South Africa Bird Hunting

South Africa Bird Hunting

africa duck hunting 1000139_250x188South Africa bird hunting (Africa duck hunting combo), to include a wide variety of ducks, geese and upland species, offers avid wingshooting travelers an authentic taste of Africa, a refreshingly challenging shotgun adventure. As stated by a long-time revisiting guest, “Africa bird hunting is must-do for any serious shotgunner. For the money, the volume may be a little lower (than Argentina hunts), but Africa bird hunting is a high-quality experience, that presents more diverse and challenging shooting, and best of all – you’re in AFRICA!”

This excellent Africa duck hunting and bird hunting combo package is perfectly delivered with the expertise of nearly 2 decades professional guide-outfitter bird hunting experience in South Africa. Located in the Freestate Province of South Africa, about 3 hours south of Johannesburg, this Africa bird hunt easily accommodates for groups of 4-8 (single occupancy), from serious hunters to vacationing families, that seek to experience real South Africa.

As the foremost agricultural production area within Africa, the regionally-important crops of maize, sorghum and sunflower attract great numbers and diversity of game bird species indigenous to the region. South Africa bird hunting trips may be custom-coordinated with extended activities to include photo safaris, plains game or big game safaris, or Cape Town tours.
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Whether seeking some of another continent’s exotic crown jewels for a growing collection, or expanding wing-shoot and travel horizons, this Africa bird hunting trip is the perfect remedy. Common species include Egyptian Goose, Spur-winged Goose, African Yellow-billed Duck, African Shelduck, Red-billed Teal, Hottentot Teal, Cape Shoveler, White-faced Whistling Duck; Helmeted Guineafowl, Swainson’s Francolin, Orange River Francolin; Redeye Dove, Laughing Dove, Cape Turtle Dove and Rock Pigeon. Most of South Africa’s most popular game animals are also available nearby, or guests may choose to seriously trophy hunt at several other venues that are also available.
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While the list of bird species hunted is impressive, the diversity of shooting tests presented by hunting them during the course of a single week is equally so: Egyptian and spur-winged geese present challenging pass shooting as they fly between pre-scouted reservoirs and feeding areas. Depending on guest objectives, ducks are also pass shot, but may be hunted with decoys or by spot and stalk methods to ensure certain species. Francolin are hunted over staunchly-pointing German shorthairs that know their business, and it’s not uncommon for them to pin guineafowl as well. Doves and pigeons provide fast-paced shooting as they dart into grain fields in impressive number. With knowledge of the terrain and bird habits, field-staff ensure that driven guineafowl shoots are fun, productive, and easily high on the client favorite list.

Accommodations, food and staff services are of the highest standards and ensure that guests experience magnificent South Africa in its proper cultural context. Our South Africa duck hunting guests are lodged in charming, generations-old, family farmhouse with 7 en-suite bedrooms, a large central dining room, a well-stocked bar and cozy social area where guests may fellowship. After the hunting, guests enjoy an African sundowner – a roaring fire and cocktails. Dinner is a three-course affair, to include various venison, beef, pork, chicken and game bird with traditional African seasonings. The perfect South African wine accompanies each night’s feast. Nothing is spared in ensuring that the hunters are well fed and ready for the next day’s adventure.

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