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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Nope!

YOU’VE WON!!! Whopping 75% discount if you order today!!! Click Here to claim your prize! The list goes on and on and on. It’s a sign of the times and social media platforms are the perfect environment – for fraud. And it’s getting worse. Everyone’s candidate for being scammed, and you don’t have to be insta-famous for your account to be hijacked, either. Following a rash of run-ins, I reached out to Caleb McClain, Corsearch’s Brand Protection Team Leader for insight. Fascinating discussion on who these fraudsters are, what scams they’re running, and how you can protect yourself.

New Mallard Mojo Is Old School Made Right

The decoy that revolutionized duck hunting is back and better than ever! Mojo’s Terry Denmon gives the low-down on the New Mallard Mojo. There’s been lots of spinning-winged decoy designs come down the pipe in the decades since their inception, but for those duck hunters that regularly use them – like me – the New Mojo Mallard is the cat daddy of them all. What proven features were modernized and combined with what new patent-pending technologies to perfect them? Tune in to find out!

East Texas Timber Duck Hunting

Everything’s BIG in Texas! Or so they say. But East Texas, duck hunting habitats are extremely narrow hardwood timber bottoms surrounded by an upland landscape predominated by pine and pecan plantations, cattle and pastures. Mallards are the name of the game. After hugging water oaks in shin-deep water for a couple mornings, hosts Brent Wood and Back Down South Clothing’s Michael Simms describe the nuances of mallard hunting East Texas Timber.

Arkansas Duck Hunting Commander’s Corner

It’s raining cats and dogs outside, but a lodge full of guests are beaming over the great duck hunts they’ve enjoyed the past few days. Following an amazing dinner and drinks, Ramsey visits with Harrison Banks about Arkansas duck hunting at Commander’s Corner, covering of host of interesting topics.


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Arkansas Duck Hunting at Commander’s Corner

Best Steak in Dallas, Texas

While the best steak in Dallas, Texas, might be fighting words, I’ll stand by them. I knew this was going to be the case while walking up to Brandon Roy’s patio, seeing a deep bed of hot coals glowing in his custom parilla. “You have to respect first contact,” he later says about grilling steaks perfectly. But way more goes into it. See, for Brandon Roy, the entire process of grilling and smoking meats is a labor of love. And it shows.


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A Duck Calling Life

A big front was underway and this part of Kansas would be locked up solid up tight by sunrise the following morning. Before hunting fat greenheads in one of the last remaining holes, Cory Niccum and I met in front of a roaring fire, talking about his life’s trajectory pursuant to duck calling. Having called competitively since childhood, he mostly calls to live ducks from Canada to Kansas and beyond. But this ain’t a how-to episode. It’s mostly about real life. And really living it.

Duck Hunting the Rez, Oklahoma

Travel decoy carver Josh Hinson was my tour guide and duck hunting host smack in the middle of the modern-day Chickasaw Nation in Oklahoma. Fascinating adventure. We got into the thick of things, regarding living and duck hunting on the reservation, his decoy carving style and cultural ancestry. Having driven through this part of Oklahoma many times while going elsewhere, visiting for a few days was makings for one of the most uniquely informative conversations in a long time.

All About the Show at Strait Lake

“It’s all about the show,” explains Strait Lake Lodge owner Max Sharp about greenheads in the timber. Strait Lake is Sharp’s build-it-and-they-will-come Arkansas duck camp, the culmination of a lifetime chasing ducks. We talk about his duck hunting origins to include old school outdoors, his vision for Strait Lake, what all goes into creating ideal habitat, and long-term conservation ideals. It really is all about the show.

Breaking Bread with Chef John

Chef John Fearrington knows his way around hunting camp kitchens, that’s for danged sure. A powerful and articulate storyteller, he describes strong family ties and mom’s home-cooking nourishing his body, mind, and soul, giving him a profound sense of community and sending him on a colorful life journey from the deep inner city to Strait Lake Lodge, Arkansas– and beyond. Great conversation fodder that you’ll chew on for a good long while.

While Duck Hunting Beaver Dam Lake, Mississippi

Towards the end of an epic, old school duck hunt in historic Beaver Dam Lake’s Clover Hole, Mississippi, Ramsey chats with hunting companions Mike and Lamar Boyd, Dale Bordelon and John Gordon. What’s the historical significance of this lake and duck blind location?  What does hunting here mean to everyone and how’d they pay tribute to its storied past? And there’s a first for everything, even while recording Duck Season Somewhere podcast. Tune in to find out!

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