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Birds of a Feather Together: Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunting

Hunting destinations attract certain hunter mind-sets. During a recent Mazatlán Mexico duck hunting adventure, guests came from all walks of life, a real US coast-to-coast representation of hunters. Most were solo hunter bookings. They describe how duck hunting in Mazatlán compares to hunting back home, what they enjoyed most, favorite species, meals, lodging, and, of course, the people they met. Their vacation experiences are absolute proof that birds of a feather flock together. Whether curious about what all the fuss is about or considering a south of the border hunt, these episodes are always popular. Listen to find out why!

Mallard Rockstars

Mallard ducks, absolute rockstars of duck hunting universe. Found throughout Northern Hemisphere, they’re prized for their beauty, size, and succulence. Practically the entire dabbling duck hunting playbook was scripted for mallards. But did you know there are 13 mallard-like species worldwide (both hemispheres among 5 continents)? They share similar habitats, vocalizations and behavior, but why does only the iconic Mallard have colorful breeding plumage?  From which of the 13 did they all originate?! Dr. Phil Lavretsky and I deep dive into the woodpile on mallards, mallard-like genetic studies, artificial intelligence, hybridization; farm duck origins, influences, and management implications. Guaranteed to be one of the most interesting and enlightening waterfowl conversations you’ve heard in a long while!

Legacy of the American Duck Call

Howard Harlan lives on the outskirts Nashville, where he grew up duck hunting and has been a hunting memorabilia collector for as long as can be remembered.  At one time, his duck call collection was world’s largest and depicted in his book, “The Legacy of the American Duck Call.”  In discussing American duck call origins, he describes where and why the duck call was likely invented, how and why it evolved, favorite call makers, how he got started and why he sold his collection. Plenty of great stories along the way to include–surprise– a few about his famous Music City neighbors! Y’all are going to love this one!

Setting the Record Straight

Hunting is conservation, and we all preach its merits.  Unfortunately, too oftentimes we’re mostly just preaching to our own choir members.  Introduced by her immigrant father to the great outdoors while a child, it wasn’t until pursuing a journalism degree that Gabriella Hoffman embraced guns and hunting–and found footing in hunting advocacy. The myriad ways anti-hunters undermine hunting value is mind-boggling, and we discuss ways you’d never imagine. For her, it’s about setting the record straight. Via public speaking engagements, her District of Conservation podcast and social media platforms, she reaches the 80-percent middle ground that too many of us do not. Or cannot. And that’s a very good thing.

“Real Ramsey Shit” in Guatemala

Guatemala is a new up-and-coming, work-in-progress GetDucks hunt. It’ll eventually get there, but while visiting recently, was reminded of just how challenging these start-from-scratch hunts can be. In today’s episode, I meet with a couple longtime, been-there-done-that associates to hear their thoughts. It’s a candid, behind-the-scenes glimpse that social media posts don’t really depict.

A Sportsman’s Culture

A lifelong Virginian, 22 year-old Chris Lacativa cut his teeth hunting with his dad and was first introduced to Safari Club International at age 10. He’s now their digital marketing specialist. Our conversation spins around hunting in Virginia, how a young person became involved with the preeminent First For Hunters organization in America, and its importance to all hunters of all ages–or damned well should be.

Azerbaijan Duck Hunting Report

Last year’s plans were derailed when we received positive test results on the way, but we finally made it to Azerbaijan happen. Meeting with father and son operators of North Dakota’s oldest waterfowl resort, our long awaited Azerbaijan duck hunt is discussed. Tune in to hear about this unique hunting destination.

Great Rivers Habitat Alliance

The Great Confluence is North America’s largest, occurring just outside of St. Louis, Missouri, and comprised of the Missouri, Illinois and Missouri rivers. There are 75,000-100,000 acres nearly contiguous habitat managed by private landowners and clubs dating back to the 1800s. In a state that’s lost 90% of its wetlands habitat, the Great Rivers Habitat Alliance was created to hold the fort. Long-time friend Mike Checkett joins us today, describing this amazing region, it’s long-standing importance to migratory waterfowl, what and how they’re protecting what’s left.

The Azerbaijan Duck Hunting Experience

The world’s a whole lot bigger than our own back yards, and about half-way around the world nestled right up against the Caspian Sea is Azerbaijan. Find it on a map. We all had to the first time.  There are surprisingly long-standing duck hunting traditions. While there chasing unicorn duck species, there’s no ignoring cool-factor surroundings.  Back for the first time since the pandemic, Ramsey meets with long-time associate Kenan Sherif, deep diving into a cultural backdrop that makes Azerbaijan duck hunting an old-timey National Geographic magazine story type adventure but with waders and shotgun. This episode depicts one of the most off-the-beaten-path places you’ve never thought about duck hunting. Until now.

A Rio Negro Adventure

Coffee-colored water teaming with colorful, hard-fighting fish was just the tip of the iceberg. From a floating fishing camp smack in the middle of the Amazon jungle, Ramsey meets with Acute Angling’s Harold Regis to discuss his amazing bucket-list fishing adventure.


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