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The world’s best duck hunting and wingshooting adventures

You didn’t arrive to by accident. You are here because you are a serious duck hunter. You want the hunt of a lifetime. And you know that it’s always duck season…somewhere.

You’ve come to the right place.  Now 20 years in business, we specialize in worldwide waterfowl hunting and wingshooting.  It’s not only what we do – it’s all we do.   We don’t sidetrack ourselves with big game and fishing (but both are available at many destinations). We’ve personally hunted each destination many times. GetDucks reputation is backed by 20-plus years delivering real duck hunts for real duck hunters. Solo hunters also welcomed—See worldwide duck hunts hosted by Ramsey Russell (Updated).

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** Special Conservation Feature **  BATTLEGROUND AUSTRALIA Documentary, a collaborative project among US and Australian hunters, scientists and conservationists to collect invaluable scientific data. Special thanks to Safari Club International, Field and Game Australia and others. This project is extremely important because in the absence of meaningful science, Australia anti-hunters threaten a continuation of sustainable hunting.



Featured Hunts Mazatlan Mexico Honeymoon Duck Hunt

Welcome to the FUN side of the border! With over 30 years of duck hunting experience Mexico’s west coast, the staff is utmost professional, knowledgeable, delivering the best duck hunting vacation imaginable.  Generous limits to include the teal trifecta and more. But pack the flip flops, sunscreen, and grab your squeeze – we don’t call this a “honeymoon duck hunt” without good reason – hunters return to the resort by noon, spending plenty quality with our better halves for the day’s remainder. Non-hunting spouses LOVE IT! Just show her the photo gallery!

Learn more, see photos and client testimonials Mexico DUCK HUNTING

Our #1 hunt and for very good reason –’s All-inclusive package includes everything but ammo!  As featured on World of Beretta and in Wildfowl Magazine. Liberal bag limits for ducks to include Cinnamon Teal, Mexican Mallard, much more! Add fast-paced white-winged dove hunting, rod-bending lunker largemouth bass fishing, Pacific brant hunting (limited) or Elegant Quail and Gambel’s Quail shooting for a super combo. Peaks in January-February.  This hunts book out quickly each year.  Limited 2020 availability. Now accepting 2021 reservations.

Learn more, see photos and client testimonials


Australia Duck Hunting is a continuation of unchartered waterfowling adventures provided exclusively by, and like many of our other off-the-beaten-path destinations, duck hunting in Australia provides an immersive experience for only 1-3 guests per session in a laid back, highly-interpersonal atmosphere – guide-staff comfortably feels more like falling in among long-lost friends than staying in a bustling hotel.

A fun “run-and-gun” itinerary allows guests to experience the maximum number of habitats and to shoot the maximum diversity of waterfowl species available.

Learn more, see photos and client testimonials


Duck hunting Azerbaijan is an incredible, deep-in-the-grass adventure in a remote, overlooked corner of the world. Huge wetlands overwinter very many waterfowl to include a diversity of unique Eurasian species such as red-crested pochards and more Eurasian wigeons than you’ve ever imagined. Introduced in 2018, duck hunting Azerbaijan is a rare experience like none other and is available exclusively through Ramsey Russell’s

Learn more, see photos and client testimonials MEXICO DUCK HUNT

Mexico duck and dove hunt designed specifically for private groups of 4-8 to be lodged exclusively among themselves. This all-inclusive, 4-night, 3-day (6 hunts) package features pothole decoying ducks during the morning and fast-action grain-field doves during the afternoons.  Guests return to well-appointed hacienda between hunts for lunch and a well-deserved siesta. Peak hunts dates are January through February. Species include northern pintail, American wigeon, Mexican ducks (aka Mexican mallards), green-winged teal, blue-winged teal, cinnamon teal and more.

Learn more, see photos and client testimonials


Our brand of Argentina duck hunting favors exceptional hunting above all else. Not all Argentina ducks hunts are equal – after 17 years of exploring, these have proven to be very best. Period.  Our outfitters are utterly committed to high-quality wingshooting in a friendly, authentic environment.  Forget over-priced transfer fees and other frivolous add-ons. Save your money for things that really matter – mas cartuchos!  Choose ducks, more ducks, or duck combos. After more than a decade of specializing in duck hunting trips, we’ve amassed the perfect collection of real Argentina duck hunting trips for true hunters.  As genuine American duck hunters ourselves, we know real duck hunting.

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Alaska King Eider Hunters

Best Alaska King Eider Hunt available. Period. Delivered 100% success on trophy kings for each of the past 7 years. Our team is available at all times before, during and after your hunt to ensure the smoothest possible travel because this is a trip to remote Alaska in January, to to Arkansas! In addition to king eiders, guests should expect to target long-tailed ducks and harlequins. White-winged scoters are possible. Pacific common eiders are rarely taken. Alaska king eider hunt is the trip of a lifetime for the pinnacle of North American waterfowl trophies. Now booking 2020 (limited) and 2021 dates.

Learn more, see photos and client testimonials


Argentina Hunting Waterfowl


Consistent shooting, generous duck limits, lodging, dining and service - Browse Argentina hunts


Sea Duck Hunting

Harlequins, Pacific Eiders, Barrows’s and Common Goldeneyes, Atlantic Ediers and majestic King Eiders - Browse Sea Duck Hunting hunts MEXICO DUCK HUNTS


Ramsey Russell's collection offers the proven best Mexico duck hunting experiences available for collectors and hunting enthusiasts. - Browse Mexico hunts

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In this edition of The End Of The Line podcast, Ramsey Russell and Rocky Leflore get together for another episode of the Life’s Short, Get Ducks series. They talk about our differences in taste. We find out Ramsey may very well be a liberal. Then, Ramsey tells some stories from his days of knowing Rob Heflin. Rocky surprises […]

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In this edition of The End of The Line podcast, I am joined by Ramsey Russell. Today, we talk about the Blood Origins episode entitled “Uncharted Waters.” What makes this episode so unique? What makes it so good? We debate what some may be missing in their short-term thinking of why waterfowling is changing. Ramsey […]

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Life’s Short, Get Ducks: “Russia” Part I

In this edition of The End Of The line podcast, Ramsey Russell and Rocky Leflore get together for another great Life’s Short GetDucks episode. Ramsey recaps the last few days of hunting in Mississippi and then he begins to tell the story of hunting Russia. It is a interesting one and  shows the difference in […]

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This week on the show we’re talking with Ramsey Russell of about hunting waterfowl around the world.

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Argentina Duck Hunting: A Walk In Jake’s Shoes

In this edition of The End Of The Line Podcast, Jake Latendresse, Josh Webb, and Rocky Leflore get together to discuss Jake’s week Argentina duck hunting. From the flight in all the way the hugs goodbye, this podcast episode has everything you need to know about duck hunting in Argentina as a first-timer.

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Facts and Principles of Waterfowl Hunting Canada

Ramsey Russell joins the show to talk waterfowl hunting in Canada. We talk facts and principles you should know if going duck hunting in Canada, help you make a better decision of where to go in Canada, and some surprises for Ramsey this week while he was in the field.

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Life’s Short, Get Ducks: Eating Ducks and Who Cares What Somebody Shoots, Wears, or Drives?

Rocky Leflore is joined by Ramsey Russell to talk about why duck meat gets a bad name and how to fix it right. We then talk about why anybody cares how or what somebody else uses in waterfowl hunting.

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In this edition of The End of The Line podcast, I am joined by Ramsey Russell. We talk about why he is not the most enthusiastic turkey hunter, but nonetheless has some of the most exciting stories. Listen as he tells one of the best Mexico turkey hunting stories ever as he describes chasing Ocellated […]

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Life's Short GetDucks


THIS PLACE ROCKS! I just thought I’d drop you a note to let you know that we are having a blast! Everything and everyone has been awesome! Martha is a Jewel ? ! She’s amazing and I can hardly wait for next week’s Rio Salado Argentina duck hunt – and booking more hunts with! Thanks! […]
- Cary Simonds

Read hundreds of reasons why GetDucks is the best!
"said this was the best they’d ever been on..."
We had a great time dove hunting in Argentina.  Everything was first-class. Most importantly, our clients had a good time.  Several that had been on Argentina dove hunts previously said this was the best they’d ever been on and that the shooting was far more challenging than they’d experienced elsewhere.  We’ve all been in the […]
- Chris Eaves

Read hundreds of reasons why GetDucks is the best!
"Argentina duck hunt – Quantity of birds. Variety of birds. Hospitality. Food and Drink...."
Argentina duck hunt – Quantity of birds.  Variety of birds.  Hospitality. Food/Drink. I travel a lot, therefore I book lots of travel.  Using eliminates my having to worry about all the details – It’s all taken care of!!! Howard W. Referenced hunt: Argentina duck hunt (Las Flores)
- Howard W.

Read hundreds of reasons why GetDucks is the best!
"Baja Mexico Brant Hunt was excellent and professionally run..."
Baja Mexico Brant Hunt – Travel was safe and organized; accommodations were comfortable and convenient; food and service were excellent; hunting was excellent and professionally run; entire process was easy and resulted in an incredible trip. made this trip so smooth by providing a seamless transition at each step, presumably because they have done […]
- Andrew Langley

Read hundreds of reasons why GetDucks is the best!
"Another great Argentina duck hunt…..."
“Thanks for putting together another great Argentina duck hunt.  The last morning, in particular, will always be one of my fondest wingshooting memories! I’d have had a great time even if the ducks had not flown, but we sure put a hurt on them.” – Robert Story Referenced Hunt: Argentina Duck Hunt Jacana
- Robert Story

Read hundreds of reasons why GetDucks is the best!
"Obregon Mexico – Easy travel. Good hunting. Lots of ducks...."
Obregon Mexico Duck Hunting Combo – Easy travel. Good hunting. Lots of ducks. Great camaraderie, weather, good number of birds, staff at the lodge is good. The lodge is dated, it’s comfortable and the service and value are good. This was my 2nd trip and I will do it again. Ramsey and Anita They make […]
- David W. Owen

Read hundreds of reasons why GetDucks is the best!
"New Zealand duck hunting highly recommended! Kiwi vs Aussie banter was all I needed to feel right at home...."
When I contacted Ramsey Russell at about a trip to New Zealand hunting ducks he asked what specifically did I want to hunt. My response was that I’d not yet hunted Paradise Shelduck and anything else was a bonus. Well the boys sure delivered, from the moment we were greeted at the airport to our drop off […]
- Glenn Falla, Australia

Read hundreds of reasons why GetDucks is the best!
"I easily recommend"
I have worked and hunted with many hunting agencies all over the world and can easily recommend  The duck hunting trips arranged for us were great hunts and very well organized. Ramsey and Anita make sure all details are attended.  There is nothing worse than getting to some remote location and greeted with surprises. […]
- Terry Denmon, Host MOJO TV, President & CEO MOJO Outdoors

Read hundreds of reasons why GetDucks is the best!

Press Room

When Ramsey stumbled into an opportunity to go gunning from a traditional sink box in Nova Scotia he jumoed at the chance. From a historical perspective, the sink box represents the end of the market hunting era and the birth of waterfowl hunting as we know it today. Read full story:  Sink Box History, Politics […]

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"Hunter’s Duck-To-Delish Tips: Taste of The Wild Side"
Ramsey Russell puts the skewered duck poppers on his grill with a sizzle and a smile.  The bacon wrap’s aroma whets the appetite of anyone within nose shot. Whiffs deepen, with meaty duck subnotes and a whisper of sweetness and tart wafting along after it. Pineapple maybe? Ginger? Both? duck hunt expert Russell, organizer […]

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Team MOJO traveled with Ramsey Russell’s for some Fast & Furious Argentina Duck Hunting at La Flores.  THIS is the kind of duck shooting for which Argentina and are world-famous.  These 2 dynamite episodes aired in 2013. Read more about Argentina duck hunting at Las Flores Watch the preview below  

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First-ever televised Peru duck hunt for cinnamon teal.  Part TWO of a 2-part series initially aired on Sportsman Channel in July 2013.  With the highest concentration of cinnamon teal in the world, this Peru duck hunting offers Inca culture that seems to be around every corner. This show will bring surprises from the opening bell to […]

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"It’s Always Duck Season Somewhere: Ramsey Russell Pursues Waterfowl to the Ends of the Earth"
One of the reasons Ramsey Russell GetDucks started on this journey was to live life to the fullest and to hunt game in places where he could be transported–if only for a little while–to a time before mankind made it’s mark upon the planet. “And that’s getting more difficult to find in the year 2023,’ […]

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US Hunt List Hunts

Missouri Duck Hunting

outfitters for waterfowl hunting MO

Missouri is usually where many mallards hang out until until hard water and snow cover finally drives drive them further south.
See more about Missouri Duck Hunting

New England Sea Duck Hunting

Best Guided Sea Duck Hunts New England

World renown for its eider hunting, New England waterfowling offers an incredible change of scenery and is an excellent place to check off lots of North America waterfowl species. RPM Outdoors specializes in making your hunt priorities a reality.
See more about New England Sea Duck Hunting

Nebraska Duck Hunt


World-class Nebraska duck hunting targeting mallards and Canada geese in the fabled North Platte River Valley. Long-time professional outfitter has a proven track-record for success in Nebraska and Wyoming.
See more about Nebraska Duck Hunt

Texas Goose Hunting – Panhandle


Texas goose hunting the west Texas panhandle remains America's best kept secret. Countless, shallow playa lakes in a landscape of agriculture provides perfect overwintering habitat for thousands of geese, ducks and sandhill cranes.
See more about Texas Goose Hunting – Panhandle

Saskatchewan Canada Waterfowl Hunts


Prairie Limits Outfitters delivers superior Saskatchewan Canada waterfowl hunts in "The land of Living Skies."
See more about Saskatchewan Canada Waterfowl Hunts

Alberta Canada Duck and Goose Hunt

Best Alberta Waterfowl Hunting Guide

Ranchland Outfitters best-of-best Alberta Canada Duck and goose hunting packages feature excellent waterfowl hunts, world-class food, unrivaled hospitality.
See more about Alberta Canada Duck and Goose Hunt

Wyoming Waterfowl Hunting

Wyoming Duck Hunting

World-class hunting for mallards and Canada geese along the legendary North Platte River in Wyoming-Nebraska with long-time professional outfitter that has a proven track-record for success.
See more about Wyoming Waterfowl Hunting

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