Missouri Duck Hunting

MISSOURI DUCK HUNTMissouri duck hunting in the waterfowling paradise of Missouri’s bootheel.  It’s no secret that in normal winters, Missouri is usually where many mallards hang out until until hard water and snow cover finally drives drive them further south. Waterfowl trade among Big Lake Refuge, Arkansas, Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee, and the Mississippi River, feeding in abundant regional agriculture. This guided Missouri duck hunt at Pure Hen Duck Calls’ Southern Duck Lodge consists of flooded agriculture and wooded pothole hunting. Mallards, gadwalls, pintails, green-winged teal, shovelers and speckle-bellies predominate the bag through most of the season.

These Missouri duck hunts take place on private leases. The young, energetic staff is dedicated to keeping clients’ barrels hot.  This is a new operation, but owner Parker Watkins built the Pure Hen Duck Calls company from scratch, cut his teeth hunting this part of the Missouri bootheel, and professionally guided duck hunts for nearly a decade. He is personally committed to delivering a great guided Missouri duck hunt.

Habitat consists of flooded rice or soybeans and wooded potholes. Hunting areas are usually within 15 minutes of camp.  Depending on waterfowl activity, hunts are conducted over water, from pit blinds, portable skid blinds, and sometimes hidden among natural cover. Blinds accommodate maximum 8-10 hunters. Typical set-ups are 150-200 Higdon decoys, plus spinning-winged decoys. They now offer spring snow goose hunting, too.

A newer 2,500 square-feet hunting lodge consists of a comfortable 4-bedroom/ 2-bath camphouse with terrific family atmosphere.  Three southern home-cooked meals daily to include juicy, pound-and-a-half ribeyes, burgers, smoked pork butts, pork chops and fish.  Make yourself at home and stretch out in front of the TV after polishing off some delicious cobbler for dessert, or enjoy games of shuffleboard of darts.

This Missouri duck hunt is within convenient driving distance from much of the central US. Fly into either Memphis or St, Louis, rent car and drive to lodge.

MISSOURI DUCK HUNTINGPeak dates for Missouri duck hunting usually falls between between Thanksgiving and Christmas – perfect timing for a family road trip.  For more information about this affordable guided Missouri duck hunt, or to schedule dates, contact Parker Watkins at (573) 724-2225, email purehenduckcalls@outlook.com.

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