Nebraska Duck Hunting

Nebraska Duck Hunting

Prairie Rock OutfittersNEBRASKA DUCK HUNTING delivers the best Nebraska duck hunting available. Hands down. Think skies full of bull greenheads and big Canada geese floating slow-mo into decoys. Western Nebraska receives little relative hunting pressure due to limited public hunting opportunities. Central to this waterfowler’s dream-come-true is a staggering 25 miles of North Platte River duck hunting habitat accompanied by 325,000-acres exclusive landholdings, where the deer and the antelope play, too.  Countless acres of harvested high-yield corn, wheat and beans sustain multitudinous migrating and overwintering waterfowl. Several nearby waterfowl areas (State WMAs and private-landowner cooperatives) provide inviolate sanctuaries. Miles of freeze-proof ,warm-water sloughs ensure winter-long open water. For what more could ducks, geese or waterfowl hunters ask?

Hunts are usually within a half-hour of camp. Hunting takes place over dry fields and water depending on bird activity. North Platte River duck hunting and field hunts mostly entail large, comfortable pit blinds have heaters and cooking areas for creature comfort. Those and a coffee thermos, plus a coat pocket full of ammo, and you’re set. Decoy spreads are sizable, consisting of quality floaters and full-bodies, but by placing them just right the landing zone will be perfect. Mobile blinds are equipped to run-and-gun to specific hotspots as the need arises.

Greenhead and honker hunting is the main event. Other species include common goldeneyes, American wigeon, green-winged teal, cackling geese, and more. Ask the outfitter about pheasants and grouse hunting.

Recount the day’s events from clean, comfortable cabins nestled into Nebraska’s rolling countryside. It’s easy to find yourself wondering spectacle of waterfowl witnessed first by Native Americans and later by fur traders and later yet by American pioneers traveling westwards along the old Oregon, Mormon, Pony Express and Deadwood trails. The surrounding area is rife with historical reminders of the Old West.

Preceded by hearty appetizers, excellent dinners feature never-before-frozen Nebraska corn-fed, fresh from the ranch beef – ribeyes as thick as stone pavers and tender prime-rib. The day’s harvest of wild game is available, too. Surprisingly, there’s usually some recently-caught Louisiana redfish, shrimp or alligator to liven things up a little. You’ll not go hungry – for ducks, food, or memories.


This Nebraska duck hunt along the fabled North Platte River is destined to become legendary for the very good reasons described (especially for world-class mallard and Canada goose hunting). To experience the best North Platte River duck hunting in Nebraska, Contact Ryan Livingston at 308-262-5966, email




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