Sweden Goose Hunting Photos

Sweden goose hunting presently represents the highest-potential volume bag for geese on earth. The proof is in the photos. The 3-day package consists of 3 morning goose hunts (primarily greylags and barnacles late-August through October, and Giant Canadas during November and December) plus 2 afternoon high-volume driven duck hunts (mid-October through December). Sweden goose hunts are limited to 1 group weekly to ensure the utmost quality. Because there are no limits, the potential group bag can be staggering, especially later in the season (1,495 geese were bagged during a one-month period November-December 2016).  Group bags of 150-200+ are common. An extra day of driven pheasants can be added to your trip.  Packages are inclusive of everything but your flight to Copenhagen, Denmark and gratuities. Package Details: Sweden Goose Hunting