Nebraska Duck Hunt

Nebraska Duck Hunt

NEBRASKA DUCK HUNTNebraska duck hunting with WyoBraska Waterfowl is full-on first-class duck and goose hunting in Nebraska, and it’s about doing one thing really well: producing high-quality waterfowl hunting experiences for mallards and Canada geese.  With an impressive 25-plus years professional waterfowl guiding experience under his belt, and an equally qualified guide staff, WyoBraska Waterfowl’s Jason Randolph makes this Nebraska duck hunt look easy. The fertile agricultural lands and legendary freeze-proof wetlands throughout the epic North Platte River Valley over-winter unbelievable numbers of mallards, Canada geese, and cackling geese. Putting decoying waterfowl in front of gun barrels is only part of the equation. Wyobraska Waterfowl is utterly committed to happy clients. Extreme client loyalty as expressed by over 95% repeat-client bookings proves it unequivocally.

Coiling through historic Wild West country, the North Platte stretches halfway through central Nebraska’s corn belt region into central-eastern Wyoming before feeding into the Platte River.  Warm water springs combined with swift river currents near ample, high-energy agricultural food sources sustain tens of thousands of predominately mallards and migrator Canada geese throughout the entire winter.  WyoBraska Waterfowl hunts numerous exclusive-use properties in both western Nebraska and eastern Wyoming, going directly to the waterfowl action. Its premier waterfowl habitat. Duck hunting locations include exclusive access on the North Platte River, private access of large lakes and warm water creeks, to include exclusive access to property adjacent to the North Platte River Refuge, a private landowner cooperative that provides overwintering sanctuary to 50,000 waterfowl. But that’s only the beginning.

Have you ever wanted to demo a new shotgun before purchasing? WyoBraska Waterfowl has Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 shotguns available for duck hunting guests to use. They stock 12, 20 and 28-gauge guns.

Enjoy decoying mallards and Canada geese and hard-charging retrievers in pure wild beauty. The Nebraska duck hunting day is yours. Duck hunt for the entire day or until legal limits are achieved. Assured guest comfort is top priority.   Whether hunting or over water dry fields, custom blinds are built for your absolute comfort.  Your seat in the blind comes with comfortable office chair seating, heaters for each hunter, and a world-class waterfowl hunting view – custom sliding tops let guests witness the magic of decoying birds and easily come up at go time! Regardless how frigid the temps–because we all know that ducks and geese get crazy with the thermometer plummets–you’ll be toasty warm, with your coat usually hanging behind you. There’s ample room for gear, thermoses and ammo boxes. A combination of floaters and full-bodies numbering 150-1,000 are deployed depending on the situation.  Waders aren’t required unless you choose to help set decoys or handle your own retriever.  The art of decoying birds minimizes most shots to backpedaling ducks and geese within 20 yards. Bring your favorite shotgun, knowing that many returning guests are comfortable shooting 20 gauges. Some even shoot 28-gauge and .410s! Shot size #4 choked cylinder, improved cylinder or modified usually does the trick.

Stay at hotels or condos in Torrington, Wyoming (ask about private guest house lodging). Nearby restaurants feature steak, Mexican, steak, burgers, steak, Chinese, steak, Southwest and steak – it is, after all real-deal cattle country! Meet your guide each morning, top off your thermos and follow to the day’s duck hunting area. Drive times range 10-45 minutes.  A nearby migratory bird processing facility conveniently makes bird cleaning easy.

Extremely experienced guides deliver superior Nebraska duck hunts and unequalled client comfort in a region that receives relatively little hunting pressure. There are mallards galore, but Canada goose hunting – and we’re talking lots of giant migrator honkers – is available December through mid-February, making this Nebraska duck hunting destination truly special. Contact Michael Kahler, WyoBraska Waterfowl Reservations at 307-575-9206 or for more information or to reserve your team’s spot. 



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