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Mexico Duck Hunting Obregon

Mexico duck hunting in Obregon is a combo featuring Mexico duck hunts, dove hunts and more – the perfect Mexico wingshooting vacation hunt.  Whether you’re an avid shotgunner simply looking to add high-quality shooting to your post-season agenda, or a serious collector seeking new life-list species,   Mexico duck hunting trip of a lifetime – packages may be customized to include hunting ducks, doves, quail, even bass fishing. Black brant are sometimes available, but this is not a Mexico brant hunt.

This Obregón Mexico Duck Hunt Combo is no longer “all-inclusive.”  Please carefully review Trip Specifics for an itemized listing of all extra expenses.   


Obregon is perfectly situated in the Yaqui Valley, the fertile bread basket of Mexico that’s bound to the west by the Sea of Cortez.  The landscape is millions of acres of nearly-continuous agricultural production, primarily wheat but also other grains, an extensive system of impressively sophisticated freshwater canals devised for irrigation, freshwater ponds that catch irrigation runoff, and large, tidal-influenced estuaries historically renowned for overwintering a tremendous number and diversity of Pacific Flyway wildfowl.  The result is a Mexico duck hunting  paradise: duck  hunting in Obregon Mexico is a trophy collector’s paradise to include Cinnamon Teal, Green-winged Teal, Blue-winged Teal, Northern Pintail, Mexican Mallard, Black Brant, Gadwall, American Wigeon, Canvasback, Redhead, Black-Bellied Whistling Duck, Northern Shoveler, Lesser Scaup, Red-breasted Merganser and more. Mexican Mallard density is likely greater in the Yaqui Valley than anywhere in the entire world – adding one to your life-list is assured.

Besides waterfowl? Gambel’s Quail thrive in the valley, where they covey in narrow slivers of wooded thickets between agricultural fields, but the real trophy upland bird prize here is Elegant Quail, a species endemic to the region and that likely exist in no greater number than on our outfitter’s exclusive landholdings.   During the waterfowl season, the fabled flocks of white-winged doves have retreated to mountains, where sorghum is then plentiful, but guests have little problem warming their barrels with 10 boxes of cartuchos (or more) at swarms of mourning doves and later-flying white-wings.  Or maybe you’d rather bend a bass rod at 32,000-acre Lake Oviachic, where 15-20+ fish, some upwards of 8-pounds, are not uncommon.

Mexico duck huntingGuests are lodged in the well-appointed Hacienda La Nellita, located in downtown Obregon only 15 minutes from the airport. Amenities feature 9 comfortable, ensuite bedrooms, sprawling lounge areas, open bar, large dining room, roomy exterior patio, satellite television, jacuzzi, telephone, wifi and fax.  Enjoy friendly atmosphere, impeccable service, security and the personal touch of experienced, well-trained staff (many have been here for decades).  Excellent chef-prepared meals of beef or chicken, fresh seafood, Mexican specialties, and regional dessert favorites are served by attentive wait-staff.  An open bar includes selections to include Crown Royal and the very best margaritas in Mexico.

The typical day begins with an early wake-up, a cup of coffee and bowl of cereal.  Drive times range 1-1.5 hours.  Airboats and field-staff have deployed decoys and await the hunters. Two to 3 hunters are placed in amply brushed blinds with solid wood flooring.  Enjoy warm, delicious breakfast tacos at sunrise.  Each hunter’s seat contains an assortment of iced beverages, and containers are usually much heavier with ammo before than after the hunt.  Airboats regularly sweep up downed birds, check on the hunters’ success, or move them to another location if for some reason the shooting is less than expected – and they’re always available via radio contact.  When the tide or the birds cease movement for the morning, hunters will enjoy box field lunch in a shady spot. Sometimes, the chef and wait-staff will present full lunch overlooking the Sea of Cortez, along with a full bar and hammocks.  Following siesta, hunters will return for an optional afternoon hunt before retiring to the estancia.  Afternoon activities consist of duck hunting, dove hunting or quail hunting.  Expect to hunt both ducks and doves during the afternoons (unless you instead decide to return to lodge instead).

From full-sized trucks that are meticulously detailed each night to the powerful airboats that slide effortlessly across the shallow bays, top-of-the-line equipment ensures your comfort and hunting enjoyment.  FREE use of clean, reliable semi-auto 12-gauge shotguns is included, or bring your own trusty scattergun for a small import fee that includes 2 guns plus an ammo allowance.  There are no other Sonora Mexico waterfowl operations that have access to as many high-quality properties –  the properties you will hunt are truly among the very best in the region.

Truly excellent hunting programs like this do not happen by accident. A current theme among the many client testimonials for these Mexico duck hunts is the hard work and dedication of everyone involved ensuring that each guest gets their desired species and, importantly has a great time.  This is exactly why these hunts sell out so far in advance. In addition to reading many client testimonials, listen to how clients describe their Mexico Duck Hunting experiences in Obregon in this Duck Season Somewhere episode.

Read more about this Obregon Mexico duck hunt: Mexico Revolution – Obregon Mexico Duck Hunting Combo (Wildfowl Magazine Jun-14); Forgotten Paradise: Hunting Mexico’s Sea of Cortez Offers Unpressured Ducks, Prime Plumage (Delta Waterfowl, Winter 2019);  Flyway Rambler (Outdoor Life, Fall 2019)


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