Mexico Duck Hunting Mazatlan

MAZATLAN MEXICO DUCK HUNTMexico Duck Hunting in Mazatlan is the South-of-the-border duck hunting experience that surpasses all others. Welcome to the FUN side of the border – we don’t call it a “honeymoon duck hunt” without good reason! Sure, several couples have literally honeymooned here, but all hunters return by noon and have the day’s remainder to spend quality time with their better halves.With over 30 years of hunting in the southern half of Sinaloa Mexico’s west coast, staff is professional, knowledgeable and endeavors to provide you the best duck hunting vacation imaginable. So pack the flip flops and sunscreen, grab your sweetheart, and ready yourselves for the most fun either of you have had during a duck hunt! Non-hunting wives and girlfriends LOVE IT!  Where else can they enjoy a winter beach vacation while the boys hunt?

Mazatlan Mexican duck hunting includes duck bag limits, which are strictly abided. Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting limits are 20-25 ducks per day for which the operator allows 100 cartridges.  Prime-time Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting runs mid-January through mid-March, perfect for timing a winter duck hunting vacation following your state’s season closure. In terms of trophy plumage, later is best. The Pacific and Central flyways converge here to provide a tremendous variety of waterfowl.   Over 15 different North American duck species are harvested by hunters and avid duck collectors.  Getting bird specimens for taxidermy is easily accomplished.  Primary species are green-winged teal, blue-winged teal, cinnamon teal, and northern shovelers, but there are also wigeon, pintail, black-bellied whistling ducks, gadwalls, lesser scaup and more.

Mazatlan Mexico duck hunts take place in private fresh water ponds and the beautifully scenic estuaries along Mexico’s west coast, which are plentiful within a short drive. Waterfowl are coming into these freshwater areas to drink – and they’re coming. Hunt from natural and man-made dry blinds, 2 hunters per blind. It’s a combination of decoying and pass shooting – the ducks are coming to freshwater regardless. Leave waders and boots at home, too. A pair of tennis shoes or crocs will be perfect, they’ll provide rubber boots as needed.


Best Mexico Bluebill Hunt in MazatlanThese Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting are fun hunt-vacations. Top-of-the-line equipment ensures your comfort and hunting enjoyment.  Shotguns include a a good selection of super-clean Benellis and Berettas.  There’s no hassle traveling through customs with firearms – gun use is included in package FREE, no additional cost.  On a typical morning, hunters meet downstairs at 5AM for coffee and sweet rolls, leaving for the field at 5:30.   Arriving at sunrise, hunters are stationed in strategically located blinds based on current scouting reports. Hunts last 1-2 hours. While waiting on everyone to limit, hunters gather for snacks of burritos and fire-roasted serrano peppers, snack boxes with sandwiches, fruit, eggs and chips, cold drinks. Everyone returns to the resort between 11:30AM and noon. The remainder of the afternoon is spent with spouses and friends doing a variety of fun activities, or nothing at all.

All duck hunters are lodged at the beautiful El Cid Marina Beach Hotel,  El Cid El Moro, El Cid Castilla or depending on personal preferences and availability. They are located within the Pacific coast of Mexico in the “Golden Zone” of Mazatlan, convenient to shopping, excellent restaurants and other activities.  This Mazatlan Mexico duck hunt has become a popular couples retreat among our clients, with many hunters bringing non-hunting companions along to enjoy the trip. Non-hunting spouses are FREE to share room at no additional cost. Yes! Yes! It is SAFE ! And FUN!

In addition to excellent Mexico duck hunting, many other activities may be arranged to make this Mazatlan Mexico duck hunt a true reprieve from winter back home. Parasailing, tennis, golf, swimming, spa treatments, sight-seeing and shopping are among the many enjoyable activities nearby that can be scheduled at the activities desk. Through, the Mazatlan Mexico duck hunting package is fully-customizable to include off-shore or large mouth bass fishing.  In addition to world-class duck hunting and the best pre-trip services in the industry, additional days to enjoy Mazatlan Mexico may be arranged at hotel-rates only for you to sight-see, fish, or relax.


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