Las Flores Argentina duck hunting

Argentina Duck Hunting Las Flores

argentina duck huntingArgentina duck hunting Las Flores is a real duck hunter’s duck hunt; a super combination of simple yet comfortable lodging, excellent service, superb organization  and fast-paced duck shooting.   Las Flores offers the greatest value in volume Argentina duck hunting available.  Look no further for superior duck hunting in Argentina. Says Ramsey Russell, “Regards Argentina duck hunting, it’s consistently Disneyland-like thrills, but in a duck blind.”

The Las Flores Argentina duck hunt features comfortable, well-camouflaged dry and semi-dry blinds, and the quality equipment necessary to get ducks – lots of them – every single time.  Easy, convenient walks to the blind are the norm.  Absolutely no hunting detail is spared.   There’s plenty of time for delicious chef prepared meals (plus 16 square-feet of appetizers between meals), enjoy the well-stocked bar, visit or doze by the fireplace, and get ready for the afternoon’s hunt.

From Buenos Aires you’ll be driven straight to camp and will hunt ducks shortly after lunch.  Mornings consist of fast-paced, Argentina duck hunting for a complete variety of species. No one in Argentina truly owns decoying rosy-billed pochards like this outfitter. Rosy-bills are the specialty here and abundant, but expect the full diversity of Argentina duck species. Shoot ducks twice daily, morning and evening, with plenty of relaxation and a mid-day siesta. Occasional afternoon shoots for doves and pigeons, as well as perdiz hunting over some of the very best GSPs in Argentina are included at no extra cost – but most clients opt for more ducks!

Duck hunting sites are intensively managed to ensure consistently high-quality shooting.  Drives to the blind are usually within a half-hour.  Expect very short walks over even terrain to the duck blind; guests with limited mobility are very easily accommodated here. Following the final morning duck hunt, you’ll be transferred for an overnight in Buenos Aires, to the airport for flight back to the U.S. that evening or on to another destination.

Light waders and field clothing appropriate for temperatures between 30 and 60 degrees are all that’s required for clothing.  Laundry service is available. The estancia is well-stocked with a selection of semi-auto and over-under shotguns. During a recent phone call, a long-time guest of Las Flores recently summed the shooting perfectly as, ” a high-percentage of rosybills decoying so close I used nothing but cylinder choke.”

NOTE: Exact drive times from EZE to camp vary among years depending on water conditions but are usually within about 5-1/2 or fewer hours. This Argentina duck hunting outfitter makes superior duck hunting happen regardless of water conditions. Shoots are consistently superior. There will be zero excuses. Ever. But there will be more decoying ducks than any other outfitter in Buenos Aires – and lots of them – every single time. has represented this operator for a decade-plus.

Learn more in The Thunder Down Under – Argentina Duck Hunting at Las Flores (Wildfowl Mag, 2016)

The following Life’s Short GetDucks short film feature about Las Flores demonstrates perfectly why this hunt is our go-to for duck hunting Argentina.

Fast-paced hunts with decoying rosy-bills are the specialty here. Nobody but nobody does Argentina duck hunts better.



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