Our poster-boy Argentina duck hunt for good reason. Ducks, every time.

There are generally two kinds of Argentina duck hunters: those that have been there and those that want to go. The upcoming Life’s Short GetDucks episode, “The Flowers,” takes place at our poster-boy, real duck hunter’s Argentina duck hunt, a place we refer to as Las Flores, which literally translates to “the flowers.” It was so named because nobody but nobody produces decoying rosy-billed pochards like this outfitter. Sure, you’ll take all of the usual species, but decoying rosy-bills will steal your duck hunting heart. #getducks #lifesshortgetducks #itsduckseasonsomewhere #argentinaduckhunting #rosybilledpochard #duckhunting #ramseyrussellgetducks #bossmen #realduckhunting #huntingtravel @ramseyrussellgetducks

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