Yellow dog Cooper and I spent many great times duck hunting in Mexico, but all good things come to an end

That little marshmallow-colored pup became one of the best hunting companions ever hoped for, and certainly the most well-traveled. What yellow duck dog Coop’ lacked in hunt test title initials (no fault of hers but we had a hectic hunting schedule), she made up for with real-world smarts, a fail-proof nose and the fierce tenacity to root cripples from the densest thickets. A real band magnet, too. In crowded airports, pet-friendly hotels and hunting lodges throughout 4 US flyways, 4 Canadian provinces, 4 countries worldwide, her politely quiet demeanor earned affections from countless strangers, a place beneath my feet on long flights, her share of in-flight meals, sometimes even a spot on the bed. She’d earned it. We shared many great times for weeks on end in Mexico each year. She’s still got plenty of hunts left in her yet, don’t worry, but she’ll be in full-blown retirement, sunning in her favorite spot in the back yard, before we’ll ever have the chance to hunt South of the Border again. And that’s ok.

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