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The Toronto Pipeline

The back of the green jacket hanging over the chair reads, “Goose Control.” That jacket belongs to Rob Hall, who explains why the Toronto greater metropolitan area has long held tremendous numbers of Canada geese, and how goose control upbringings later lead him into recreational hunting. And plenty of it! Despite an incredible goose abundance–and no matter how much fecal matter each Canada goose generates daily–hunting here where rural lifestyles increasingly collide with big city ideals presents unique challenges, increasing limitations. Tune in to hear about the Toronto pipeline–and watch your step!

Canada’s “Modernization” Rules, and More

It’s a pretty big deal: Canada recently modernized its migratory birds regulations to include critical possession and transportation rules pertaining to waterfowl hunters. Jim Leafloor, Head of Aquatic Unit for Environment and Climate Change Canada, explains what important rules were changed–and why (link to updated Canada Migratory Birds Regulations provided below). He and Ramsey also discuss Canada’s relatively liberal bag limits (8 mallard, 8 pintails, etc); the important role of resident and non-resident hunters, especially to modern-day waterfowl management; and ongoing drought implications.


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While passing through during a road-trip, Ramsey meets with friends Brandon Cerecke and Zach Meyer at the new BOSS Shotshells HQ. A lot sure has happened during the past couple years since BOSS Shotshells turned the no-tox ammo industry completely on it’s ear! What are the most popular BOSS loads, and how does shooters’ load preferences usually evolve over time? What’s driving the sub-gauge revolution? Beyond the perfect pattern, what else is BOSS researching–and why? Any hints as to any new innovations? And what about ammo supply-chain shortages–are we over the hump? Tune in to this hard-hitting episode to find out!

From Fabled Delta Marsh, Manitoba

Paddling quietly into an expansive marsh, setting longlines, hunting canvasbacks, and almost stepping back in time as winter approaches, Ramsey joins Scott Stephens, Ducks Unlimited Canada, for an immersive tour of iconic Delta Marsh. The long-time friends discuss the region’s history and importance, wonder aloud how one of the long-standing traditions would apply in parts of the Lower 48, and other topics.

Who Was “Wild Goose Jack” Miner?

Long before the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918, a former market hunter named Jack Miner was the very first person in Canada–and likely anywhere in North America–to attach metal leg bands to migratory waterfowl. And the leg bands he attached to his “flying preachers” were very unique. Known as Wild Goose Jack, many famous American celebrities were among his closest associates. But who was Jack Miner really? Have you ever even heard of him? What did he mean especially to locals in the southernmost portion of Canada and to the conservation movement in general? What’s becoming of his legacy in this modern era? In candid conversations with local hunters, foundation board members and long-time staff, the Jack Miner legend is explored in-depth. Whether your lanyard carries a few highly collectible Miner bands or you’ve never before heard Jack Miner, here’s an episode that you’ll definitely want to hear and share with friends!


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Manitoba Canada Father-Son Hunting and What It’s Really About

“The sounds of wild geese set me free,” explains Ian Kilpatrick, who’s spent most of his life hunting very near his home in Manitoba. From a cozy basement room adorned with bear, deer, antlers, furs, feathers and other sentimental reminders of their lifestyle, he and son, Cole, describe memorable times, special people, by-gone retrievers. While hunting styles and technologies have changed since the father was the son’s age, their then-and-now stories explain that what it is really all about remains unchanged.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Into the Vault!

Where else in the world might one find 4-gauge and 8-gauge shotguns, hard-to-find Winchester Model 12s, one-of-a-kind sports memorabilia, famous prints and other hard-to-find treasures unavailable elsewhere on the internet?! And whether shopping for that hard-to-buy-for special someone that has everything–or for yourself–just in time for Christmas! David Schuessler, Ducks Unlimited’s Chief Event Fundraising Officer, takes Ramsey “Into the Vault” at DU Headquarters, describing unique collectibles among this year’s 600 items, when the auction will run (November 21-December 3 with purchases shipping within 3 days) and where items can be drooled over, err, viewed (see link below)!


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Canada Goose Deep Dive

From ginormous Giants to mallard-sized cacklers, Canada Goose subspecies express tremendous size and color variability. Ever wondered why? Once lumped as 11 subspecies, they’re now classified as 7 Canada Goose subspecies and 4 Cackler Goose subspecies–but it was once proposed that there be 200 subspecies! Confused? Don’t be. Jim Leafloor is Head of Aquatic Unit for Environment and Climate Change Canada. A recognized authority, Leafloor’s spent a considerable portion of his extensive career researching Canada geese and throws a million candle-power spotlight on the otherwise murky subject of Canada goose subspecies.  We do a deep dive and you’re bound to learn a thing or 3 about North America’s most iconic goose.

The Birdtail Manitoba Experience

Paul Conchatre’s Birdtail Waterfowl in Manitoba isn’t just another guided waterfowl destination. It’s a whole ‘nuther level experience. And it’s all by design. Whether you’re talking the best goose decoys money can buy, customized a-frame blinds, hand-carved diver rigs or even they efficient layout of the resort-like facilities, it’s all about delivering superior experiences; it’s all in the details. And details are Conchatre’s specialty.


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A Goose Camp Somewhere In Canada

From a private goose camp somewhere in Canada, Scott Richard describes hunting ducks and geese in the Atlantic Flyway, going at it so hard that he might even have influenced changing Maryland’s blind draw system. But that was before 1995 when he discovered Canada. He now seasonally spends lots of time entertaining friends and family at his long-time goose camp away from home. How does the goose hunting compare to back home, what are some interesting camp traditions, how have habitat conditions–and even his own life–evolved since first hunting in Canada? Tune in to find hear how a one-week vacation turned into a goose camp somewhere in Canada!

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