Is it really duck season somewhere?

Yes. For any of 365 days per year, duck hunting is available somewhere in the world for hunters that don’t mind traveling to new and exciting destinations.  April is the toughest month to find quality duck hunting.  Argentina duck hunting season is open, but it gets much better May through August as the South American winter progresses.  In North America, duck hunting may be enjoyed September through March, from Canada through Mexico, and snow goose hunting may then be enjoyed through the end of May.  In addition to duck hunting and goose hunting, GetDucks.com offers a diversity of high-quality wingshooting to include high-volume Argentina dove hunts, high-volume Mexico dove hunts, Russia Capercaillie and Mexico turkey.  The list goes on.  Our bird hunting menu is continually growing as we find and develop new exciting wingshooting venues.


Why choose GetDucks.com and USHuntList.com?

We hate the term “booking agent.”  Some hunters have had miserable experiences with lousy, unscrupulous, usually part-time operators they’ve dealt with in the past, or  agencies that lacked our vision and commitment to client excellence.  Ramsey Russell’s own personal history with an ill-prepared agency led to formation of GetDucks.com.   Where most booking agents are indeed “middle men,” GetDucks.com is not. Never has been. In most instances, programs offered at our website have been either built from the ground or customized for our clients, and are available nowhere but through our service. Quality waterfowl hunting is our mission, but customer service is our long-standing hallmark. GetDucks clients know that we are personally available to assist at any time before, during or after their travel.

Every single guide and outfitter on earth offers the absolute best hunting available anywhere.  Just ask them!  The truth is that nothing could be further from the truth, and many outfitters can sell hunts far better than they can actually deliver them.  Anyone can find anything on the internet, but unfortunately anyone can be anything on the internet, too.  And waterfowl hunting is a subjective experience. We help you choose the right hunt the first time.  We visit very many to find the very few. Our standards are extremely high.  The better part two decades in this industry, tempered by a blessed lifetime of high-quality hunting opportunities, has taught us exactly what our hunting clients expect and what it takes to deliver.  There’s no cutting corners; we have personally put boots on the ground for every single hunt that we represent.  Not many competitors and wannabes can say that! We will not represent a hunt otherwise. Moreover, we have developed meaningful, long-term relationships with each outfitter-partner and have customized the programs in most instances. After over 20 years of post-hunt visits and client satisfaction surveys (each clients is asked to qualify their hunting experience), we know what clients expect.

But the right hunt is only a small part of the equation.  We ensure worry-free travel there and back. We are 100% turn-key services: custom itineraries, airfare arrangements, car rentals, permits, licenses, best hotels and restaurants, travel insurance, and other details critical to successful travel are also part of our winning formula for service.  We can’t change weather phenomenas such as El Nino, and we can’t make planes fly, but we will work to ensure that your hunt plans stay on track. It’s not just what we do, it’s all we do.

It’s simply not enough that an outfitter deliver a great hunt some or even most of the time. When hunting conditions are less than ideal, which is often the case with migratory birds, the best outfitters continue to work diligently for clients.  Every outfitter is a rock star on opening day, but it’s when migratory birds don’t cooperate due to weather or for any reason that really good outfitters shine. We carefully evaluate the total package as compared to the many others that we’ve visited.  Price, inclusions, consistency, reliability, equipment, field staff, scouts, guides, kitchen staff, outfitter relations, location and reputation are integral to total package.  With years of returning, happy clients and solid growth through word-of-mouth referrals, our business model works. Our high number of repeat clients agree, and we are certain that you will too.


Are GetDucks.com and USHuntList.com  “just another online hunting directory”?

Absolutely not.  The distinction between GetDucks.com and online hunting directories is simple: for a given fee that is far, far less expensive than a magazine ad, anyone  can advertise their hunting services on an online hunting directory page.  The single qualifier to advertise in an online hunting directory, as in magazines, is to pay the fee.

The qualifiers to become represented by GetDucks.com are superior hunting, a long-time track record, consistently excellent service.  Our assessments are relative to many of the finest and foremost guided duck hunting operations in the world – as well as the very worse – that we’ve personally experienced.  Where hunting directories merely advertise hunting lodges, at GetDucks.com we’ve streamline travel logistics and costs, built objective pre-trip information, provide 24-7 personal assistance and continually improve services at absolutely no added cost.  Our commitment is to hunter satisfaction, not ad revenues.

USHuntList.com is a referal service for wingshooting experiences in the US and Canada, but we do not simply advertise.  Borrowing from our successful “been there” business model,  we carefully vet each destination and build relationships with each affiliate.


Are international package prices in US dollars?

Unless indicated otherwise, yes.  All hunting rates are expressed in US dollars.  While international monetary values fluctuate, US dollars usually fare very well against international currencies.  Current exchange rates may be assessed at GetDucks.com Sporting Travel Resources page.  While in foreign countries such as Mexico, Argentina, and even Canada, it is best to use either local currency or credit cards when making incidental purchases.  This ensures the most reliable exchange rates.


Do I need a passport?

If traveling abroad, yes.  ALL PERSONS traveling by air outside of the United States are required to present a passport book or other valid travel document to enter or re-enter the United States.  U.S. citizens may present a valid U.S. passport when traveling via air, land or sea. Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative-compliant documents acceptable for entry or re-entry into the United States are further discussed HERE.


How do I reserve hunting dates?

Your group’s hunting dates will be held for a period of one week pending deposit. A 50% deposit is required to ensure reserved dates beyond this time period.  Hunt balances are due no later than 60 days from your scheduled hunt.  Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.


How far in advance should we book our hunt?

The very best hunting dates are usually reserved as much as a year or more in advance. It is not uncommon to book Argentina and Mexico duck hunts, for example, to book 12-18 months prior.   Our most popular hunts are booking years out. Advanced booking not only ensures choice shooting dates, but also allows the time necessary to acquire passports, shop for best available airfares, or recruit additional members to your shooting party. The very best time to book your next duck hunting adventure is right now.


What if we must cancel our hunt?

Our hunt cancellation policy exceeds the industry standard.  In a few instances, proceeds that have been paid towards a hunt may be applied towards future hunts to occur within the calendar year, less and except year to year advertised price increases, a small rebooking fee, and expenses already paid for hunting licenses and permits.  In all other instances, proceeds applied to hunt deposits or balances can be neither refunded unless replaced by another paying hunter nor applied to the balance of another hunter without incurring administration fees.  It is for this, among other reasons, that trip cancellation insurance is added to each booking when reservations are made (see next FAQ below). Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more additional information.


What about trip insurance?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Buy the insurance! If we’ve not learned but one thing while organizing the best hunts of earth it’s this: Life happens. When you least expect it, expect it! Weather-related flight delays and cancellations happen. Personal health fails. We’ve seen it all during the past 20-plus years. And then there was the pandemic! GetDucks Comprehensive Outdoor Travel Protection is powered by Global Rescue and was specifically developed as a superior offering for traveling hunters. By leveraging our many annual bookings, it’s also the most apples-to-apples competitively priced travel protection available. For these reasons, GetDucks Travel Protection is added line-item to invoices at time of reservation. Basic coverage that includes lost or damaged luggage, medical expenses, medical evacuation, service provider bankruptcy, or trip cancellation.  Customized travel protection for cancellations due to business obligations or even to “cancel for any reason” is also available within 20 days of booking your hunt.


How many hunters are needed to book a guided hunt?

We book hunts for as few as 1 hunter.  It is not uncommon for traveling hunters to be unable to organize groups themselves.  To ensure group or lodge exclusivity, however, or to achieve group rate discounts a minimum number of hunters is oftentimes required.  Here’s something we see frequently: individuals willing and able to go can’t get everyone in their local group to commit and end up sitting on the sidelines themselves.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  After deposits have been made and dates set in stone, those others almost always join. If not, they’ll wish they had when you return with photos and stories!

Small groups or individuals not wanting to travel alone or mix groups may instead choose to join a GetDucks.com’s hosted hunts.  Our experienced staff regularly hosts Argentina duck hunts, Mexico duck-brant combo hunts and new exploratory destinations.


May I bring my own retriever?

Absolutely!  But ask first. Most hunting operators understand that your obedient retriever adds to the experience. Many even have dog runs set aside especially for clients.  All operators reserve the right, however, to ask that your retriever be kenneled if disrupting hunt quality, or if upland hunting, to run their bird dogs also if they know the area holds more game than what is being found.  If hunting in mixed groups, it is acceptable to use your retriever or pointer only with the consent of all hunters involved.  If transporting your pet via commercial airlines, please be aware of Pet Travel policies vary by airlines. Most no longer transfer pets with bag. Consult with your outfitter and airline for more details.


Do I take my favorite shotgun to South America and Mexico or use theirs?

By all means take your own firearm when possible if your prefer.  Many traveling hunters find it far more convenient to use lodge rentals than to travel through customs and various airports with their own.  Laws pertaining to firearm import and export are becoming increasingly cumbersome. Temporary firearm permits in Argentina are about $100 (depending on exchange rates), and may be included in certain package provisions (refer to hunt details). All represented Argentina dove hunt and Argentina duck hunt lodges have a fine selection of Benneli and Beretta semi-autos and over-under shotguns in 12- and 20-gauges available to rent. Our Mexico operators provide free use of shotguns in their package offerings, as the regulations for attaining firearm permits in Mexico is cumbersome and expensive. Some countries (such as Peru) do not allow firearm import.


Why do ammunition prices sometimes differ from advertised rates?

Advertised ammunition prices are current and reflect most recent lodge purchases, but may fluctuate among lodges due to their inventory cycle. Ammunition prices have surged higher because of the high demand for metals worldwide.  In 2020, components and powder became scarce globally. Increased energy costs globally have likewise increased ammunition production and delivery costs.  We can see these price increases on US store shelves, too! As lodge ammunition inventory is depleted, increased replacement costs result in marginally increased per-box costs for hunters.


Can birds be brought home?

The short answer is usually. It’s usually just a matter of paperwork and protocol. The good news is that we’ve been there, done that, and will provide necessary paperwork and guidance. The long answer is that it can be complicated and tiresome. Export rules and protocols vary among countries. Importing wildlife into the United States entails satisfying agency requirements for US Department of Agriculture, US Fish and Wildlife Service and US Customs. Protocols oftentimes conflict among agencies (ie., to bring birds back from Mexico for consumption they must be cooked per USDA, but must have a head or wing attached per USFWS. Good luck with that). Wishing agency applied rules will vary among ports, shifts, supervisors and staff. Airlines may have rules pertaining to transporting, too.  While Argentina has prohibited the export of indigenous wildlife 10-plus years, there was talk preceding the pandemic that a couple of our outfitters would be among the precious few granted export permission. Regardless, the right Argentina duck hunt remains bucket-list worthy. Australia’s liberal, anti-hunting politicians preclude bringing birds home, too, but that could change. It’s possible to import birds from elsewhere that we hunt internationally to include Mexico, South Africa, Peru, New Zealand, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Sweden and more. As always, we’ll provide expert guidance in navigating these dark alleys and blind corners.


How many birds will I shoot?

Depends.  How good of a shot are you?  GetDucks.com advocates only the legal and ethical take of waterfowl and game birds, and we represent only those outfitters that agree. Migratory game bird laws with respect to take, possession and transportation are strictly enforced.  Period. We hunt wild birds only.  Weather and migrational patterns are critical to optimal shooting.  During Canada waterfowl hunts and Mexico duck hunts, the daily bag limits are far more generous than in the United States, but are finite.  In South America, for example, bag limits vary among the lodges, with daily limits between 30 to 50 ducks or 100-125 cartridges per hunter per morning imposed.  Mexico dove hunting provides the highest volumes shooting opportunity in North America, rivaling Argentina but at a huge savings.