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EP 394. Behind the Levee

Behind the levee is magical; a wonderland if hunting and fishing wild, mostly untamable places in the Deep South is your thing. Long-time friend and storyteller, Jim Crews, takes us behind the levee, sharing stories from a special place his family’s now hunted for 4 generations.

EP 393. Let’s Go Fishing with Bill Dance

“Luring that fish from his world into mine was life changing,” remembers American outdoors legend Bill Dance when describing earliest fishing memories. It changed his life and many others, like myself, that have followed him since the 1970s.  Bill Dance talks about his greatest influences, proudest accomplishments, getting started into professional fishing, life lessons, self-deprecating bloopers, and much, much more. His incredible wealth of treasured information and gifted storytelling will have you listening hook, line and sinker from the get-go.

EP 392. The South Africa Duck Hunt Collectors

Wingshooting South Africa is an amazingly immersive tour encompassing ducks, geese, and upland game birds spanning 3 provinces–from Jo’berg to the Indian Ocean–but what types of hunters does this half-way-across-the-world hunt attract? Are they trophy species collectors? Experience collectors? Are they since-forever seasoned hunters? Relatively new to the sport? Tune in as Ramsey wraps up an epic 11-day South Africa tour by visiting with a collection of hunters that are as unique as the numerous winged and spiral-horned fauna of South Africa itself. Their answer might surprise you. And inspire you.


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EP 391. Atlantic Flyway Management Considerations

Atlantic Flyway mallard and Canada goose limits have doubled for the upcoming season! But why? US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Atlantic Flyway Representative, Patrick Devers, explains this and much more. Sprawling civilization and a broad array of species complicates waterfowl management in the Atlantic Flyway. In discussing issues and strategies, we fall headlong into topics involving differing adaptive harvest management models applied among US flyways, old world mallard genetic influences, black ducks, swans, brant, and eiders. Interesting episode for sure, and you might even learn a thing or three.

EP 390. Illinois River Decoy Carver

For Illinois River decoy carver, Pat Gregory, carving gunning waterfowl decoys is a family tradition that reflects where, what and how he, his ancestors and mentors have hunted waterfowl since way back when. He’s big into traditions and waterfowling history like that. While sitting in ankle-deep wood chips at his makeshift shop at Delta Waterfowl Expo, Gregory explains how his decoys and carving methods speak about him as a carver, hunter and human being. So why not just pitch plastic decoys? In true story-teller fashion, he chips away at the answer. Tune in to find out.

EP 389. Tetra Hearing’s Family Traditions

Listen up! Tetra Hearing revolutionized hearing technology by perfecting protection and enhancing targeted listening. American hunters responded and they’ve quickly risen all the way to the very top. Likewise, their staff’s grown leaps and bounds, too. Because great companies are about their people–about staff that respond to your customer service needs and help you find the very best solutions–in today’s episode we introduce you the Tetra Hearing’s growing family members. Amy Hall, Heath Hancock, Karlee Kaminski and Troy McGowan explain varied backgrounds, what hearing protections means to them personally, and how they can help you. Entertaining and educational. Give it a listen!


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EP 388. Importing Trophy Birds Across US Borders

International duck hunts are great ways to extend hunting season, see more world, put your hands on new waterfowl species.  Whether collecting experiences, trophies, or both, most traveling hunters want to bring home beautiful specimens. While it’s mostly “just paperwork and protocols,” it’s still kind of a big deal—necessarily way, way more involved than bringing home a sombrero or gift shop coffee mug. Long-time US Fish and Wildlife Inspector, Jeff Moore, works several ports of entry along the Arizona border. Covering many need-to-know topics, he walks us through properly importing trophy birds across United States borders.

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EP 387. Mountain View Mallards

The Shoshone River, the world-famous Big Horn River and the Clark’s Fork of the Yellow Stone River make northeast Wyoming special. Especially when it comes to chasing fat greenheads and honkers–and what a view! Noah Miller talks about growing up, hunting experiences, what lead him into guiding waterfowl, and why duck hunting this out-of-the-way corner of Wyoming is unique.

Mountain View Mallards: Call Matt Schauer at 952-212-4828 to inquire.

EP 386. The Outlaw Gunner’s Son

“He wasn’t just telling history and collecting stuff. He was writing about a lot of people he grew up with, collecting many things he’d actually used or heard about during boyhood,” says Joe Walsh of his father, Dr. Harry Walsh that authored the landmark book, Outlaw Gunner. Covering some market hunting tools-of-the-trade and old-ways practices while speculating when the last punt guns were likely fired on the Chesapeake Bay–because some old habits died hard–gives way to stories about who Joe’s dad was a duck hunter, father, historian and stalwart conservationist.


“Earth, our home, sits like. jewel in the center of infinity. Ours is the only planet capable of sustaining life as we know it. We share a common environment with other members of the animal kingdom. We hunters must contribute to our own sport and to the preservation of these beautiful birds.” Dr. Harry Walsh, c. 1968

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EP 385. The Grand Prairie, Arkansas

When and why did the great State of Arkansas become synonymous with mallard ducks? Describing land features then and now, and legendary properties, hunting guides and call makers, Brent Birch of Little Rock, Arkansas, explains.

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