Life’s Short GetDucks

Life’s Short GetDucks

Life’s Short GetDucks web series is a duck hunting story unlike any you’ve seen before. It’s about a man who nearly lost his life 36 years ago in a massive explosion. His soul was ripped apart but his life was spared. Forced to rebuild his core, he found meaningful purpose in duck season somewhere. And he embraced it.

Join Ramsey Russell as we explore 6 continents during an epic worldwide waterfowling odyssey.  Raw and unscripted, the Life’s Short GetDucks web series documents universal truths of duck hunting, amazing habitats, interesting cultures, unique species. 

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Mexico duck hunt an all-time client favorite for reasons discussed in this exciting short film

Ramsey Russell’s worldwide waterfowl odyssey continues in Obregon, Mexico, examining the reasons that many hunters continue to choose this legendary Mexico duck hunt destination. Nestled against the Sea of Cortez, this hunting area encompasses a vast, fertile agricultural valley surrounded by otherwise desert landscape. A couple important waterfowl species are endemic to the region, but most Central and Pacific flyway duck species overwinter in this waterfowling oasis.

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Referenced hunt: Obregon Mexico Duck Hunt Combo


What are you looking for in a duck hunting adventure? This episode examines what attracts so many hunters to this great Mexico duck hunt.

LIFE’S SHORT GETDUCKS: OBREGON MEXICO examines the many reasons hunters choose this incredible destination. What are YOU looking for? A fun vacation, bucket-list species, new experiences, all of the above? New 10-minute feature episode airs Sunday, August 18. @latendressemediacollective film, @ramseyrussellgetducks  #getducks #lifesshortgetducks #itsduckseasonsomewhere #mexicoduckhunting #duckhunt #waterfowlhunting #waterfowloftheworld #northernpintail #mexicanduck #blackbrant #cinnamonteal #ramseyrussell #ramseyrussellgetducks #realduckhunting


Yellow dog Cooper and I spent many great times duck hunting in Mexico, but all good things come to an end

That little marshmallow-colored pup became one of the best hunting companions ever hoped for, and certainly the most well-traveled. What yellow duck dog Coop’ lacked in hunt test title initials (no fault of hers but we had a hectic hunting schedule), she made up for with real-world smarts, a fail-proof nose and the fierce tenacity to root cripples from the densest thickets. A real band magnet, too. In crowded airports, pet-friendly hotels and hunting lodges throughout 4 US flyways, 4 Canadian provinces, 4 countries worldwide, her politely quiet demeanor earned affections from countless strangers, a place beneath my feet on long flights, her share of in-flight meals, sometimes even a spot on the bed. She’d earned it. We shared many great times for weeks on end in Mexico each year. She’s still got plenty of hunts left in her yet, don’t worry, but she’ll be in full-blown retirement, sunning in her favorite spot in the back yard, before we’ll ever have the chance to hunt South of the Border again. And that’s ok.

More: “Coop’s Last Trip” on The End of the Line Podcast

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There are lots of beautiful Argentina duck species encountered while duck hunting in Argentina. Here, Ramsey Russell highlights many of the most common species encountered during Argentina duck hunts. This segment was filmed in July 2018 while filming Life’s Short GetDucks, The Path, at the wild and remote Rio Salado Argentina duck hunt.

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Parallel Pasts, Converging Paths, Genuine Friendship Formed In Real Argentina Duck Hunting

Ramsey Russell’s worldwide waterfowling odyssey continues in one of the most remote wetland paradises in Argentina. It’s about more than just chasing ducks in one of those spectacularly wild environments that we dream of hunting. It’s a tale of parallel lives, converging paths, and genuine friendships forged in true duck hunting.

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Parallel Pasts, Converging Paths, Friendships Formed

Life’s Short GetDucks Argentina: The Path (Trailer). Continuing a personal worldwide waterfowling odyssey by visiting one of the most remote marshes imaginable, one of those kind of pure, unspoiled places we hunters always dream of going. But more than hunting wild ducks in a wild place, it’s also a story about parallel pasts, similar paths converging in a magical wetland, genuine friendship forged in true duck hunting. Videography and production by Latendresse Media Collective. #getducks #lifesshortgetducks #itsduckseasonsomewhere

Referenced hunt: Rio Salado Argentina duck hunt


Premier episode of Life's Short GetDucks web series begins Down Under

Life’s Short GetDucks: Australia

The long-awaited premier of the forthcoming series begins Down Under. Australia is as familiar as duck hunting in the southern US, with mallard-like Pacific Black Ducks responding to soft calls and filtering into flooded timber, but is as otherworldly as kangaroos bounding through ancient red gum swamps, the unique pink-eared duck, and hamburgers topped with pineapple and beetroot. Welcome to Australia, mate! Please join Ramsey Russell as we explore 6 continents during an epic waterfowling odyssey, chronicling worldwide duck hunting, putting viewers into duck blind locations they’d never imagined, for some species they’ve only dreamed. #lifesshortgetducks #getducks #itsduckseasonsomewhere #australiaduckhunting #huntingisconservation #ramseyrussellgetducks #waterfowloftheworld #ramseyrussell #realduckhunting


Life’s Short GetDucks Trailer

Here's why "Life's Short GetDucks."

Ramsey Russell defines the web series title “Life’s Short GetDucks” in sharing an unimaginably traumatic event that happened 36 years ago and eventually lead to his worldwide waterfowl odyssey. (Note: this story was told in much greater detail during The End of the Line Podcast episode Life’s Short GetDucks: Put to the Fiery Test).

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