Mexico Duck Hunting

Mexico duck hunting is must-do, bucket-list material for US duck hunters.  And GetDucks offers the BEST MEXICO DUCK HUNTS AVAILABLE. Hands-down. Real duck hunts for real duck hunters; superior shooting, heavy straps, and authenticity are our specialty.  To find the real keepers, we’ve spent nearly 2 decades wading through countless Mexico operations – and we are continually exploring new areas.

Review our extensive list of guest testimonials as proof that no one does real Mexico duck hunting better. Whether you’re looking for  fun sunshine-filled, trigger-pulling vacations after the US duck season closes, or collecting the North American Waterfowl Slam to include beautiful Mexico duck species, Mexico duck hunts are the proper fix. Mexico duck hunting bag limits are liberal by US hunting standards, and the weather is beautiful as compared to wintry weather back home.  Prized species such as cinnamon teal, pintail, blue-winged teal and much more – are in ideal breeding plumage for hunters wanting to add to their collection. Import is relatively easy, and practically the entire collection of Central and Pacific flyways species are available. Our  famous “Honeymoon Mexico Duck Hunt” in beautiful Mazatlan offers winter vacationing for non-hunting spouses, too.

Best of all, the peak duck hunting in Mexico takes place when US hunting season have ended, January through early-March.  With a complete portfolio of programs from which to choose, we invite you to experience the true duck hunt of a lifetime.  There are no hidden fees, no surprises, just good old-fashioned duck hunting – all details are own our website for the world to see and we’re always available to discuss any aspect of each hunt. Only the best Mexico duck hunting experiences are represented at Settle for nothing less.

We organize all aspects of your Mexico duck hunting adventure.  Importantly, we are personally available at all before, during, and after travel to assist with anything regarding you Mexico duck hunt-related travel. It’s not just what we do, it’s all we do.