Life’s Short GetDucks

Life’s Short GetDucks

Life’s Short GetDucks web series is a duck hunting story unlike any you’ve seen before. It’s about a man who nearly lost his life 36 years ago in a massive explosion. His soul was ripped apart but his life was spared. Forced to rebuild his core, he found meaningful purpose in duck season somewhere. And he embraced it.

Join Ramsey Russell as we explore 6 continents during an epic worldwide waterfowling odyssey.  Raw and unscripted, the Life’s Short GetDucks web series documents universal truths of duck hunting, amazing habitats, interesting cultures, unique species. 

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Ramsey Russell describes duck species bagged 6,800 miles from home, while duck hunting in Azerbaijan.

Ramsey Russell of provides a detailed rundown of duck species encountered during Azerbaijan duck hunt. Familiar species such as northern pintails, mallards, gadwalls and northern shovelers are distributed throughout the Northern Hemisphere and are part of the bag. But real prizes, such as red-crested pochards, Eurasian wigeons, common green-winged teal, ferruginous pochards, and common shelducks, won’t be found closer to home, making this immersive hunting adventure an excellent destination for adding a few new waterfowl species to your life list as well.  More info about Azerbaijan duck hunts.

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Ramsey Russell's Life Short GetDucks worldwide waterfowling odyssey continues 6,800 miles away, in the small country of Azerbaijan

Ramsey Russell’s Life Short GetDucks worldwide odyssey continues 6,800 miles from home. Azerbaijan duck hunting is among the most unique destinations. As much like traveling through a time machine as halfway across the world to hunt ducks, this duck hunting is an immersive adventure. Duck species are as familiar as northern pintails, mallards, gadwalls and northern shovelers, but the real prizes consist of red-crested pochards, eurasian wigeons and green-winged teal, ferruginous pochards, common shelducks. The culture is vastly more Aladdin than Main Street USA, but Azeri hunters are some of the best and most serious duck hunters encountered worldwide, practicing waterfowl hunting tradition stretching back for centuries, a fundamental skillset for real duck hunting. More info: Azerbaijan duck hunt

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Trailer for upcoming Azerbaijan duck hunting episode of Life's Short GetDucks series.

Ramsey Russell’s Life’s Short GetDucks series returns with a glimpse at an off-the-beaten-path duck hunting adventure. More than just a destination, Azerbaijan duck hunting is in many way like stepping into a time machine. Very fundamental duck hunting methods. Familiar waterfowl species but prized duck species, too, that you’ll hardly find anywhere else worldwide. Related hunt: Azerbaijan duck hunt

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So what kind duck species are you likely to take during an Argentina duck hunt? Ramsey Russell explains in the Waterfowl of the World episode.

Argentina duck species diversity is rich, to include myriad species not hunted or seen elsewhere. Of the 3 world wigeon species and 4 world shoveler species, for example, one each can only be found in Argentina. Ramsey Russell is a recognized authority on worldwide waterfowl, their habitats and behavior, especially as pertaining to hunting situations. In this Waterfowl of the World video, he discusses the most common duck species hunted, plus an interesting hybrid and an uncommon color-variant recently taken while duck hunting Argentina.


Wyobraska Waterfowl hosts Ramsey Russell and friends on an incredible waterfowl hunting adventure along the North Platte River in eastern Wyoming. It's an American Wild West hunting adventure of epic proportion.

wyoming goose huntsThe American Wild West conjures nostalgic images of dusty cowboys, stoic Native Americans, mule drawn covered wagons, herds of bison stretching to the horizon. But in the long shadow of historic Fort Laramie, near the exact location where the First Sioux War began, the North Platte River slithers like a snake through remnant prairie and grain agriculture on its long descent to the Gulf of Mexico. Hunting for mallards and Canada geese can be epic. In this installment of Life’s Short GetDucks, Ramsey Russell and company join USHuntList affiliate, Wyobraska Waterfowl, to further explore this too often overlooked American waterfowl hunting paradise. Referenced Hunt: Wyoming Goose Hunting



Legendary Argentina duck hunting destination was named due to the sheer abundance of decoying rosy-bills, the true rockstars!

Life’s Short GetDucks worldwide odyssey continues with Ramsey Russell returning to his serious roots in Argentina duck hunting. Las Flores literally translates to “The Flowers.” This legendary destination was named due to the sheer abundance of decoying rosy-bills, the true rockstars of the pampas. But in a country full of slick operators that promise the moon to sell packages to unknowing American hunters, this is the story of a passionate hunter-outfitter that exceeds client expectations every morning without compromise, without fail, and of the genuine friendship that has since developed among these two duck hunters. #getducks #lifeshortgetducks #Itsduckseasonsomewhere #bossmen #unmuzzled #argentinaduckhunting #ramseyrussell #realduckhunting #ramseyrussellgetducks #waterfowl #hunt #waterfowloftheworld #waterfowlconservation #huntingisconservation #duck #pochard #rosybilledpochard


Mexico duck hunting is fun-filled trigger-pulling adventure, but quality assortment of duck species makes is great destination for collectors, too.

Sonora Mexico duck hunting is an exciting, action-packed hunt – y’all have seen the Life’s Short GetDucks Obregon Mexico duck hunting short film by now hopefully – but it’s also an excellent destination to check beautiful species off bucket lists. Species-wise, Mexico duck hunting is must-do, bucket-list duck hunting. Practically all Central and Pacific flyway species overwinter in the region and their breeding plumage is absolutely immaculate. We and our USDA-approved affiliate, Kanati Elite Taxidermy will walk you through the simple steps. Contact Ramsey Russell @ramseyrussellgetducks to discuss Sonora Mexico duck hunts or other destinations.  #lifesshortgetducks #getducks #itsduckseasonsomewhere #mexicoduckhunting #waterfowloftheworld #ramseyrussell #ramseyrussellgetducks #realduckhunting #waterfowloftheworld


Our poster-boy Argentina duck hunt for good reason. Ducks, every time.

There are generally two kinds of Argentina duck hunters: those that have been there and those that want to go. The upcoming Life’s Short GetDucks episode, “The Flowers,” takes place at our poster-boy, real duck hunter’s Argentina duck hunt, a place we refer to as Las Flores, which literally translates to “the flowers.” It was so named because nobody but nobody produces decoying rosy-billed pochards like this outfitter. Sure, you’ll take all of the usual species, but decoying rosy-bills will steal your duck hunting heart. #getducks #lifesshortgetducks #itsduckseasonsomewhere #argentinaduckhunting #rosybilledpochard #duckhunting #ramseyrussellgetducks #bossmen #realduckhunting #huntingtravel @ramseyrussellgetducks

Referenced hunt: Argentina Duck Hunting Las Flores


Mexico duck hunt an all-time client favorite for reasons discussed in this exciting short film

Ramsey Russell’s worldwide waterfowl odyssey continues in Obregon, Mexico, examining the reasons that many hunters continue to choose this legendary Mexico duck hunt destination. Nestled against the Sea of Cortez, this hunting area encompasses a vast, fertile agricultural valley surrounded by otherwise desert landscape. A couple important waterfowl species are endemic to the region, but most Central and Pacific flyway duck species overwinter in this waterfowling oasis.

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Referenced hunt: Obregon Mexico Duck Hunt Combo


What are you looking for in a duck hunting adventure? This episode examines what attracts so many hunters to this great Mexico duck hunt.

LIFE’S SHORT GETDUCKS: OBREGON MEXICO examines the many reasons hunters choose this incredible destination. What are YOU looking for? A fun vacation, bucket-list species, new experiences, all of the above? New 10-minute feature episode airs Sunday, August 18. @latendressemediacollective film, @ramseyrussellgetducks  #getducks #lifesshortgetducks #itsduckseasonsomewhere #mexicoduckhunting #duckhunt #waterfowlhunting #waterfowloftheworld #northernpintail #mexicanduck #blackbrant #cinnamonteal #ramseyrussell #ramseyrussellgetducks #realduckhunting

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