Duck Season Somewhere Podcast

Duck Season Somewhere Podcast

Old School Trader, Keeper of American Traditions

On the front porch of a rustic, swamp-encompassed, little red camphouse, hunters gathered around fedora-topped, pipe-smoking Destry Hoffard, admiring an older-than-most-people-in-camp Winchester Model 21 two-shooter he’d brought to duck hunt Argentina. In fact, everything he packed had the venerable patina of times past–especially his duck hunting mind-set. Born and raised in Illinois, Hoffard is a genuine American Picker (even though he hates that title). He tells a fascinating story about early influences, goose guiding near Cairo, Illinois, interesting finds, why that old gun is truly special, and why the good old days in America really were.

From Behind the Boudin Curtain

Chef Jean Paul Bourgeois grew up behind the boudin curtain, south of I-10 in Lousiana, always only minutes from the marsh. He remembers killing his first duck with a crack-barrel 20-gauge, a rite of passage into a circle of giants that acted differently in a duck blind than elsewhere. He remembers, too, making “happy plates” of local home-made cuisines his parents cooked and taught him to cook. Realizing later in life why those giants acted differently in the blind and how the soulful influence of regional cuisine improves the human spirit, he merged the two into a “real world” lifestyle now shared with the world via social media and Duck Camp Dinners.  Like a best-you-ever-had, meat-heavy gumbo you can stand a spoon up in, this delicious episode will stick to your ribs for a very long time. Dig in!


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Secret to Life: “Just Do it, You Know What I’m Saying?”

Life ain’t fair. While hanging deer stands near the Tex-Mex border on a scorching hot day, an otherwise welcomed breeze suddenly kicked up. The very last thing he remembers of his former life was a dust devil swirling lazily towards him. For only his third duck hunt in the 6 years since that fateful day, Kyle Grant chose to hunt with friends in a very remote Argentina location that was especially challenging. Because that’s the kind of guy he is. And it is there that he opened up, sharing this triumphant story, explaining the real secret to life. Folks, y’all do not want to miss this amazingly inspirational story! Because life is what you make of it.

Why Remote Rio Salado Argentina Duck Hunting Attracts Birds of a Feather

Located in a massive wetland prone to natural water fluctuations that greatly affect waterfowl density and diversity–and so inconveniently far from Buenos Aires that you can’t hardly get there from here–Rio Salado nonetheless offers truly wild duck hunting experiences unavailable elsewhere in Argentina. In this Duck Season Somewhere episode, Ramsey hears clients describe their Rio Salado Argentina duck hunting experiences during a drought year. While “whys” and “whats” vary, they collectively prove the point that among real duck hunters birds of a feather definitely flock together.


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At the first-annual Delta Waterfowl Hunters Expo this past weekend, Delta Waterfowl announced their Million Duck campaign. That’s right. Forever a duck hunters organization, Delta Waterfowl is boldly raising the bar in waterfowl conservation! How relevant is a million ducks to the fall harvest? How will their plan be put into action–and annually implemented? What conservation strategies can produce a million ducks? In today’s episode, Delta Waterfowl’s Scott Petrie (COO and Chief Scientist) and Joel Brice (Chief Conservation Officer) explain. Something to get excited about!


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Waterfowl Banding and Citizen Science

Delta Waterfowl Scientist Chris Nicolai has been “ringing and slinging” for decades pursuant to career waterfowl research, placing bands on every North American waterfowl species and visiting some pretty far-flung places. When and how did bird banding begin? Who pioneered it? How are various waterfowl species captured, which are hardest to catch and and why might brant banding develop expert decoying skills? Which species are most banded? What are the various types of bands and markers used, how has technology changed things, and what are the many reasons waterfowl are banded? Bands are widely coveted by hunters as precious metals–but why can that be both good and bad?  Nicolai and Ramsey plow full steam ahead in this crash course conversation about the vital role we waterfowl hunters play as citizen scientists to manage waterfowl–and even justify the continuance of our waterfowl hunting privileges!

Jeff Watt, A Man of the People

For over 30 years, Jeff Watt a.k.a. “The Mayor” has been the foremost manufacturers rep in the hunting and fishing industry, connecting iconic name brand gear manufacturers, major industry retailers and American hunting and fishing consumers.  A long-time hunter and habitat manager himself, he knows exactly what we modern hunters need and deserve, but its his truest gift that makes the job look easy. Fantastic discussion about working in the outdoor industry, and about what it takes to succeed there or anywhere.

Kjos, Then and Now

During their long-awaited return to the fabled Rio Salado swamp, Lee Kjos and Ramsey visit on the little red estancia’s front porch. Their conversation wanders through several familiar topics then versus now.

Home-cooked Argentina Goodness and Adventure

It’s no secret that Ramsey spends lots of travel time in kitchens visited, because that’s usually the best place to get true tastes of local culture as well as food. In today’s episode, he meets with chef Facundo Jurado Esquivel, who serves up “5 meals daily” to Las Flores guests. Facu shares a few recipes and cooking techniques, telling Ramsey how he got into hunting, cooking and how longboarding downhill through Patagonia’s mountains earned him a spot on the olympic team. Why he thinks food brings hunters together and what compelled a 30 year-old man into longboarding are damned good food for thought. Enjoy!


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Why Las Flores Argentina Duck Hunting?

So named for the rosy-billed pochards that darken the sky at times, Las Flores is in Ramsey’s opinion hands-down the most consistent Argentina duck hunt in a country that reputedly offers the world’s best. But what do clients have to say about it? How do first-time and repeat guests describe hunting here as compared to home? Duck hunting experiences are subjective, and dead ducks are part of the experience. But beyond tired trigger fingers, their answers will probably surprise you.


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