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EP 384. The Eider Godfather

Eight-two year-young Phil Stanton cut his teenaged duck hunting teeth hunting among salty, yesteryear watermen that braved Massachusetts’s rocky coast for seaducks, quandy and coots, as they were colloquially referred. Eider ducks have predominated his entire life since. His incredibly colorful then-versus-now stories about eiders, hunters, techniques and gear; about oil-spill rehabilitation attempts; and about pioneering new eider breeding colonies leaves little doubt that he is, indeed, the Eider Godfather.

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Upton’s Phil Stanton is our eider godfather.

EP 383. Why the La Paz Argentina Combo

Following an action-packed week shooting ducks, doves, decoying pigeons and catching golden dorado, Ramsey gathers round the supper table to hear what guests will most remember about their week at La Paz. He then visits with world famous hostess, Martha Martha. Their answers might surprise you. Then again, maybe not! Whether curious about hunting south of the equator or choosing your next destination, you’ll appreciate these candid perspectives.

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EP 382. Cooking Up Real Conservation in Cordoba, Argentina

When you come to a fork in the road, take it. Today’s conversation proves the point. John Odell was Arizona’s Migratory Game Bird Coordinator when, 20 years into his career, he abruptly moved to Buenos Aires to pursue culinary arts. But he’s now cooking up way more than “meat over fire!” While many people–myself included–have believed that overharvest inevitably resulted in the near-total collapse of Cordaba’s formerly immense eared dove population, Odell thinks otherwise. He’s now setting the table for a comeback, explaining his long-term recipe for meaningful conservation in today’s episode.

EP 381. As Viewed Through the Lens

Justin Mueller grew up on a central Minnesota dairy farm and recalls the time his mother broke out a map to figure out where his first videography assignment was taking him (in Iowa). He’s since seen lots of hunting world through the lens! Following a couple weeks working together, Ramsey meets with Mueller to hear how Argentina as viewed through a camera lens compared to his own over-the-shotgun view.

EP 380. Duck Hunting Argentina’s Wild, Remote Parana River Delta

Argentina’s Parana River Delta is second only to the Amazon River in size. But as viewed from a floating duck camp located tens of miles from even the nearest dirt road, you’d hardly know the difference–wild, unspoiled marsh stretching to the horizon in all directions. And ducks. Lots of them. Accessing such remoteness requires an hour-and-a-half boat ride, but accommodations, services and hospitality are far from spartan. To the contrary. Immersed in the middle of nowhere, world-class duck hunting is just minutes away. Those that crave wild ducks in truly wild places will appreciate hearing about this new adventure destined to become absolute legend.

EP 379. Argentina Duck-Dove-Pigeon-Dorado Combo Couples Trip

This Argentina duck hunting combo has been a long-time client favorite, but besides hot-barrel action for ducks, doves, and decoying wild pigeons, what makes it really stand out? We 5 hunters brought our non-hunting spouses along, too. Fun-filled vacation for everyone? Tune in to hear how you really can have your cake and eat it too!

La Paz Argentina Duck Hunting Combo Wingshooting Adventure

EP 378. Story-Driven Scientist

American evolutionary biologist Shane Campbell-Staton is host of the 6-part PBS documentary Human Footprint. He recounts some of the most interesting, funny and surprising experiences–like running down a river wearing a helmet and covered in fish slime. We wonder why some folks seem so disconnected from nature and who humans should be as a species. Check out Human Footprint on PBS, details below.

HUMAN FOOTPRINT, a new six-part PBS science documentary, premieres Wednesdays, July 5 – August 9, at 9 p.m. ET.

EP 377. “Making Turtle Soup”

“Making turtle soup,” is how today’s guest, Douglas Spale from Kansas City describes a round-about conversation of topics like the one we enjoy in today’s episode. Though he grew up hunting along Nebraska’s Platte River, a move to Chicago gave him the bug for travel hunting throughout the United States with a couple retriever and bird dog sidekicks, mixing it up on public land, and sharing his stories.

EP 376. Failproof Argentina Duck Hunting

Argentina’s ongoing drought is the worse since 1901, and in a landscape predominated by ephemeral wetlands, that’s a really big deal. Unless you’ve got a foolproof plan. Gathered before a roaring fire in a newly renovated, 1800s-era estancia, Ramsey joins the Argentina Duck Hunt Giveaway Contest Winner, first-time and long-time guests–and the outfitter that always makes it happen–to hear their perspectives about this trip-of-a-lifetime Argentina duck hunting experience.

EP 375. New Wildlife Management Paradigm: Remove Hunting-related Funding?

Hunting generates gazillions of dollars for wildlife conservation, and everyone in society benefits from wildlife conservation, right? Then why are anti-hunting organizations reinventing the world-envied North American Model by removing crucial hunting-related funding from wildlife management?! Just who the f-bomb are these groups, how are they replacing hard science with social science, how are they leveraging the public trust doctrine against us and–you can not make this stuff up–putting us all on the hook to foot the bill?! Todd Adkins, VP of Government Affairs, Sportsman’s Alliance, names names, explains how they are undermining our treasured hand-me-down hunting traditions and–get this–why they’re so damned much better at it than we are.

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