Waterfowl of The World List (Gamebirds of the World)

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Waterfowl of the world and gamebird of the world definitive listing of duck, goose, swan and gamebird species presently available at GetDuck—and growing.

The World Waterfowl Slam awaits–GetDucks.com offers duck hunts on 6 of the world’s 7 continents. Travel duck hunting is a subjective experience. There are many reasons why people travel worldwide to duck hunt. Many of our guests collect experiences. They seek trigger-pulling vacations; to see different parts of the world while duck hunting. In addition to the adventure and recreational values inherent to various duck hunting destinations are the myriad of waterfowl species represented.   We have for years worked closely with duck hunters that are completing ultimate waterfowl challenges or other variations of the North America waterfowl species list.  We also work with many clients that have completed North American collections and have graduated to hunting experiences on other continents. For these reasons, we’ve created GetDucks.com’s  Waterfowl of the World List (Gamebirds of the World List) for researching your world waterfowl slam.

“Nothing brings a game room to life like the addition of colorful gamebirds and waterfowl. Their iridescent colors sparkle like gems,” a long-time client recently described.  In some ways, GetDucks.com was waterfowl of the world before it was cool, but this was because the heartbeats of our clients and selves compelled us well off the beaten path, always seeking new adventures which in turn held new species opportunities.

This Waterfowl of the World (and Gamebirds of the World) is a  listing of world waterfowl species presently or previously available through GetDucks.com hunts. For your convenience, it’s sorted geographically.  It will change over time pursuant to GetDucks.com’s destinations developments. This Waterfowl of the World List is intended as a quick reference of duck, goose, swan and gamebird species.

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“For over 50 years, Safari Club International has been foremost in defending hunting rights and wildlife conservation in North America and beyond. For this reason alone, I fully support SCI.  As subchain of the new SCI Game Birds of the World Awards Platform (details below), I personally invite you to join. By enrolling your North America Waterfowl Slam at SCI, you are giving back, further ensuring a continuation of traditional hunting and wildlife conservation for future generations. What other waterfowl hunters awards platform can say that?” Ramsey Russell, GetDucks


SCI Gamebirds of the World Awards Platform Opens Exciting New Frontiers for North America Waterfowl Slam, South America Waterfowl Slam, Africa Waterfowl Slam and World Waterfowl Slam Collectors

Backdropped by the mountainous game room displaying world sheep slams and other lifetime accomplishments from hunting big game worldwide, devoted Safari Club International member Shaun Harris explains, “I’ve always loved hunting ducks and upland birds, but there’s something about their subtle beauty—about their dazzling colors, especially—that add another whole dimension to this room where I’m reminded of some of the happiest times of my life. And a lot of hunters don’t even realize that gamebirds can be hunted nearly anywhere worldwide that big game are hunted.” The world truly is a whole lot bigger than our own back yards, abounding with dizzying arrays of ducks, geese, swans and upland gamebirds. In fact, there are 6 whole continents worth of opportunity!

North America has the most incredibly diverse and robust waterfowl populations on earth. The North America Waterfowl Slam (SCI North America Gamebirds of the World Award list) is most impressive. But there’s the South America Waterfowl Slam, Africa Waterfowl Slam, and World Waterfowl Slam. The world waterfowl slam species list takes you worldwide.

Water runs downhill, collecting in low-lying wetlands. For that reason alone, waterfowl are most oftentimes hunted worldwide at or even below sea level. But that’s where things get fun—based on a 100-plus species’ varied life histories, chasing them takes hunters to open seas and rocky shorelines, fast-moving rivers and tranquil marshlands, all points in between. Great needle-in-a-haystack example of fully immersing oneself into a landscape while toting a shotgun and wearing waders is hunting African pygmy geese. In an otherwise arid, South Africa landscape, they’re hunted in lily pad-covered wetlands. Talk about fresh perspective! And there are exceptions to the low-lying areas rule, too—such as the unique ducks and geese inhabiting high-altitude, altiplano wetlands among the Andes Mountains.

As if waterfowl weren’t enough to keep us busy, there are 100-plus more upland birds. While hunters may have since progressed up hunting’s food chain, most youthful hunting introductions likely involved swinging hand-me-down scatterguns at doves under the watchful eyes of their ancestors or stumbling headlong through cover behind setters that behaved way differently with noses full of birds than when they’d been asleep under the kitchen table the previous night. To later learn there’s a world full of such gamebirds can be eye-opening. And inspiring. Stalking capercaillie in boreal forest environments so quiet that breath can be heard crystallizing, watching driven guineafowl hurling towards the shooting line like black-with-white-polka-dotted cannonballs, seeing ruffed grouse fading from peripheral vision more quickly than a shotgun can be shouldered embodies addictive explorations of new feathered frontiers seeped in deep-rooted upbringings.

SCI’s Gamebirds of the World Awards Platform is a relatively new, standalone platform not intermixed with existing Big Game Species Awards. It will increasingly bring needed attention to bird hunting opportunities and conservation.  Registration is as simple as completing a photo entry form and submitting a grip-and-grin photo showing distinguishing feather characteristics of your prized gamebird.

Safari Club International has been the world’s foremost advocate of hunting and wildlife conservation for over 50 years, but the new gamebirds platform opens important new frontiers. For longtime SCI members that have completed their big game quests or are looking for new adventures to complement their big game hunts, hunting gamebirds will be like finding religion. Importantly, expanding our renowned record book program to include waterfowl and upland gamebirds will potentially attract a newer generation of hunters that are passionate about what SCI represents. And this comes at a time that the stakes have never been higher.


SCI Game Birds of the World Species List

Below are the acceptable bird species to date:

World Waterfowl Slam (Game Birds of the World Species List)
North America Waterfowl Slam (SCI North America Game Birds of the World) Awards
South America Waterfowl Slam (SCI South America Game Birds of the World) Awards
Africa Waterfowl Slam (SCI Africa Game Birds of the World) Awards

SCI Game Birds of the World Photo Entry Forms

Game Birds of the World Photo Entry Form






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South America

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