Duck Hunt By Location

Hunt by Location



Experience the best Argentina duck hunting adventures.  Real duck hunts for real duck hunters; superior shooting, heavy straps, and authenticity are our specialty.  To find the real keepers, we’ve spent 16 years wading through countless Argentina operations – and we’re continually exploring new areas.  Ducks, more ducks, or ducks plus doves, pigeons, perdiz and more – we’ve got you covered.

Australia Duck Hunting Camps


Australia duck hunting is a continuation of unchartered waterfowling adventures provided exclusively by, and like many of our other off-the-beaten-path destinations, duck hunting in Australia provides an immersive experience for only 1-3 guests per session in a laid back, highly-interpersonal atmosphere – guide-staff comfortably feels more like falling in among long-lost friends than staying in a bustling hotel.



Azerbaijan Duck Hunting offers a true off-the-beaten-path adventure in an often overlooked corner of the world, and was introduced exclusively by Ramsey Russell’s in 2018. Duck hunting in Azerbaijan entails hunting massive wetlands that overwinter many migratory waterfowl to include unique Eurasian species not commonly found elsewhere.



Everyone deserves experiencing truly great Canada duck hunting at the top of the migration! Whether ducks and geese over dry-field sets in western Canada, epic honker hunting in the legendary Ottawa Valley,  or traditional sink-box duck hunts in Nova Scotia, these hunts truly deliver superior hunting and experiences.  True to our reputation, we’ve personally visited each of these hunts.  Contact us to discuss details.

Bar Headed Goose Hunt Mongolia


Mongolia waterfowl hunting is an adventure like none other you’ll ever experience.  Chinggis Khan’s homeland is an important migratory corridor for Asia’s endemic waterfowl, and April is the perfect time to scratch prime specimens off of your list.  Depending on the migration, available species include Swan Goose, Bar-headed Goose, Greylag Goose, Eurasian Wigeon, Common Shelduck, and Ruddy Shelduck.  Other likely species you’ll see are Eurasian Gooseander, Smew, Eurasian Green-winged Teal, Garganey. Mallards, northern pintails and gadwalls are ubiquitous to the northern hemisphere and seen throughout the region.  Be on the look out for other possibilities such as red-crested pochards, common pochards, tufted ducks and greater scaup.

Peru Duck Hunting

Peru Duck Hunt

Peru Duck Hunting for the world’s largest concentration of cinnamon teal is an experience not to be missed! Located a brief 3 hours from Lima, possibly the most beautiful city in South America, kick things off with an afternoon warm up session for white-winged and mourning doves. But don’t forget why you’re here – this Peru duck hunt is for prized cinnamon teal. Peru duck hunting along the coast is a must-do international wingshooting experience.

helmeted guineafowl

South Africa

South Africa bird hunting (Africa duck hunting combo), to include a wide variety of ducks, geese and upland species, offers avid wingshooting travelers an authentic taste of Africa, a refreshingly challenging shotgun adventure. As stated by a long-time revisiting guest, “Africa bird hunting is must-do for any serious shotgunner. For the money, the volume may be a little lower (than Argentina hunts), but Africa bird hunting is a high-quality experience, that presents more diverse and challenging shooting, and best of all – you’re in AFRICA!” Sweden


Sweden goose hunting is unequivocally the highest-volume goose hunt on earth.  While there are no guarantees in wild goose hunting, expectations for 20 geese per hunter daily are reasonable. In the absence of governmental limits, the total possible bag will at times yield half again that many.  Or more.  Importantly, these wild greylags, barnacles and Canadas are hunted to mitigate significant crop depredations. They migrate from the arctic to avail themselves of  commercial winter-crops that checker Sweden’s rolling terrain.

United States

United States

There’s no place like home. Some of the very best duck hunting experiences in the world are right here in the good ol’ USA, and collecting an enviable number of North American Life List waterfowl species is enough to keep anyone busy right here at home. is your go-to source for sea ducks – Alaska King Eider HuntingAlaska Pacific Eider Hunting, and New England Sea Duck Hunts are among the most popular of our offerings.  Look over the details below and call us to reserve your spot in the blind.

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