. Dealing with GetDucks.com was an absolute pleasure and a definite advantage. All aspects were thoroughly covered, right down to the perfect packing list and travel instructions, which was helpful due to difficult travel logistics.

David Eckard

Referenced hunt: Alaska king eider hunting


Regarding Alaska king eider hunting, nothing could possibly have made it better. It was remote Alaska at its finest, and the number of waterfowl was nothing short of amazing. Everyone in camp achieved their non-resident limit of king eiders during the very first day!

Regarding Alaska king eider hunting, nothing could possibly have made it better.  The weather was beautiful and we were able to hunt from boats each day.  It was remote Alaska at its finest, and the number of waterfowl was nothing short of amazing.  Everyone in camp achieved their non-resident limit of king eiders during the very first day!  This was my fifth trip with GetDucks.com during teh past couple years.  Ramsey has always been very concerned how my hunts good or bad have turned out and I believe he listens to his clients and truly cares.  Once I decide where I want to hunt, the rest is history and the details are quickly taken care of. No question goes unanswered.

Dan Spencer

Referenced hunt: Alaska king eider hunting

alaska king eider hunting

commitment to making my hunt a success was unmatched

Just returned from the Bering Sea for Alaska King Eider hunting.  It was a pleasure to stay in comfortable accommodations with great food and hospitality.  The guides were professional and personable.  Their commitment to making my hunt a success was unmatched by my other hunts.  Most of all, the hunt was exactly as it was described to me by GetDucks.com.  Thank you so much for help to complete my sea duck collection!

Lincoln Godfrey

Referenced Hunt: Alaska King Eider Hunt


Alaska king eider hunting made my dreams come true

King eider hunting in Alaska is something that real hunters cannot miss.  As its name states, the “King Eider” is the leader of all ducks and there’s no other place as St. Paul’s Island’s shores to get it guaranteed. Thanks to Ramsey and Anita (GetDucks.com), I have made my dreams come true. I cannot find enough words to explain the excitement and pleasure I felt during my amazing trip. Owed to the expert guides, I reached my limit on the first day of hunt. Returning to camp, you would find dinner home-made.

Due to the blizzard we encountered during our stay, we missed the return flight and they kept on preparing us food until we left St. Paul’s Island and we wouldn’t have made it back to our home country of Malta without the help of GetDucks.com’s Anita. There’s no other like GetDucks.com, simply the best and they will exceed your expectations. Thank you Ramsey and Anita for the unforgettable trophy duck hunting experience!

Patrick Grech

Referenced hunt: King Eider hunt


traveled from my home in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea in Malta to hunt king eiders on St Paul’s Island

I traveled from my home in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea in Malta to king eider hunt on St Paul’s Island Alaska through GetDucks.com.  It was the most extreme hunting experience I have ever been on.  The guides were very professional. The food was very good. Because of bad weather we had only 3 days hunting, but we got our trophy king eiders and harliquens.  I am very happy. GetDucks.com prepared us excellently.  Anita was very helpful during airline delays and travel. Thank you.

Stephen Bugeja

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Alaska king eider hunt proved to be the excitement of a lifetime.

Thanks to the good folks at Getducks.com that arranged our excellent Alaska King Eider hunting trip.  We have hunted ducks on four different continents, but this Alaska king eider hunt proved to be the excitement of a lifetime.  We enjoyed the shooting, the pristine nature of the island and the thrill of being out on the open ocean water. This hunt took place out of St. Paul Island, Alaska, located in the Bering Sea and arguably the best king eider hunting destination in the world.

The guide staff are seasoned hunters.  They have intimate knowledge of the waters around St. Paul and understand the bird flight patterns like the back of their hands.  Their attention to detail and concern for the safety of the client puts one at ease when hunting in extreme weather and frigid seas. The accommodations are, most importantly, warm and the food is good and plentiful.   The numbers of king eiders, Harlequin ducks, white-winged scoters and old squaws (long-tail ducks) is truly astounding.  It is also possible to bag Pacific eider and black scoters. We limited on king eiders and Harlequin and then opted to only take a representative few of the other species.

Getducks.com understands duck hunters and are very responsive to clients.  They are readily available to answer any question concerning the hunt, including transportation, interim lodging, insurance and necessary gear.  If you are a serious sea duck hunter, this King eider duck hunt in Alaska is a must!

Kinsey and Mona Robinson

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Alaska king eider hunting guides worked hard to get everyone their trophy kings and made it enjoyable at the same time watching a mature drake king eiders bank hard into the decoys

Our Alaska king eider hunting guides worked hard to get everyone their trophy kings and made it enjoyable at the same time. Well, at least as enjoyable as St. Paul can be! Watching a mature drake king eiders bank hard into the decoys is a mental image that will stay with me for a very long time.

Alaska outfitters can be tough to communicate with due to various reasons pertaining to their work schedule. It is nice to have two people that are so easily accessible, that do a great job of answering questions, and get back to you in a timely fashion. It boiled down to Ramsey being honest about what to expect from the hunt. He was dead on.

J.R. McCulley

Referenced Hunt: Alaska King Eider Hunting



Did I say a lifetime experience? Yes, indeed I did.

I happened to see GetDucks.com’s 100% donated auction item for a Alaska King Eider hunting trip at the Dallas Safari Club’s Visions Convention banquet in January 2012.  An opportunity I just could not pass up.  A duck hunter’s dream…a hunt of a life-time! My preparation was made even easier by the help I received from Anita Russell, and Ramsey was always in the background to help on specific hunting questions such as hunting gear, ammunition, the whole hunting experience.

The guides know their business.  Their equipment was in great shape.  Their long-time experience and knowledge of sea duck hunting was quite evident, especially when it came to hunting king eiders in Alaska.  They were extremely safety conscious and Michelle was a great cook with her home made three squares a day, including steak, fresh snow crab, chicken, stews and soups, fresh baked goods, desserts and snacks.  The accommodations were more than likely the best on the island.

Did I say a lifetime experience?  Yes, indeed I did.  I got all four of the major species – especially the magnificent King Eider, which is limited to four only.  This Alaska King Eider Hunt was one of my most memorable hunts.  Call Ramsey Russell at 866-438-3897 or go to GetDucks.com and get your reservations made early.

John Eads, Treasurer
Dallas Safari Club

Read John Eads Alaska King Eider Hunting Trip Report

Referenced hunt: Alaska King Eider Hunt


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