Peru Duck Hunting

peru duck huntPeru Duck Hunting for the world’s largest concentration of cinnamon teal is an experience not to be missed! Located a brief 3 hours from Lima, possibly the most beautiful city in South America, kick things off with an afternoon warm up session for white-winged and mourning doves. But don’t forget why you’re here – this Peru duck hunt is for prized cinnamon teal. Peru duck hunting along the coast is a must-do international wingshooting experience.

This Peru duck hunting package is perfect for 2 to 3 like-minded trophy collectors or adventuresome duck hunters. Bookings of 1-4 hunters are accepted. Peru duck hunting along coastal wetlands is a high-volume wingshooting event to include generous limits during morning hunts and fun doses of white-winged doves during afternoons.  Your hunt may be customized for all ducks, all doves, or duck-dove combos.  Add a few days for trophy duck hunting mountain species or save it for another time.  Available mountain species include crested duck, puna teal, sharp-winged teal, Andean goose, and 2 species of perdiz (Andean and Ornate tinamou).  Special Note: Torrent ducks, Andean ruddy ducks and giant coots are unavailable.  Regardless, Peru duck hunting is an excellent and extremely worthwhile adventure.

Coastal Peru duck hunts for cinnamon teal takes place in a narrow sliver of alluvial flood plain situated between the Pacific Ocean and the Atacama Desert.  The ducks will first feed in brackish water and return with great thirsts after the sun comes up. You’ll be there in plenty of time to make their day – and yours. In addition to cinnamon teal, white-cheeked pintails are common. As an added bonus, guests will find themselves immersed in local history; remnants of the ancient pre-Incan civilization abound.

Leave the cumbersome waders at home; hip boots will suffice perfectly during this Peru duck hunt. A walk through knee-high cover and sometimes clump-to-clump stepping is required. Hunters are stationed in simple blinds of natural cover for concealment, guides place decoys and then leave to walk up rafted birds elsewhere. Limits rarely involve more than a couple of hours shooting so take your time and enjoy the spectacle of many swarming cinnamon teal flocks. Unlike the mountain duck hunts in Peru, cinnamon teal hunting takes place at sea level.

IMG_7155Hunters are lodged in a beautiful resort hotel that is safe and extremely convenient to hunting areas. Hunting areas are usually within about 15-30 minutes. All meals are included and taken in a variety of restaurants featuring regional specialties, primarily fresh-caught seafood. Traditional breakfasts are usually hand-baked bread and tea or coffee which is customary for Peru. Lunches and dinners are full meals, order as you please. For seafood-lovers like myself, authentic chupe (shrimp chowder) and ceviche are hard to beat.

Expect mild weather, typical of Gulf-coastal US areas. A selection of super-clean shotguns are available for guest use at no additional cost. The temporary importation of personal firearms is presently prohibited in Peru.

From the time you arrive in Lima, every detail pertaining to your travel enjoyment and hunting success is personally attended. Your host will serve as your personal tour guide and translator for the duration. This is the Peru duck hunting trip for guests that wish to experience new species, add to their life list of places duck hunted and experience unique traditions unavailable elsewhere in South America wingshooting. No international wingshooting career is complete in the absence of a Peru Duck Hunt.


Peru duck hunting season is May 1 – November 30. Doves and perdiz are available during this time period.


$850 per day (2 to 4 hunters)

$950 per day (1 hunter)

Minimum 3 hunting days required for booking.

duck hunting in peru


Peru duck hunting packages include:

  • Professional guide services and bird boys
  • Hotel lodging with satellite TV
  • Meals – light breakfasts, excellent restaurant-prepared lunches and dinners
  • Reliable Shotguns
  • Personalized, bilingual hosting from arrival through departure
  • Freezer storage of trophies

Not Included

Peru duck hunting packages do not include:

  • Ammo ($15 per box of 25) Prices subject to change.
  • License and transportation documents ($300)
  • Lima Transportation Services ($200)
  • Bird boys tips minimum $20, paid daily
  • Private room $65 nightly
  • Lima meals, hotels, souvenirs, etc.
  • Phone calls
  • Airfare and airport fees
  • Baggage overweight charges
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Any item of strict personal nature
  • Travel Protection Policy (Trip Insurance)


Sample Itinerary for 3-day Peru Duck HUnting Trip for Trophy Mountain Species

Day 1. Depart the U.S. and arrive Lima, Peru about midnight. Overnight at hotel or apartment.

Day 2. Transfer to hunt area. An afternoon warm up for doves kicks things off.

Days 3-4. Full days of Peru wingshooting, with Peru Cinnamon Teal duck hunting in the morning. Following a lunch and nap, hot-barrel action for doves will ensue during afternoons. All hunting occurs within 30 minutes of the hotel.

Day 5. Morning hunt and return to Lima for evening flight back to the US. The direct drive is about 3 hours long and most outgoing flights depart at 10 pm.

Day 6. Arrive in the U.S. and make connections home, usually arriving about mid-day.

Your Peru duck hunting itinerary may be fully customized to allow for extra days or to add a few days of mountain species Peru duck hunting to your itinerary.


More Info

peru duck hunting_7397Peru Duck Hunting Limits – Cinnamon Teal Duck Hunting in Peru

The bag limit for this Peru duck hunting experience is quite generous, but as a measure of conservation we hope that you will let your conscience be your guide as well. Our outfitter abides a limit of 25 Andean Cinnamon Teal per hunter/day. Dove hunting typically produces 40-50 white-winged doves per gun.


Average Daily Temperature Range – Peru Duck Hunting Cinnamon Teal

Apr 74/48F, 23/9C

May 74/46F, 23/8C

Jun 72/45F, 22/7C

Jul 72/45F, 22/7C

Aug 74/46F, 23/8C

Sep 74/46F, 23/8C

Oct 74/46F, 23/8C



peru duck hunting_7270What to Pack

Packing for Peru duck hunts is relatively simple: layers. Remember, however, that you’ll be hunting the temperate coastal region of Peru, which is much warmer than mountainous areas. Consult the weather forecast for Lima, Peru, for up-to-date forecast. Pack a pair of comfortable hip boots or uninsulated, breathable waders. Light trousers or hunting pants, a fleece jacket and raincoat or windbreaker. Binoculars are good to have.

General Packing List for Peru Duck Hunting CINNAMON TEAL © (PDF) will be provided as a courtesy of our pre-trip planning services.


Gratuities – Peru Duck Hunting

Gratuities for lodge and field staff are not included in Peru duck hunt package cost since tipping, in general, is discretionary. Because clients have repeatedly asked that we provide general guidelines the following is suggested:

  • $20 per bird boy per hunter/day (paid to bird boys each day)
  • $200-300 for your host per person for the total stay.


peru duck hunting_7307Payment Method during Peru Duck Hunting

Important Note: Please pay for ammo and gratuities with cash. Checks, money orders and credit cards are not accepted during Peru duck hunts.


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Special Notes Regarding Trophy Importations & Peru Duck Hunting

Trophy importation is legal only for bird species listed in current year hunting calendar. The rules change year to year.   A hunting license and transportation document are required.  Except for CITES species (no presently available species are CITE-listed), there is no formal export document for Peru.  Birds imported into the USA must be declared at USCBP, who should also be provided original copies of hunting license and transportation document issued in the hunter’s name, and consigned to a USDA-approved facility.

Among the new hunting rules being implemented by the Peruvian government for 2016 are a hunter education requirement (Non-residents with a current hunting license from their country of origin will have their hunting education requirements fulfilled) and a provision allowing for non-residents to acquire hunting licenses through a third-party (the outfitter). 

Contact us about for more information about Peru duck hunting.


Customer Testimonials

This was my 4th Peru duck hunt and my best. Really think you have picked a winner. Plan to go again!

Just got back from Peru duck hunt. The outfitter did an excellent job in all aspects of the hunt. We hunted the marshes north of Lima with great success shooting a great variety of pintails, cinnamon teal, and other ducks. This was my 4th Peru duck hunt and my best. Really think you have picked a winner. Plan to go again after my next mission trip.

Dr. Harrison Bowes

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peru duck hunting

I easily recommend GetDucks.com.

I have worked and hunted with many hunting agencies all over the world and can easily recommend GetDucks.com.  The duck hunting trips arranged for us were great hunts and very well organized. Ramsey and Anita make sure all details are attended.  There is nothing worse than getting to some remote location and greeted with surprises. If you are interested in a quality duck hunt, contact Ramsey Russell at GetDucks.com.

Terry Denmon
Professional Hunter

President & CEO
MOJO Outdoors

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people were great, they treated you like family! Interesting to experience a different culture and cuisine. Scenery was beautiful.

Peru duck hunting was exceptional, people were great, they treated you like family! Interesting to experience a different culture and cuisine.  Scenery was beautiful.  I was finished with my Peru duck hunt a day early with all species in hand.  This is not a volume hunt but a great species collector hunt.  Everything went exactly as Ramsey described, couldn’t have been better.  I would highly recommend this hunt to anyone who is interested in seeing different cultures and collecting different species of ducks. I will definitely hunt with GetDucks.com in the future!!

THANKS for an enjoyable hunt!!

Lee Friend

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