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“To the hunt, to the hunter, to the hunted; to past hunts, to future hunts.”

Welcome to’s Media Gallery, a celebration of great hunts and tribute to the hunting tradition. Most images presented were captured by staff and clients.

Sure, for the sporting traveler, it’s duck season somewhere 365 days per year. But fond memories of duck hunting persist in the hearts of duck hunters almost constantly. We strive to provide maximum shooting opportunity for waterfowl and various game bird species worldwide, but memorable hunts – especially the often touted hunts-of-a-lifetime – are characterized by far more than the mere matriculation of dead fowl. The hunting experience in its fullest and richest context – the people, the food and atmosphere, the sights, sounds, geographical and cultural cues, best shots and infamous misses – is highly relevant.

We welcome client photos and will be glad to add them to our galleries. Please submit your ideas, comments and photos to