New Zealand Duck Hunting

New Zealand Duck Hunting

new zealand duck huntNew Zealand duck hunting is a high-quality experience that can provide fun for the entire family. The natural habitat for New Zealand’s  waterfowl is spectacular. In addition to duck species popularly hunted in the United States are indigenous species that top avid bird hunters’ lists. New Zealand South Island is a fun and unique destination.

Endemic duck species prized by collectors include Paradise Shelducks (Tadorna variegate), Pacific Black Ducks (Anas superciliosa), Australian Shovelers (Anas rhynchotis). Mallards and Canada Geese thrive, as do Black Swans (Cygnus atratus), and comprise the bulk of the New Zealand waterfowl hunting bag.  New Zealand waterfowl hunting is characterized by high-quality wingshooting. Waterfowl are plentiful, with daily bags usually exceeding the lawful take in the US, but New Zealand duck hunting is about exotic species in the most enchanting scenery imaginable. Fifteen-plus waterfowl are a reasonable expectation.

Duck hunting in New Zealand is from comfortable maimais (duck blinds) on land or water, usually 2-3 hunters per blind. Baiting is legal, but not always necessary because waterfowl remain unpressured by hunting. Guns may be unplugged. New Zealand duck hunting season runs May through July and coincides with prime hunting for many big game species. You may bring your own shotgun very easily, but firearms are included in these New Zealand duck hunting packages for those so inclined.

Upland bird hunting in New Zealand rounds out our wingshooting programs perfectly. There’s plenty from which to choose, too. Puekekos (Porphyrio melanotus), sometimes called blue pheasants, are native species that dwell along wetland margins and prized by collectors. California quail most common of the introduced upland game birds and are found in both islands in coveys of usually between 10 and 100 birds.

For the best of all worlds, be sure to look at the New Zealand Hunting Calendar when planning your trip.



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