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My Amazon Fishing Outfitter

Deep in the remote equatorial Amazon River basin, virginal black coffee-colored waters are seething with toothed, rod-bending fishes to include not only colorful peacock bass and piranha, but even “a fish with ribs like a pig.” Sounds like a paradise as described by my buddy Brent Mooreland of Acute Angling. An avid and well-travelled duck hunter himself, Brent tells about a world-famous associate he used to shotgun with before wading off chest-deep into Amazon peacock bass fishing adventures in one of earth’s truly last remaining wildernesses. Heck, he had me at “a fish with ribs like a pig,” but it’s been a long time since a place so captured my imagination and I absolutely cannot wait to visit!


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Northern Skies Outfitters in Saskatchewan Canada

Mat Schauer’s Northern Skies Outfitters in Saskatchewan, Canada exemplifies top-shelf hunting for ducks, Canada geese, snow geese and cranes. Taking time from his hectic fall schedule, he shares a few interesting things he’s learned along the way to include mallard field feeding behaviors, snow goose inebriation, important client considerations, community involvement and lots more.


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The Wildest Hunt: Game Warden Stories

A seasoned veteran wildlife conservation officer from BC, Randy Nelson compiled game warden stories from all U.S. and Canadian jurisdictions for his book, The Wildest Hunt. The scale of poaching in modern-day North America is hard to comprehend. Describing why and how he wrote the book, Nelson shares some interesting stories involving polar bears, salmon, eels, raptors, cacti, whooping cranes, waterfowl and deer. I’ll bet some of these stories and facts are going to shock you, too!

Snow Goose Conservation Past, Present and Future

Let’s talk snow geese past, present and future. As long-time wildlife research scientist for Environment Canada, Dr. Ray Alisauskus’s expertise is arctic geese. From a small cabin in prairie Canada, he describes snow goose-related activities keeping him busy during the fall, events leading to the now 24 years-old Light Goose Conservation Order, why the geese have been “winning” for the past couple decades, why mid-continent snow goose productivity is waning.  What might it all mean? Importantly, what’s this year’s hatch look like for us white goose hunters?

Prairie Limits Outfitters, Saskatchewan, Canada

Following 3 incredible days of waterfowling, Ramsey meets with Prairie Limits Outfitters partners Brian Cramer and Ben Webster. Located in Saskatchewan and now in its 5th successful season in business, Prairie Limits Outfitters delivers total-package waterfowl hunting experiences. Cramer and Webster describe forming their collective vision for their service, telling about how they met and what all goes into making dreams a reality for themselves and for guests.  Whether looking for your next great adventure or just interested in what hunting’s like elsewhere, y’all will appreciate their perspective.


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Keeping it Real: Food Connections

Chef Ric Rosser plies his local-sourced, field-to-table culinary art among sprawling live oaks at the impressive Spread Oaks Ranch in coastal Texas. Rosser covers a variety of interesting topics to include charcuterie, cooking coots, aging ducks, organ meats, hunting, simple recipes. Whether meticulously tending his garden or curing meats in an on-premises 15th-century style smoke house, and whether cooking for his family or guests, his approach to food and to cooking remains the same. It’s all about keeping it real.

Texas Market Hunting, Game Laws, and Outlaws Part 2: Outlaw Gunners and Stings

Following the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, which outlawed commercial sale of wildlife, the American public’s demand for wild-harvested tablefare continued — and there were folks that were more than happy to feed this lucrative demand, supplying barrel- and boat-loads of wild ducks and geese through backwater channels. In the second of this 2-part series, historic author Robert K. Sawyer describes a transitioning America, especially as it pertains to Texas, grappling with wildlife food versus conservation and later, conservation versus something that might only be described as recreation. Law enforcement may have started slowly, but culminated in a series of headliner busts that finally got folks attention. Part 1 of this 2-part series aired Wednesday, October 19, 2022. Refer to Sawyer’s related links below for more information.


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Interlake Religion

Sandwiched between the massive lakes Winnipeg and Manitoba, the vast region colloquially known as the Interlake forms a giant migrator funnel for “Churchills” and other waterfowl. Goose hunting culture thrives here. Meeting with Troy Bennet and Dustin Dola over dinner, Ramsey gains insight into what its like growing up here, why goose hunting is so important, how waterfowl are hunted here versus other parts of Canada, and how local hunters may differ from some non-resident guests. He also begins to understand why his new buddies regard their own back yard as pretty damned special.



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BS’ing at Briscoe’s Shop

Ramsey swings through Joe Briscoe’s call shop to get an update on Briscoe’s new gadwall call and find out what in the world is taking him so long to complete the world-famous shoveler call prototype. Briscoe gives a good gadwall demo and describes using the baseball bats he keeps around – it ain’t for baseball – before the two buddies part ways.


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Texas Market Hunting, Game Laws, and Outlaws Part 1: Waterfowl Was Big Business

Preceding the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, waterfowl hunting was a huge industry in Texas and throughout the civilized United States. Everyday Americans went to the local market for wild-harvested tablefare. The finest restaurants fetched eye-popping prices for wildfowl. Business boomed. And wildfowl provided more than just meat! In the first of this special 2-part series, historian Robert K. Sawyer takes us on a deep dive into this interesting timeframe in American history, especially as it pertains to Texas. Tune in to Part 2 next Wednesday, October 26, and be sure to take a look at Sawyer’s related links below for more information.


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