Kansas Duck and Goose Hunting

KANSAS GOOSE HUNTINGKANSAS DUCK AND GOOSE HUNTING like you’ve always dreamed becomes reality at Ben Webster’s Big Kansas Outdoors. Located smack in the middle of the Central Flyway, this young, energetic and experienced team have proven they’ve got what it takes to produce big piles in short order.  Five of the 6-duck daily limit can be mallards. Among your daily goose bag can be 6 honkers, 2 white-fronts, and 50 snows. Bring plenty of ammo just in case.  Located with 1-day driving distance most places in the US, it’s little wonder that Kansas has become the go-to destination for many avid waterfowlers.

Dry-field hunting for Canada geese, cackling geese, specklebellies and mallards is the Kansas duck and goose hunting staple, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find as many American wigeons anywhere in Mississippi or Atlantic flyways. Other common species include snow geese, Ross’ geese, northern pintails, gadwalls and wood ducks.   Feeling extra energetic after lunch? There’s plenty of ring-necked pheasants and bobwhite quail nearby, too!

It’s all about location, location, location. Located in America’s Heartland, Kansas has lots of hot cereal crops, natural wetlands and critical sanctuary areas within close proximity that attract and overwinter millions of migrating waterfowl each year. Big Kansas Outdoors is 7 years in the making and brings the tireless enthusiasm necessary to keep their clients on active feeds (rarely just running traffic). Two full-time scouts and 4 part-time scouts/guide assistants stay on the road while 3 full-time guides deliver the results. Great calling, big spreads, quality equipment and dog power really bring it home.

Guests are lodged in an excellent B&B conveniently central to hunting areas. Driving themselves to a determined location each morning, they meet the guide-staff to find that the stage has been set. Bird activity determines the game plan: edge set-ups with A-frames, heaters as necessary, and 50 dozen full-bodies; the middle ground with 100-120 dozen socks and silhouettes, back-boards and rotaries; water set-ups with 10-12 dozen floaters and full-bodies, mojos, jerk cords and A-frame blinds. And then it’s show time. Hunt until limits or about 11 AM, whichever comes first. Home-cooked brunches and hearty dinners are par for the course.

For more information about Kansas duck and goose hunts with Big Kansas outdoors, contact Ben Webster at 620-200-4372, email bpweb25@gmail.com.



Kansas Duck Hunting Season November through late-January

Kansas Goose Hunting Season November through mid-February

Kansas Snow Goose Hunting Season November through late-February

PEAK DATES: Usually Thanksgiving through end of January


Kansas duck and goose hunting rates:

$1,750 Big Kansas Outdoors Waterfowl-Upland Hunting Combo, 3-day package includes 3 nights lodging and meals, 5 hunts (3 mornings waterfowl and 2 afternoon upland).

$1,300 Big Kansas Outdoors Waterfowl Hunt, 3-day package includes 3 nights lodging and meals, 3 morning waterfowl hunts.

Youth Discount: Youths ages 16 and under receive 20% discount.

Terms: A 50% deposit to confirm reservation, Balance due on arrival. Deposit is non-refundable, but hunt can be rescheduled. All legal forms of tender accepted.



Kansas duck and goose hunting packages include professional guide services and equipment, retrievers, lodging, meals.

Not Included

Kansas duck and goose hunting packages do not include your travel, gratuities (10-20% to guides), bird processing ($3 per), ammo, or anything of a personal nature.



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Getting There – Kansas Duck and Goose Hunting at Big Kansas Outdoors

Guests are lodged at Prairie Oaks Inn in Sylvia, Kansas.  Nearest airport is Wichita, about 1:15 hours from camp.


Retriever Policy – Kansas Duck and Goose Hunting at Big Kansas Outdoors

Obedient retrievers are welcomed. Guide-staff have excellent retrievers.


Waterfowl Limits – Kansas Duck and Goose Hunting

Ducks 6, of which 5 may be mallards

Canada Geese 6

White-fronts 2

Light Geese 50

Possession 3x daily limit

Birds are strictly the hunter’s responsibility. Must be tagged with the hunters name, properly stored with head or wing attached. 


Kansas Waterfowl Hunting License Requirements

NR Hunting License ($97.50), Kansas Waterfowl Stamp ($10), HIP, Federal Stamp ($25). Available online.





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Kevin Diehl txhunt07@yahoo.com

Brian Cramer bjcramer@sbcglobal.net


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From flooded field to prairie hunts, Big Kansas Outdoors prides themselves in going the extra mile to ensure you get the most out of your Kansas duck and goose hunting trips. Waterfowl-only and waterfowl-upland combo packages available to include lodging and meals.

Contact: Ben Webster, Big Kansas Outdoors, 620-200-4372, email bpweb25@gmail.com.

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