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We deliver high-quality wingshooting adventures 365 days per year, providing the endless duck season as well as hunting experiences for other waterfowl and game birds. We represent a growing list of proven outfitters world-wide: duck hunting, goose hunting and bird hunting in 6 Canadian provinces, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Russia, New Zealand, South Africa, Alaska, New England. The list keeps growing.

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We do the homework and offer hunting packages only after our knowledgable, experienced resource experts have first scouted them; our expectations are high, our proven outfitters deliver their very best. offers honest, ethical and objective representations of all duck hunts offered. We want no less for you than for ourselves – high quality bird hunting experiences.

The waterfowl season runs 365 days a year if you don’t mind travel – it really is always duck season somewhere. Contact us for more information and be sure to inquire about group rates, youth hunter discounts and father-son promotionals. Looking for a particular hunting trip or specific package features? Quit dreaming. Ready to start pulling the trigger? Let us hear from you.

See the new Duck Hunting Brochure – Offering the World’s Best Duck Hunting Experiences (PDF). Would you like to have a printed copy mailed? Contact us below and it will be our pleasure to send one.

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