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MOJO’S Duck Season Somewhere Podcast

Ramsey Russell Duck Season Somewhere Podcast

For 365 days per year, it really is duck season somewhere. Ramsey Russell’s year-long duck hunting quest takes him worldwide, 6 whole continents worth of duck hunting adventures.  And MOJO’S Duck Season Somewhere podcast brings it all home to listeners. Pull up a seat and join host Ramsey Russell, founder of, as he meets with genuine waterfowl hunters, biologists and storytellers from around the globe.

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Just Buy the Damned Trip Insurance!

Here’s the deal: You plan the absolute hunt-of-a-lifetime many months in a advance and then–BAM–when you least expect it, expect it. Life happens! Your long-awaited hunting trip is interupted, cancelled or worse. Now what? After 20-plus years organizing hunts worldwide, we’ve seen it all. Global Rescue’s Justin Walker and Ramsey discuss sticky and unfortunate clients experiences they’ve seen over the years, discussing best and most affordable options for anyone hunting anything, anywhere.  Whether hunting a couple states over or traveling internationally, learn how to smartly protect your hard-earned monies spent on hunting trips.

Bird Hunters, Bird Dogs, and Bygone Days

“There’s hardly been a day in my life I’ve not owned a bird dog,” says 100-years-old Garrett Lockee while telling about chasing wild quail for most of his life. The National Bird Dog Museum in Grand Junction, Tennessee, became his tribute to yesteryear bird hunters and the beloved bird dogs that define a bygone American era. Describing in colorful detail stories about his family, fondest memories and favorite dogs, Lockee characterizes perfectly the heyday of American quail hunting, how and why times have since changed.



The National Bird Dog Museum is dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of bird dog, field trial, and hunting traditions.

National Bird Dog Museum


Duck Hunting in the New World

Waterfowl historian Dr. Wayne Capooth describes duck hunting in America way back in the 1600-1700s when the first colonists arrived to a real-life Garden of Eden. Describing their growing pains, how they hunted, what they hunted with and how natives taught them to hunt better, we end up discussing hunting George Washington’s duck hunting experiences and other famous duck hunting US presidents.



Wayne Capooth’s Historic Duck Hunting Stories Podcast


How Does Hunting Pressure Affect Duck Hunting Success? Or Does It?

How does pressure affect duck hunting success? Or does it? Is it just the shooting, or do other related disturbance factors affect hunting success? How do ducks respond to hunting pressure? And what about busting out refuges — or changing sanctuary areas up to ensure ducks fly over our decoys instead? Dr. Bradley Cohen is back to explain the complex relationship between hunters, hunting pressure and waterfowl behavior, offering research-based suggestions for how we can mitigate disturbing “our ducks,” possibly increasing number of ducks hanging from our straps. Fascinating topic you’ll definitely want to hear!



Cohen Wildlife Research Lab conducts applied research to understand how habitat management and landscape conditions affect wildlife populations.

Thy Marvelous Works

To hear old school Mississippi wildlife photographer Stephen Kirkpatrick tell it, the passion began while duck hunting with his father in Louisiana swamps but quickly evolved. Countless hours immersing himself in neck-deep water, getting eyeball level with wild ducks in a home-made muskrat hut, changing film rolls with frozen fingers, snapping photos a single frame at a time culminated in 1989 with “Whistling Wings,” the first-ever-of-its-kind book depicting only wild ducks in flight. Kirkpatrick reminisces those good ol’ days, describing differences in print film versus digital photography, detailing his photography journey from beginning to present, sharing pearls of wisdom. Like a brightly lit drake mallard lifting off in a colorful display of shimmering greens, bright blues and silvery spray, this episode is certain to inspire hunters and photographers alike.


“My favorite memories aren’t so much single events as lasting impressions. Film “remembers” the split-second events. What I remember is the oxygen-rich air in the Amazon, the warmth of the sun on my face in Alaska, the refreshment of the water in Hawaii. The feeling of my senses brought to life.” Stephen Kirkpatrick

Minnesota Duck Camps: 160 Years of History and Tradition

You’d about have to figure that “The Land of 10,000 Lakes” likely has tremendous waterfowl hunting history. It sure does! One hundred sixty years worth of duck club history and then some! Steve Knutson grew up an avid duck hunter in Otter Tail County, that has more lakes than any other county in the US. In today’s episode, he takes us on a colorful tour of famous lakes, prominent yester-year waterfowlers, historic duck camps, far-reaching traditions, and the much sought-after ducks that shaped Minnesota’s incredible duck hunting culture.  Have things since changed?


“Minnesota Duck Camps: 160 Years of History and Tradition,” costs $85, plus $9 shipping and handling for the first copy and $4 for each additional copy. For ordering information, contact Knutson at (612) 816-5156, by email at,

Making Music at Dockery Plantation

Established in 1895, Dockery Plantation was a sprawling 25,000-acre property in the primeval Mississippi Delta, employing 2,000 laborers and now deeply entrenched in blues music history. In describing Dockery Plantation’s colorful past, local historian and avid turkey hunter Bill Lester shares his own artistry with listeners. It’s certain to be familiar music to the ears of anyone that enjoys the springtime woods!

Pursuit-Based Hearing Protection

Listen up, folks! Lucas Mashtare has been with Tetra Hearing since the very beginning. And in the world of pursuit-based hearing protection, they’re now at the very top of the heap. But why? Lucas explains how Tetra Hearing systems work to protect the only only set of hearing the Good Lord gave us, how their innovative systems have evolved, and what systems are available. He also describes how Tetra Hearing–and customers–give back with a 2% for Conservation Program. Can you hear me now? Dang straight. Thanks Tetra!

See, Try and Buy at DUX at Texas Motor Speedway May 5-7

Duck Unlimited’s David Schuessler is back in the studio! We recap the past duck season, agreeing that for many reasons it was the best its been in along while. He also gives an update of the Into the Vault online auction, hinting at what items are already showing up for next year! “You can see, try and buy anything duck hunting related under the sun,” he says about the upcoming everything outdoors Ducks Unlimited Expo (DUX) that’ll be May 5-7 at Texas Motor Speedway. Tune in to hear why you’ll probably want to mark your calendars and attend this incredible fun-for-the-whole-family consumer event that’s growing leaps and bounds for very good reason!


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Hidden War: Reclaiming America’s Wildlands from Drug Cartels

Lt. John Nores, Jr. (now retired) grew up duck hunting in California. He was still a young game warden when accidentally stumbling into his first illegal marijuana grow in the heavily wooded outskirts of California civilization.  His career remainder was defined by Marijuana Eradication Taskforce investigations throughout California.   The scope of illegal grows in California and throughout the entire United States is staggering, generating cash-crop sales exponentially greater than the sum of wheat and corn sales combined.  Societal costs are steep: America’s public lands are being decimated. Hazardous wastes, unregulated resource depletion and wildlife habitat loss are ugly by-products. And cartels send only their best growers illegally across the US border, where they’re heavily armed against intruders. For reasons Lt. Nores explains, legalization has possibly only made this problem worse.



John Nores website

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